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Most Affordable Smartphones With 4G LTE Support In Ghana

As the adoption of 5G connectivity gains momentum, telecom companies in Ghana are actively ensuring they keep pace with technological advancements.

Consequently, many of these companies are now offering 4G connectivity to their customers, making it a commonplace feature supported by numerous mobile phones.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone that seamlessly supports 4G networks, you’ve come to the right place. Continue scrolling for a curated list of smartphones that strike a balance between affordability and advanced features.

Rest assured, these phones won’t break the bank, but they also deliver value that extends beyond budget options.

Infinix Note 5

The Infinix Note 5, operating on Android 8.1, stands out as a commendable choice for users seeking a smartphone equipped with 4G LTE connectivity.

This feature makes it particularly suitable for the efficient downloading of sizable movie files, leveraging the high-speed capabilities of the 4G network.

Notably, the Infinix Note 5 distinguishes itself as one of the more budget-friendly options on the list.

Despite its affordability, it offers reliable and timely Android updates, enhancing its overall user experience.

The combination of 4G connectivity, budget-conscious pricing, and consistent software updates makes the Infinix Note 5 an attractive choice in its class.


  1. 6.0” LCD HD+ display with 1440×2160 resolution
  2. 2.0GHz octa-core Helio P23 MT6763T processor
  3. 3GB or 6GB RAM
  4. 32GB or 64GB storage space with an option for a memory card
  5. 12MP f/2.0 rear camera with a 16MP f/2.0 front camera
  6. Supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE
  7. 4500mAh battery with fast charging
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Price Of Infinix Note 5

You can purchase this smartphone from Jumia Ghana for GHS 1,150

Tecno Spark 2

The second smartphone in the Tecno Spark series is designed to deliver an exceptional user experience, enhancing the overall usability of the device.

Running on the Android Go edition system, this smartphone is optimized for efficiency, ensuring smooth performance and responsiveness.

The Android Go edition system is tailored to work seamlessly on devices with more modest hardware specifications, providing users with a streamlined and efficient interface.

This, coupled with the focus on user experience, positions the Tecno Spark series as a reliable choice for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability.


  1. 6.0” HD Full display
  2. 1GB RAM and 16GB storage space
  3. 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  4. 13MP auto-focus rear camera with flash, 8MP inner camera with dual flash
  5. Has a fingerprint and face scanner
  6. 3500mAh battery
  7. Runs on Android 8.1

Price Of Tecno Spark 2

You can purchase the Tecno Spark 2 from Jumia Ghana for GHS 700.

Huawei Y9

Huawei Y9s

The Huawei Y9 boasts a spacious 5.9-inch Full HD+ screen, distinguishing itself from the prevalent trend of smartphones featuring notches.

The absence of a notch contributes to a more expansive and immersive display, providing users with an uninterrupted visual experience.

This design choice on the Huawei Y9 aligns with the preferences of users who appreciate a sleek and notch-free display, offering a distinct alternative in the smartphone market.

The sizable and notch-free screen enhances the overall viewing experience, making the Huawei Y9 a noteworthy option for those seeking a more expansive and uninterrupted display.


  1. 6.5” FHD_ screen
  2. Huawei HiSilicon Kirin processor
  3. 13Mp rear camera with a 16MP front camera
  4. 4GB or 6GB RAM
  5. 64GB or 128GB storage space
  6. Supports memory card
  7. 4000mAh battery
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Price Of Huawei Y9

Can be purchased from Jumia Ghana and for GHS 1,099.

Infinix Hot 8

infinix hot 8 phone brand

The Infinix Hot 8 is a smartphone from Infinix that operates on the Android 9.0 platform. Running on Android 9.0, this device benefits from the features and improvements introduced by this version of the Android operating system.

Users can expect a user-friendly interface, enhanced performance, and access to the latest Android functionalities that come with Android 9.0.

This choice of operating system contributes to a modern and efficient user experience on the Infinix Hot 8.


  1. 6.6” HD+ waterdrop screen
  2. 8MP front camera with flash and 13MP rear camera with 2MP QVGA with a quad flashlight
  3. 2GB RAM and 32GB storage space
  4. Mediatek Helio P22 processor
  5. 5000mAh battery
  6. Includes other features like GPS, proximity sensor, touchscreen, wifi, face unlock, and compass
  7. Comes in several colors such as cosmic purple, shark grey, and hour black

Price Of Infinix Hot 8

The Infinix Hot 8 can be purchased from Jumia Ghana for GHS 800.

Tecno Camon X Pro

The Tecno Camon X Pro, succeeding its predecessor, the Camon CX, introduces a range of upgrades that address limitations present in its forerunner.

Notably, the Tecno Camon X Pro is equipped with 4G connectivity, enhancing its network capabilities for faster and more reliable data connections.

The incorporation of 4G connectivity aligns with the evolving technological landscape, providing users with improved internet speeds and overall network performance.

This upgrade, combined with other enhancements, positions the Tecno Camon X Pro as a more advanced and feature-rich option within the Tecno Camon series.


  1. 6.0” FHD, 2.5D curved display
  2. 4GB RAM and 64GB storage
  3. 2.0GHz octa core Helio P23 processor
  4. 16MP rear camera with flash and 24MP front camera with dual flash
  5. Includes fingerprint and face scanner
  6. Runs on Android 8.1
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Price Of Tecno Camon X Pro

Can be purchased from Jumia Ghana for GHS 1,299

Huawei P Smart

The Huawei P Smart successfully merges fashion and technology, presenting a device that caters to the preferences of a wide range of smartphone users. Its compelling and compact design adds to its appeal, making it stand out as one of the top choices for those seeking a stylish and technologically advanced 4G smartphone.

The attractive design of the Huawei P Smart, coupled with its technological features, positions it as a noteworthy option in the current smartphone market.

This blend of aesthetics and functionality contributes to an enhanced user experience, making the Huawei P Smart a device that resonates with individuals looking for both style and performance in their smartphones.


  1. Display 6.10”
  2. 1.8GHz octa core processor
  3. 6GB RAM
  4. 128GB storage
  5. 40MP rear camera
  6. 24MP front camera
  7. 4000mAh battery

Price Of Huawei P Smart

Can be purchased from Jumia Ghana for GHS 1,385


If you’re in search of a smartphone with 4G connectivity that offers great value without putting a strain on your budget, the options mentioned earlier are your best bet.

Not only do these phones provide efficient 4G capabilities, but they are also among the most popular choices among users in Ghana.

The widespread popularity is a testament to their functionality and performance.

By opting for one of these smartphones, you can enjoy the benefits of 4G connectivity without compromising on affordability.

The positive reception and usage by a considerable number of users in Ghana further underline their reliability and suitability for a diverse range of needs.

You can visit Jumia Ghana and purchase any of these amazingly cheap 4G smartphones for yourself. You might want to check out Affordable Samsung 4G smartphone prices in Ghana.

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