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Creating Your Own MyEtherWallet (MEW) [Step By Step Guide]

Cryptocurrencies, especially Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), have gained popularity as a way to make money.

However, participating in ICOs often requires you to have an ER20-compatible Ethereum wallet. In this article, we’ll guide you through creating your very own Ethereum wallet address.

Why Do You Need an ER20 Compatible Ethereum Wallet?

myetherwallet private keys sample

Most ICO tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain. If you plan to participate in an ICO, you’ll need Ethereum and a compatible wallet. Never send coins from cryptocurrency exchanges, as this will result in the loss of your tokens.

Setting Up Your MyEtherWallet (MEW)

  1. Visit www.myetherwallet.com When you go to the MyEtherWallet website, you’ll encounter several safety reminders and options for creating a new wallet.
  2. Create a Strong Password Generate a strong password using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Write it down immediately, and if possible, make multiple copies. Then, click “Create New Wallet.”
  3. Download and Store Your Keystore File Store your Keystore file in a secure location and click “Continue.”
  4. Save Your Private Key Your private key appears as a set of numbers. Be sure to back it up and keep it safe. Consider printing it to keep a paper copy. Remember, if you lose your private key and password, there’s no way to recover them, so follow all necessary safety measures recommended by the platform.
  5. Unlock Your Wallet To unlock your wallet, you can use either your private key or keystore file. If you have your private key, select “Private Keys,” paste it in, and click “Unlock” to access your wallet.
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You’ve successfully created a fully functional Ethereum wallet. You can find your receiving address on the right side, which is the address you’ll use to receive tokens from ICOs and airdrops.

The next time you want to access your wallet, visit www.myetherwallet.com, go to “SEND ETHER & TOKENS,” and select “PRIVATE KEYS.” Then paste your private keys to access your wallet.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to participate in ICOs using your newly created Ethereum wallet.

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