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How To Buy WAEC Scratch Card With Mobile Money

Whenever students complete their senior secondary school, they have to wait a while before getting their results.

However, some students can check their results on the internet before they get it physically.

Before you can check the results on the internet, you will first need to purchase a scratch card that will enable you to do that.

Most internet cafes in the country would even handle the whole process for you. All you will have to do is to pay for the scratch card and provide the relevant information like your index number and name. you may have to pay GHS 18 or 20 for the scratch card.

You should also be careful because there are scammers who may try to sell you a fake card that will not work when you try to use it later.

You can also purchase a scratch card with mobile money. We are going to show you how you can go about this method.

You will need to send the fee for the card to the number, 0550107980

You then send the name on the mobile money account that you used for sending the money to the same number on WhatsApp.

You have to send only the name and then you wait patiently. You should not add anything else to the name and you should not try to call the number that you have sent the name to on WhatsApp. Calling the number just ends up piling pressure on the system.

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You will then receive a serial and PIN that will enable you to check your WAEC results as soon as the payment has been confirmed.

It could take maybe 5 minutes for you to get the card after you have made the payment. However, there is a possibility of delays on some occasions as a result of pressure that has piled up on the system.

How To Check Your Wassce Results Online

To do this, you will need to have a stable internet connection on a computer or a good smartphone.

We advise that you do not use opera mini for this operation. Just follow the instructions below on how to check your results online without the use of a scratch card.

  1. Use a good internet browser and then visit
  2. Enter your index number on the screen that appears
  3. You will also have to enter the year you took the waec exam
  4. Enter the category of the exam that you wrote, Eg, WASSCE or BECE
  5. You will then enter your 10 digit secret pin
  6. You will then have to submit your personal information in the next step and wait for the results that will be shown
  7. You will then have to confirm the selections that you have made.
  8. Your results will then appear on the next screen that comes
  9. Also, if you already possess a scratch card and would like to use that instead of the pin method. Here is how to go about it.
  10. Visit the waec online portal which is http://ghana.waecdirect.orgInput your index number
  11. Choose the examination type that you sat for
  12. Select the year in which you took the examination
  13. Input the number on the serial card which can be found on the reverse side of the card
  14. Enter your identification number which is a 12 digit one
  15. Confirm the index number you gave as well as the examination year
  16. Click on the ‘submit’ and then wait for it to load up
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You can also visit the waec head office in Accra in case you will need some physical help from them.

Behind the Ridge Hospital

P.O. Box 917, Accra

+233 302 208201-9

[email protected]

so you now know the various ways through which you can check your results on the internet as well as through the use of mobile money. So next time you need to check the results. You can go with them.

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