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Myths And Beliefs About Twins That Aren’t True

I don’t know about your country but here in my country having a twin is a blessing that always calls for a celebration.

As many people know having twins is not easy tasks starting from when the woman is pregnant, the things she will go through and even after delivering the kids, how to take good care of both of them.

No matter your budget, anything you are buying has to be twice.

But aside that is a blessing, there has been a lot of myths about twins that many people have been believing them and living with it.

This article is going to help someone who has twin friends, parents that are having twins or are about to give birth to twins and also to someone who has twin brothers or sisters.

In this article, I am going to take you through some of the myths and beliefs about twins that aren’t true and needed to be ignored.

So without wasting much time let’s get started… Are you ready?

Top Myths and beliefs about twins that aren’t true

Twins Can Communicate Between Minds
Yes, you might have heard about this belief and definitely, you might believe that twins can communicate between each other’s mind but there is no scientific evidence that confirms that twins exchange ideas and thoughts by reading each other’s mind.

Twins Have The Same Fingerprint
Twins do not have identical fingerprints. Well, studies concluded that although they may have similar fingerprints their fingerprints can not be identical.

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Although twins share the same genetic makeup (DNA) because they are formed from a single zygote but fingerprints are not formed based on genetic characteristics but rather they are formed by the genes.

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Twins Feel Each Other’s Pain
There is no truth in this if you have been believing this myth then its time to stop because there is no scientific evidence that confirms this.

Final Words
Twins are considered a blessing however there have been so many myths about them and in this article, we went through some of the myths about twins that are not true and needs to be ignored.

Hope you have learned something new today?

So do you have a relatives that are twins? And can you please share to reach your other friends?

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