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How To Know When She Is No More Interested In The Relationship

One of the best feelings in the world is to find love and building your future with this person.

Since love is a two people thing, it involves both parties working together to overcome anything that will try to bring the relationship down.

There is a saying that goes like “In every relationship, there is someone there waiting for a break up”. So this is why people in a relationship should always work together in strengthening the relationship.

You will be dating this your girlfriend and all of a sudden you will see her behaviour and the way she talks to you changing. You will ask her why she is behaving that way and as usual, you will hear “nothing”.

This will lead you to be frustrated as you must start to think a lot, in this article I am going to enlighten you on how to know when she is no more interested in the relationship with you again.

She Receives Your Call Anytime She wants
When your lady is no more interested in you, picking your call is one of the last things she will want to do when she sees your calls, it becomes boring for her to talk to you. She has no urgency seeing you and will not be happy to see your texts and calls.

She Always Gives Excuses On Why She Hasn’t Call You Or Answer Your Messages
Excuses hmm… We have all been in this situation before, when she is no more interested in you, replying you becomes boring for her as stated earlier and you will be asking her why she hasn’t been replying you and since she doesn’t want to tell you the truth, what she will do is to give excuses.

She Doesn’t Think Twice In Cancelling Plans
Anytime you have a plan with her and she gets something to do that same day, she will scrap yours for that thing she wants to do, maybe you want to go out with her and then someone also wants to take her out that same day, she will choose to go out with that person rather than you and then give you an excuse for not going with you.

She Avoids Physical Contact
When two people are in love, physical contact is one thing they both tend to do, hugging, holding of each other hands caressing and many more.

When your woman stops doing all these with you, then this should alert you that she is feeling uncomfortable in the relationship.

She Stops Talking About The Future With You
If you will remember, in my introduction I talked about when couples are in love, they build their future together, when your woman is no more interested in you, she sees no reason in talking about her future with you.


Your woman starts to change anytime she becomes tired of you or becomes not interested in the relationship again, as the boyfriend or the husband you will start to think and try knowing why she has changed, this can even lead you to be depressed.

In this article, we went through some signs to show you she is no more interested in the relationship.

Thanks for reading, so tell me, have you been in one of these situations before?

What did you do after finding out?

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