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Meaning Behind These Popular Logos

Every company needs a logo because logos is what describes a company.

When you make a well-designed logo, it makes people recognizing your logo an easy thing to do.

Many people fell in love with a company or organising through its logo.

Me, for instance, I fell in love with the Arsenal team because of how beautiful their team logo is designed and the colours of their jerseys. (that was just by the way).

You might have seen a lot of logos, even the platform that you are reading this message which is Opera News has its logo.

I have hand-picked some of the biggest brands in the world logos that I am going to take you through the meanings behind those logos.

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Let’s start with BMW, The company started operating on 7 March 1916.

BMW first product was a straight-six aircraft engine called BMW IIIa.

If you have been wondering the meaning of the BMW logo then the meaning originates from the companies history in aviation.

The blue and white colour is said to represent a propeller in motion.


The almighty Google! We all know Google to be the biggest search engine currently on this planet.

If you have been using Google every day, you will have noticed that Google logos change regularly for major events, national holidays, birthdays for some famous people and many more.

But Google main logo has its meaning and according to Google worker, she said there was a lot of different colour repetitions. It was all primary colours but wanted to make the pattern go in order so we decided to put a secondary colour on the L which will make people get to know that Google doesn’t follow the rules.


When it comes to the manufacturing of cars, the name Toyota can not be left behind. The company was founded in the early Twentieth Century by Sakichi Toyoda.

The logo has a stylized “T” and it is inside a ring made up of three eclipses, and according to the company these three eclipses represents three hearts and they are the heart of the products, the heart of the customer and the heart of progress technology. Did you notice that?


This company was established in the 1800s and then later it merged with another company and it then became the Mitsubishi we know today. The logo is a combination of the crests of the companies that merged.


This logo is one of the simplest logos you will ever find on this planet. The symbol is a designing of the symbol L and G.

According to the company, the symbol “L” AND ”G” symbolize the world, future, youth, humanity and technology.

If you looked closely you will see that the L and G have been redesigned to represent a unique human face.

Hope you have learned something new today? Which one of the logo meaning did you find interesting? Let me know in the comment section below.

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