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Hisense 130L Fridge Prices In Ghana

This article provides an in-depth examination of the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge, emphasizing its significance in the realm of home appliances.

Renowned as a manufacturer of top-tier, dependable products, Hisense has established itself as a leading brand.

The focus here is on the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge, a compact and budget-friendly solution for individuals seeking efficient preservation of their food and beverages.

Throughout the discourse, we shall meticulously delve into the distinctive features, pricing details, and availability of the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge in the Ghanaian market.

Price Range of The Hisense 130L Tabletop

The price of this fridge in Ghana varies depending on the retailer and location. However, on average, you can expect to pay between GHS 1,700 to GHS 39,499 for the Hisense 130L fridge in Ghana.

The Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge is an affordable option for those looking for a compact and reliable fridge.

Features Of Hisense 130L Fridge

The Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge stands out as a compact and portable solution, ideally suited for small apartments or dormitory spaces.

Boasting a generous 130-liter capacity, this fridge provides ample storage for all your culinary essentials.

Crafted with a single door and featuring a manual defrost system, the appliance ensures efficient and straightforward maintenance.

Notably, the built-in adjustable thermostat empowers users to customize the temperature settings to suit the specific requirements of their stored food and beverages.

Moreover, the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge incorporates practical design elements, including a removable wire shelf and a door storage compartment.

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This thoughtful arrangement facilitates the organized storage of smaller items such as eggs, bottles, and cans, enhancing the overall utility of the refrigerator.


The accessibility of the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge in Ghana is widespread, with availability at prominent retail outlets.

Esteemed establishments such as Melcom, Shoprite, and Max Mart are among the leading retailers offering this fridge.

Furthermore, the convenience of online procurement extends to reputable e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Tonaton, and Kaymu, providing customers with additional avenues to acquire the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge.

Advantages Of Hisense 130L Tabletop Fridges

  • Perfect Size: The Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge is small and easy to move around, ideal for tiny spaces like apartments or dorm rooms.
  • Cool Control: It comes with a handy adjustable thermostat, so you can set the right temperature for your food and drinks, keeping them fresh.
  • Smart Storage: With a removable wire shelf and a door compartment, you can neatly organize smaller items like eggs, bottles, and cans. Finding what you need is a breeze.


In conclusion, the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge emerges as an excellent choice for individuals seeking a compact and budget-friendly refrigeration solution.

Tailored for small spaces, its manual defrost system, adjustable thermostat, and thoughtfully designed door storage compartment contribute to user-friendly functionality, making it a convenient option for preserving food and beverages.

With a price range spanning from GHS 800 to GHS 1000, coupled with its extensive availability across Ghana, the Hisense 130L Table Top Fridge offers compelling value for its cost, making it a noteworthy investment for those in search of an efficient and affordable refrigeration solution.

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