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Hisense 32 Inch Tv Prices In Ghana

Are you in search of information about the prices of Hisense 32-inch TVs? If so, you’re in the right place.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the intricacies of Hisense 32-inch TV price lists in Ghana, shedding light on specifications, features, and compelling reasons to opt for a Hisense TV in the market.

Hisense, a prominent Chinese multinational white goods and electronics manufacturer, has rapidly gained favor among Ghanaians in recent years.

Renowned for its diverse range of televisions, including the 32-inch models, Hisense stands out for delivering affordability without compromising quality.

This article aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of the pricing dynamics surrounding Hisense 32-inch TVs in the Ghanaian market.

Additionally, we will explore key factors influencing the costs of these televisions, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements. Stay tuned for an insightful journey into the world of Hisense 32-inch TVs.

Factors Affecting Prices Of Hisense 32-Inch TV 

The pricing landscape of a Hisense 32-inch TV in Ghana is influenced by several key factors, introducing a level of variability based on model intricacies, feature specifications, and the purchasing venue.

1. Model Diversity: Hisense boasts an extensive array of 32-inch TVs, each distinguished by its unique set of features and specifications. Consequently, the price of a Hisense 32-inch TV may fluctuate based on the chosen model, reflecting the diversity within the product line.

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2. Feature Spectrum: Television sets encompass a spectrum of features, ranging from smart capabilities and 4K resolution to HDR compatibility. TVs equipped with advanced features naturally command a higher price point compared to their counterparts with fewer features, providing consumers with a selection that aligns with their preferences and budget.

3. Brand Recognition: While Hisense enjoys widespread recognition and reputation, various brands also produce 32-inch TVs in Ghana. The price of a Hisense 32-inch TV may diverge from that of a comparable TV from another brand, offering consumers options based on brand loyalty and perceived value.

4. Retail Venue: The choice of retailer significantly influences the price of a Hisense 32-inch TV. Prices may exhibit variance between specialty electronics stores and discount department stores, providing consumers with flexibility in aligning their purchases with both budget and preferred shopping destinations.

In navigating the market for Hisense 32-inch TVs, being mindful of these factors empowers consumers to make informed decisions, ensuring that the selected television meets both their functional requirements and financial considerations.

Current Prices Of Hisense 32-Inch TV

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In the dynamic landscape of the Ghanaian market, the prices of Hisense 32-inch TVs exhibit variance based on factors previously outlined.

Recent research and market analysis have unveiled an average price range, providing consumers with valuable insights for their purchasing decisions.

As of now, the average price of Hisense 32-inch TVs in Ghana typically falls within the range of GHS 1,560 to GHS 2,500.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent volatility in pricing. Market conditions and the time of year can introduce fluctuations in the cost of Hisense 32-inch TVs.

Consumers are advised to stay vigilant, especially during specific seasons or promotional periods, to capitalize on potential price adjustments.

A prudent approach to securing the best deal involves conducting thorough research, checking prices across multiple retailers, and meticulously comparing features.

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By adopting this strategy, consumers can ensure that their investment aligns seamlessly with both their budgetary constraints and desired television specifications.

Stay informed, explore the market, and make a well-informed decision when acquiring your Hisense 32-inch TV in Ghana.

Things To Consider When Buying Hisense 32 Inch TV In Ghana 

When embarking on the journey to acquire a Hisense 32-inch TV in Ghana, it’s paramount to extend your focus beyond the product itself.

Consideration of warranty terms, customer support, and energy efficiency can significantly enhance your overall satisfaction with the purchase.

1. Warranty and Customer Support: Evaluate the warranty offerings from both the manufacturer and the retailer. While many Hisense TVs come with a standard one-year warranty, some retailers may provide extended warranties or additional support services. A robust warranty and responsive customer support contribute to a more secure and satisfying ownership experience.

2. Energy Efficiency: Delve into the energy efficiency aspect of the chosen Hisense 32-inch TV. Many of these TVs proudly bear the Energy Star certification, signaling adherence to government-set energy efficiency standards. Opting for an energy-efficient TV not only aligns with environmental considerations but also translates to potential long-term cost savings on electricity bills.

3. Display and Features: Hisense 32-inch TVs, known for their budget-friendly appeal and decent displays, typically feature a resolution of 720p suitable for standard definition content. Explore the array of features, including built-in speakers, HDMI and USB ports, and the convenience of a remote control. Ensuring that the TV aligns with your intended usage and preferences ensures a satisfying viewing experience.

Prices Of Hisense 32 Inch TV In Ghana With Their Specs

 1. Hisense 32A5600F

Hisense 32A5600F

Introducing an economical choice featuring a 720p resolution and an integrated speaker system.

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This device boasts 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, enhancing its connectivity options for an immersive multimedia experience.


  • Screen size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Speaker system: Built-in
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • USB ports: 1

Price Of Hisense 32A5600F TV

The Price of Hisense 32B5600F TV is GHS 1,600 in Ghana and you can get one across all Hisense showrooms.

2. Hisense 32A5600 TV

Hisense 32A5600 TV

This particular model showcases a 720p resolution complemented by an integrated speaker system, offering an enhanced audio-visual experience.

With its 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, it provides versatile connectivity options to cater to your multimedia needs.


  • Screen size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Speaker system: Built-in
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • USB ports: 1

The Price Of Hisense 32B5600 TV

The Price of Hisense 32B5600 is GHS 1,400 in Ghana Hisense showrooms in Ghana.

3. Hisense 32B5600 TV

Hisense 32B5600 TV price in ghana

This model is equipped with a 720p resolution and an integrated speaker system, ensuring a high-quality audio-visual experience.

Additionally, it offers convenient connectivity with 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port, providing versatility for your multimedia requirements.


  • Screen size: 32 inches
  • Resolution: 720p
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Speaker system: Built-in
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • USB ports: 1

The Price of Hisense 32B5600 TV

The price of Hisense 32B5600 TV is GHS 1,600 in Ghana Hisense showrooms.


Hisense 32-inch TVs stand out as an excellent choice for those seeking both affordability and top-notch quality in Ghana.

The pricing of these TVs fluctuates based on factors such as model, features, brand, and the retailer you choose.

On average, the cost of Hisense 32-inch TVs in Ghana falls within the range of GHS 1,560 to GHS 2,500.

It is advisable to conduct thorough research and price comparisons before finalizing your purchase.

In addition to considering the diverse models and price differentials, it’s crucial to delve into other essential aspects such as warranty, customer support, and energy efficiency.

These factors contribute to making an informed decision when selecting the ideal Hisense 32-inch TV that meets both your budget and viewing preferences in the Ghanaian market.

You can also choose to purchase their 40-inch TV, 43-inch TV, or their 55-inch TV.

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