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You Can Now Check Your DV 2021 Results (How To Check 2021 DV Lottery Results)

The diversity Immigrant Visa program, popularly known as green card lottery is a lottery program by the United States of America to award immigrants Visas upon entry to the United States and at the same time reward green card.

This program gives 50,000 people green cards to live in the United States and they are chosen through a lottery, the system will randomly select winners and then they will be given visitor’s visas.

Although the results for the DV 2021 was to be released on 5, May 2020 but due to some reasons and the pandemic, it was postponed.

And now finally the results for DV lottery 2020 has been available. Persons who applied between 2, October 2019 and 5, November 2019 can now check their status if they have won or not from June 6, 2020, at 4:00 pm.

The results are not going to be available anywhere but on the Us Department of State Website, you don’t have to pay anybody to check your results for you.

That is why in this article I am going to take you through how to check the DV lottery results yourself.

How To Check For DV 2021 Lottery Results
Before getting started make sure you have your confirmation number.

  1. Head over to the Us Departments of State website on
  2. Click on Check Status and the when you are done click on Continue
  3. Now you will be asked to type in your confirmation number
  4. Enter your full name and your date of birth
  5. Now to prove you are not a robot, you will be asked to type a security code, study it carefully and type in the correct security code that you see and the hit on submit.
  6. Now after loading you will get to know your fate, that is if you were selected or you will have to try again.

So what are you waiting for? Start checking yours today when it is 4:00 pm to know, maybe you might be among the lucky winners.

If you didn’t participate in the previous lottery, then let’s wait for the next round and then try our lucks.

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