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Life Is Not All About Money, Here Is What Life Is All About

Life is there for every human being. As soon as you are born, your life begins.

As a child you are going to have a guardian, our system is such that, you will be home taught a little bit and then you will be taken to school.

In school, you will be taught a whole lot, how to pronounce the alphabets, how to speak your local language and foreign-language and many more.

You will be from one class to another, one level to another and to complete all of them or not depends on you.

At home too you will be taught on how to talk to elders, things to say and not to say when elders are talking or when someone older than you is talking to you.

If you are an African child or let me say a Ghanaian, there are so many things your parents taught you that by attaching a myth to you for you to take it seriously.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom told me never to talk when I am bathing or else she will die, as a kid, I believed it and never talked when I was bathing.

It was when I grew up that I got to find out if your mom is never going to die but it is not safe to talk when bathing because the bubbles can enter your mouth and it is not safe for you.

You will grow up and will start to think about leaving home and starting your own life.

One of the bad misconception about life that many people has been saying that “Life is all about money”.

I was once watching videos on my friends status and I came across a video of a man saying life is all about money, (I will like to post the short video here for you to watch but embedding a video is not yet available on the operanews platform). in the video he said:

“You cannot be a man without money, it’s possible not on this planet.

You better find a damn planet to live on, you live on a planet that is about money, and I am sorry if you don’t like this message, this planet is not about Instagram, Instagram is temporary

It is not about dollars or euros or bitcoin, but it is about money”.

Which I Totally DISAGREE! In this article, I am going to explain to you why I think this life is not about money

One will ask me, so if life is not about money, then what is life about?

The best answer I can give to this question is that life is not about money it is all about Peace and Happiness.

Why am I saying that?

Let us assume you are married with kids:

Is life all about money to you? No sir, it is about peace and happiness, one can have all the money he needs but what is money when there is no peace in the family?

What is the use of money when one can not have a time to live with his or her children and there is no peace in the house?

This does not mean money is not needed, of course, money is needed in life same as breath.

As a human being you need air to breathe, in order to be among the living, but does that mean we should always think about how we are going to get air to breathe?

Or course not, so far as you were able to wake up means you can breathe, same as life, so far as you have been able to wake up means you are going to live, you just need to find something to do so that you can get money to buy food and carter for yourself and your family. But that does not mean life is all about money.

There can be a poor family who will be happy living together because they are healthy, happy and can carter for themselves.

There can also be a rich family that upon all the money there is no happiness in the family, it is all about sickness, arguments and many more.

What if you have all the money in life but you can’t make your wife happy and she decides to go elsewhere? Is money all that women need?

Let us assume you are a young boy or girl about to start your new life:

Is money all you need in this life as a young boy or girl to live on this planet? The answer is NO.

As a young boy, all you need is peace of mind and happiness. You don’t have to be a lazy person, you need to work hard and get money to carter for yourself and your family but don’t ever put it at the back of your head that life is all about money, it is not, it is about peace and happiness.

One can be rich In life, having all the money but since he got the money through illegal means, that person can never be happy as he is always thinking about him being caught one day.

You might not be rich but you will be happy in life because the little that you have, you worked for it, you can sleep and have your peace of mind.

Hope you agree with me on this?

Let me know what you also think in the comment section below.

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