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Role Of Technology In Economic Development

Several industries have witnessed tremendous growth thanks to technological advancements in the recent decade. Major advancements have been made in the fields of medicine, farming, and safety.

These are all because technology is made up of different bodies of knowledge and tools that can make the activities of a particular sector easy to carry out.

Technology has also made the sector of economic development blossom. Technology has availed the tools that are needed for the growth of the economy. Technology also aids the growth of local and global businesses quickly and easily.

Below are some of the ways through which technology is helping to grow the economic sector.


Time is money, and technology may help us save it by speeding up the production and delivery of certain goods and services.

Since products and services are made and sent to clients on schedule, this helps the company advance. This allows companies to increase their output compared to previous years.


It can contribute to the efficiency of the rate at which a business produces its goods. This allows for the production of larger quantities of goods. It helps contribute to the efficiency of the service that is being rendered to a customer.

The goods being produced in large quantities allow the producer to meet a wider range of demand so that prices of the goods do not hike.     


The division of labor has also been made possible by the introduction of technology as well as the specialization of jobs in businesses. This division of labor also further contributes to the efficiency of the business, thereby enabling the business to run smoothly.

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Specialization helps businesses to give work to people who qualify for the post and these people are then able to concentrate on the work that has been handed to them. They are then able to work with attention to detail and produce quality products that can last the test of time with any breakages. 


Through technology, the increased efficiency of labor can help increase the overall output of production. This in turns increases the profits of the business, which then leads to an expansion of the business.

This leads to a bigger economic development of businesses and the nation as a whole. Industrial growth and development will then be felt by all the people living in the nation.

Natural Resources

Technology has enabled governments and businesses to gain access to natural resources and use them to the effective benefit of the businesses in the nation. This effective use contributes greatly to the growth of the economy of the country.


Technology has also made it possible for effective research to be conducted. Through the application of technology, we can conduct much better research into every area and sphere of the business world.

This means that businesses can now benefit greatly from the use of all technological advancement there is to benefit from.


The internet is one of the most important elements in the success of businesses worldwide as well as trade, both local and international. It contributes to the growth of international markets and trade.

This allows businesses in different nations to share information and ideas. They are also able to conduct trade between themselves quickly in the smallest of time. This all adds to the growth of the international markets as well as the trade between various nations in the world.

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Technology is the basis for almost everything in the world now. In every sector you enter, you will see that technology has made a mark there. Very soon, we will see the effects of technology almost around us in every way we turn to and everything we use.     


Technology is taking over the world and it has changed the way we do things. In this article, we went through the role of technology in economic development and how it has helped improve economic development

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