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Infinix Phone Prices At Franko Trading

If you’re in search of the latest Infinix phone prices at Franko Trading, you’ve come to the right place. This article is your comprehensive guide, covering everything you need to know about the Infinix phone price list at Franko Phones, including specs, features, and compelling reasons to choose their offerings.

In the realm of technology in Ghana, Infinix Mobile has made a mark over the past few years. Recognizing the specific needs of Ghanaians, Infinix is dedicated to producing and offering high-quality smartphones.

Infinix smartphones are renowned for their stunning, slim designs, optimal display sizes, top-notch cameras for both selfies and photography, long-lasting battery life, and advanced connectivity options such as WiFi, GPS, NFC, and support for 3G and 4G networks.

A key highlight of Infinix phones is their generous RAM and ROM capacities, ensuring users can seamlessly engage in gaming and efficiently store data.

Notably, the reasonable prices of Infinix smartphones make them a preferred choice among consumers in Ghana.

Franko Phones, a reliable source in Ghana, provides the latest prices and specifications for Infinix phones, aiding Ghanaians in making informed choices. Customers can easily compare prices and features to select an Infinix phone that suits their preferences.

Before purchasing Franko Phones, customers can take advantage of the opportunity to compare features and prices, ensuring they make a well-informed decision when acquiring a new Infinix mobile phone. Stay informed and make the right choice for your smartphone needs with Franko Trading.

About Franko Trading Enterprise

franko trading enterprise

Franko Trading Enterprise, operating as a sole proprietorship, is dedicated to delivering quality yet affordable gadgets to its customers.

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The range of products includes an extensive selection of phones (featuring iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, Alcatel, Nokia, and more), laptops, televisions (both full digital/satellite and smart TVs), and digital cameras.

What sets Franko Trading Enterprise apart in the realm of purchasing smartphones and electronics in Ghana is its consistent commitment to providing quality at an affordable price.

This dedication has made them a preferred choice for consumers seeking reliable and reasonably priced electronic devices.

The demand for the latest phones from Tecno, Infinix, and Huawei is substantial among Ghanaians, and Franko Phones is positioned to meet this demand by offering these sought-after devices at fair and competitive prices.

Franko Phones, as a notable brand under the umbrella of Franko Trading, enjoys widespread recognition throughout Ghana.

Given its prominence, we have taken the initiative to cover the cost details of the most recent phones available in their stores.

Additionally, we aim to enhance accessibility by providing directions and information on how to locate the most prominent among their expansive network of over forty branches scattered strategically across Ghana.

For consumers seeking quality electronic devices at affordable prices, Franko Trading Enterprise and Franko Phones stand as reliable choices in the Ghanaian market.

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List Of Infinix Phones With Their Prices At Franko Phones

There are so many phones for sale at Franko that it can be hard to browse the entire site and make the right choice.

This article has therefore compiled a comprehensive list of phones that are for sale in Franko phones and their prices in Cedis.

The table below consists of a list of Infinix phones and their prices

Phone NamePrice (GHS)
Infinix hot 20i (64GB + 2GB)1163.00
Infinix zero 20 (256gb+8GB)3391.00
Infinix Zero Ultra (X6820) (256gb+8GB)6148.00
Infinix note 12 pro 5g (x671b) 128+8GB3000.00
Infinix Hot 12i (64+2)1191.00
Infinix Note 12i (128+4)1921.00
Infinix note 12 (128GB + 8GB)2556.00
Infinix Hot 12i (64/4)1372.00
Infinix Note 12 Vip (256gb/8GB) 4g3822.00
Infinix hot 12 play x6816 (128gb+4GB)1593.00
Infinix Hot 12 Play (X6816) (64+4)1447.00
Hot 12 Play (X6816) (64+4)1447.00
Infinix Note 12 (128/4) 4g2209.00
Infinix hot 12 (128gb+4GB) 4G1854
Infinix smart 6 (32/2) 4g1071.00
Infinix Zero 5g (X6815) 128gb+8GB4054.00
Infinix Smart 6 Plus (32/2) 4g1024.00
Infinix Hot 12i (64/3)1298.00
Infinix Zero X Pro (8/256) 4G4200.00
Infinix Hot 11 (128gb+4GB)1885.00
Infinix Zero X (128gb+8GB) 4G3,340.00
Infinix Zero 5g (X6815) 128gb+8GB5054.00
Infinix Hot 301,600

The Locations Of Franko Phones In Ghana

These are a few of the many prominent shops of Franko Phones in Ghana:

  • Greater Accra Region Adabraka Online Shop
    • Location: Adabraka, Accra, opposite the Roxy Bus Stop
  • Nkrumah Circle Shop 1
    • Location: Circle – Accra near the Odo Rice Building
  • Kwame Nkrumah Circle Shop 2
    • Location: Opp. Odo Rice Osu, Accra
  • Oxford Street Shop
    • Location: Osu – Accra, near Vodafone Cyber Cafe
  • Kumasi Shop 1
    • Location: Adum, next to Ajaba Jewelry Shop
  • Kumasi Shop 2
    • Location: Adum, next to Challenge Bookshop
  • Kumasi Shop 3
    • Location: Adum, next to Melcom
  • Kasoa Shop
    • Location: Kasoa – Central Region, opposite the Polyclinic
  • Techiman Shop
    • Location: Taxi Rank Near Hfc Bank, Techiman – Bono East Region
  • Cape Coast Shop
    • Location: Old Guinness Depot
  • Berekum Shop
    • Location: Berekum Roundabout, opposite SG-SSB Bank, Bono East Region
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Franko Trading Enterprise Working Days And Contact

  • Working Days: Monday – Sunday
  • Working Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Contact: 030225651

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinix Phone Prices At Franko Trading

Infinix Hot 30 price in Ghana Franko phones

The price of Infinix Hot 30 at Franko phones ranges from GHS 1,600 to GHS 2,500. The price is determined by the Hot 30 variation you are buying, the store you are buying from, and how you want it delivered to you.


When it comes to acquiring a phone seamlessly, without any hassle or uncertainty, Infinix phones from Franko Phones are an excellent choice for comfort and convenience.

In this article, we’ve comprehensively outlined all the latest Infinix phone prices available at Franko Trading.

This information is designed to empower you, making your decision-making process easier and ensuring that you are well informed about the options and pricing available for Infinix phones.

By choosing Infinix phones from Franko Phones, you not only prioritize comfort but also benefit from the assurance of dealing with a reputable brand known for providing quality devices at competitive prices.

Make your phone purchase a smooth and satisfying experience by exploring the latest Infinix phone prices at Franko Trading.

You can also check out all the latest Infinix phone prices in Ghana and more about the Infinix Note 8 price and specs.

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