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Here Is How To Approach Any Lady If You Are That Shy Type

Being shy is one of the things that you will find it difficult working on. You will mostly see your friends going on dates and having new friends but you will still find yourself to be single.

Sometimes you feel like having a girlfriend to talk to but the energy to approach any lady and even ask her to be friends is even a problem.

Some people tend to let their sisters help them in linking them to one of their female friends. (I used to be that type).

But it mostly doesn’t work out as your sister can intervene any time she wants and she can even let you do anything for her because you will be afraid she might ruin your friendship if you don’t do what she wants.

Aside from that, some girls too don’t like being in a relationship with their friend’s brothers.

Maybe you are that shy type that has been always trying to overcome your shyness. You might have seen a very beautiful lady that you will want to vibe with and possibly have a date.

In this article, I am going to take you through how to overcome this so that you can overcome your shyness and approach any lady you will meet and probably get a date.

Start Engaging With Strangers
So you want to overcome shyness when approaching a lady right? Then why don’t you start practising talking to strangers, I am not saying talking to any female stranger but you can start interacting with people you will come across.

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You can visit a store and when you finish buying your item, you can spark a little conversation with the store owner.

Or maybe in your work, anytime there is a customer, after serving that customer, ask him or her some few questions just to have a little conversation. This will help you in becoming used to people.

Start Interacting With People
So you have been practising with talking with people, being polite with them and sparking some small conversations with customers, its now time to start talking to other girls that aren’t the girl you want to approach, this will help you know your flaws and work on it.

So one day go out, go on a very busy place and an event and trying approaching any lady you will meet by sparking a little conversation with that girl.

Or in school start discussion about assignments with the girls in your class, you can also try joining the girls when you find them to be two or three and try and engage yourself in the conversation that they are having.

Now Approach The Girl You Like
Here are the steps in approaching your crush

Make Sure You Approach Her When She Is Not Busy

Approaching a girl when she is busy or in the middle of doing something can be one of the awkward experience you will ever witness, make sure she is free and also in a good mood to talk

Now Approach Her And Don’t Forget To Make Eye Contact As You Speak

When you approach your crush for the first time one thing you need to do is to make eye contact. This sparks the girl’s brain to wonder why you keep on looking at her eyes that way and it will also want her to keep talking to you to know why you have approached her.

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Now Spark A Conversation

Now she is all ears, now is the time to put all the practice you have made into use, you remember we talked about speaking with strangers anytime you meet them? Good now spark a conversation and you can even start by introducing your name, where you live (if both of you are in the same school you can make her know your classroom and the program you offer).

Don’t Be Shy

Bro never is shy, just keep in mind that she is interested in the conversation that is why she is still there replying or answering whatever you asking her, girls love bold men, being shy will trigger the girl to know you don’t know how to vibe and it is a turn off for some girls.

Ask Her Questions Not To Make The Conversation Die

So now you have been able to spark a little conversation, now ask her more questions so that the conversation will not die fast, you can ask her to just explain what she just said or after asking a question and she tells you what she thinks, just oppose with her opinion, she will again trying to explain her side again. You can also ask a question that can spark a debate, one of them which I like asking is asking the girl ‘men and women who don’t like waking up early?’ you see since she is a girl she will defend girls.

Now Ask For Her Number

Now you have been able to successfully engage her in a long conversation, now she has got to know you and probably might be interested in meeting you again, don’t just ask for her number, so all you have to do is to ask her when you can meet her again and have another wonderful time with her again.

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She might say you can collect her number so that you both can have a chat and then decide on meeting again.

Maybe she might not say that and might say she don’t know, so now ask her to give you her number so that you guys have a chat and possibly meet again.

Yes and that is how to approach any lady if you are that shy type, remember being bold is the first thing to make sure of.

So after reading this are you going out to talk to your crush?

Kindly tell me if you are that shy type or not in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like, share and follow me for more interesting stories like this.

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