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How To Win Opera News Original Article Of The Week And Long Read Article Of The Month Like I Did

If you are reading this, then you probably want to earn money writing for opera news and if you are a writer already, then you want to find out how you can be part of the top writers that will be selected as the winners of the ‘Original articles of the week’ and the ‘Long read article of the month’.

Its been three months since Opera news hub started working in Ghana, this platform allows writers to submit their articles and then they will get paid based on their clicks, originality and in depths of the article.

A lot of people will just sign up and then start submitting just ‘any’ articles that they will write without cross-checking if there are mistakes inside or it follows the guidelines opera news has set for writers.

One thing I will like to make it clear is that, opera news hub is not just looking for ordinary articles, the platform is the source of fresh news and articles and if you want to be a writer for this awesome platform, then you must decide on submitting original articles.

Aside from writing for opera news and getting paid every month, the platform also reward writers for the original articles they submit and they are:

  • The original article of the week: The winners will be rewarded $20
  • Long read articles of the month: The winners will be rewarded each month with $50 (at first it was $100 but recently they have decided to make it $50 so that many writers can also win some).

Excellent accounts of the month: The winners will receive $100 each every month.

So what if I tell you I won two of these awards in June?

Yes you heard me right, I won two of them and they are:

The original article of the week ($20)

Long read article of the month ($100)

So my bonus for June is $120 and then just guess how much I will receive when they add my monthly earnings?

If you are serious in writing an article and getting paid, then it is time you sit up and start writing quality original articles.

Opera news hub will see it and when your article fits to be rewarded, you surely will be rewarded.

And this is not the first time i won such an award, i was also among ‘The Excellent Accounts Of April’ and we were awarded $100 each.

So How Did I Win Two Of Opera News Hub’s Award?

Before going on, I won these two awards with an article I wrote and the title of the article was ‘Here Is Why Many Ghanaians Are No Longer Interested In Watching Local Movies Again’.

In this article, I am going to take you through how I came up with this article that was able to win me two awards.

  1. Think about The Niche That You Are Perfect in

The first thing you need to think of as a writer is to talk about the niche that you can express yourself on.

When I talk about a niche, I am talking about the area that you are perfect in, I am that kind of guy who is not into sports.

If you ask me the position of a number 3 player, I won’t know. I don’t follow football that much.

I am much into technology, entertainment and lifestyle. If you ask me about what recently happened on Twitter, I can brief you that there has been a hack on high profile accounts.

Long story short, you have to decide on something that you know about. So with this article, I decided to dive into entertainment

  1. Look For Stories Around The Category That You Have Decided To Write About

So I decided to write on entertainment and then decided to think about the Ghana movie industry, how Kumawood was so popular and all of a sudden we are not seeing any local movies on the market again. So I decided to write about why Ghanaians have lost interest in watching the local movies again.

  1. Pen Down Your points

Since I decided to write about why Ghanaians have lost interest in local movies, I had to talk about the mistakes these movie producers and actors made that made Ghanaians loosed interest.

So my points were:

Lack Of Creativity

Having to Buy Many CD’s Just To Finish Watching A Single Complete Movie

One Actor Used For Roles That She Or She Does Not Fit To Be Use

Too Many Jokes Even On The Part That Is Supposed To Be Serious

  1. Start Writing The Awesome Article

So I had the title, I also had the reasons. It was time to write the whole story and submit.

Here are the steps to follow to make your article stand out and possibly win two or three of the awards Opera news hub have for its writers.

  • Don’t just submit an article without going in-depth

A lot of writers makes this mistake, they will be writing an article about ‘health benefits of banana’ and they will just start with the article by stating the benefits and then ending it with ‘like and share’.

This is wrong, with my article, since it was about Ghanaian movies, I started my article with the history of Ghana movie.

How Ghanaians movies came into existence, how it vanished, how the Nigerian movies dominated in Ghana and how Agya Koo came and restored the love for local movies.

  • Give your reasons for the points listed, so in the article one of my reason was ’lack of creativity’.

If I don’t go in-depth a lot of people will say I am saying the producers are not creative, it could even be rejected by opera news because it will tend to be like I am insulting the movie producers.

So I decided to explain my ‘lack of creativity’ as: Ghanaians were watching the same kinds of stories over and over again. If at the beginning of the movie the man is poor and someone mistreats him, in the end, he will be rich and the man who mistreated him will come and apologise.

This makes my point more understandable rather than just stating ‘lack of creativity’.


Opera news hub is not biased as I once heard from one writer who has never been selected as a winner before.

They are there for everybody, if you want to be among the winners, then it is time you sit down, follow my steps and write a quality article and submit and you will surely be among the winners like me.

I believe you are now more prepared to win one or two of the awards?

Let me know what you are planning to do next after reading this article and if you have any question about writing on opera news, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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