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Track Your Facebook Login Location

Hello there, ever wonder if someone else knows your Facebook password? or is someone logging in into your Facebook account without your permission? Do you want to track your Facebook login location? then this article is really for you, in this article, I am going to guide you on how to track your Facebook login location by following these steps.

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Facebook provides a feature in which you can easily track the last login locations of your account and you can easily check whether you have a login at that location or not and ensure your security.

Steps To Track Facebook Login Location Of Your Facebook Account

First of all login in your Facebook account in the browser of your computer system. Now click on the arrow sign at the right side and a drop-down menu will get open. Click on the Settings option from there. Now click on security section at the right menu there. Now click on edit at the right of  Where You’re Logged in. You will see all the location of your previous login and you can easily check that the login location is you or not. 

By using this method you can make sure that your Facebook account is not getting access by any other authorized person and by which you can ensure your account security.
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