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The Best Auto Technologies Of 2022

The earlier days of the automobile did not come with any computer gadgets. The earlier vehicles were strictly manual and the drivers mostly had to do everything.

The things that these drivers had to do are some of the things that we see in today’s vehicles as features.

The technological advancements of the world can now be seen in the automotive industry as well. Cars are now equipped with various features which range from comfort to safety. 

Let us take a look at some of these features.

Driver-Assist Features

Some carmakers offer some features that enable the car to react to hazards, help to reduce driver fatigue, and make it easier for the driver during traffic.

These vehicles’ features are normally in suits that the customer can choose so that they are added to the vehicle.

Some of these suits are the ‘Co-pilot360’ offered by Ford, the ‘Eyesight’ which is offered by Subaru, and the ‘Safety Sense’ which is offered by Toyota.

These feature suits normally contain safety measures such as:

  1. Adaptive cruise control- sets the speed of your vehicle at a safe distance to the vehicle that is in front of you
  2. Lane departing warning- this alerts you when your vehicle drifts away from its lane
  3. Lane keep assist- Keep your vehicle in its lane by using the steering wheel
  4. Cross-traffic alert- alerts you while you are reversing if there are people or cars behind you
  5. Reverse brake assist- when the vehicle senses an object behind you while you are reversing, this feature brakes the car so that you don’t hit the object, thereby helping you to avoid an accident  
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Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature helps to avoid or minimize a potential accident by braking the car when it senses that an accident is imminent. This feature sometimes spots the danger ahead and gets into motion even before the driver hits the break.

Due to how important this feature is, most manufacturers have decided to make it a standard feature on all their vehicles by September 2022.

Connection Of Smartphone Apps

Since mobile phones have become a part of the lives of their owners, it was only sensible that a place should be made for them inside our vehicles as well. Carmakers offer connected smartphone apps in their vehicles.

Some of these apps can allow you to lock and unlock the doors of your car while others can let you check important vehicle statistics such as fuel level, and tire pressure and can even be used to start the engine of the car.

Wireless Charging

Some vehicles allow you to charge your smartphones wirelessly by placing the phones on a designated pad, as long as the smartphone has the wireless charging feature in it.

This feature is normally found in the luxury and high-end vehicles sold by world-famous manufacturers such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, and Maybach.

360-Degree Camera

A 360 camera allows you to make sure that you do not hit anything behind you while you are parking the vehicle. This helps to keep your car from scratches and dents as well as insurance claims from low-speed crashes. 

Vehicle Tracking System

This tech allows you to track your vehicle in the unfortunate event that it gets stolen by pinpointing the exact location of the vehicle.

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Blindspot Technology

This tech allows you to see either side of your vehicle on a screen so that you can change lanes without crashing into a vehicle that is behind you. The tech normally displays it in the gauge cluster while some are shown in the side-view mirrors. 


These features have advanced the vehicle from the days when all one ever did was drive. Today, you can charge your smartphones as you drive and you can even make phone calls directly through the car without having to touch your smartphone.

These vehicle features have taken driving safety and entertainment to a whole new level.     

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