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Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Good Web Browser

In case you are looking to choose a new web browser, but do not know anything about a browser and the things that make a browser good, it would be hard to pick a quality browser, and you may end up with one that will not be able to get the job done. 

Even though all web browsers do the primary job of allowing you to access the internet, some browsers do the job much better than others.

This means that you should choose the one that ticks the main boxes of what a good browser should have when looking for a browser to care for all your internet needs.

Never select a browser randomly, especially after you finish reading this article.

With many browsers having the same features when it comes to the address bar, default integrated search engine, bookmarks, how secure it is, and many more, some browsers have some qualities that others don’t have.

When visiting websites, some browsers track you without your opinion, show you ads while you are browsing that page, while some don’t, and some browsers give you the option to allow or disallow anything.

So now, what are some of the boxes that a good browser must tick before you should consider using it and making it your default browser? Well, read on and find out for yourself.

Things to look out for when choosing a good or best web browser

google chrome illustration


One way to be able to test the compatibility of a browser is the HTML5test website.

The website can score each browser according to its compatibility level through a moving target of web standards.

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The highest score a browser can get is 555, and browsers are awarded points for each measure that they support.

The browser that leads on these leads is Google Chrome, which has garnered a score of 528.

It is followed by Opera and other browsers, which are based on the Chromium code. Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari, then come next.


Speed is also essential for an excellent browser to have. A browser that is not fast will not load your web pages on time, leading you to be frustrated.

A browser with speed makes you enjoy the browsing experience while loading all your web pages faster so that you can do what you are supposed to do on time.


A good browser must have adequate privacy features that protect the user from any attacks or tracking.

Some browsers come with a security encryption feature to protect a user’s browsing activities and prevent online trackers from following the user through VPNs.

Google Chrome typically signs you into Gmail and YouTube, a move that some people are not happy with when it comes live.

The only browser that has a built-in VPN is Opera. When it comes to security, some browsers like Firefox, edge, and Safari also have fingerprint protection, which protects users from trackers by making it impossible for them to identify them. 

Tools and conveniences

A good browser has some useful browsing tools that can make your browsing experience much better.

Some browsers like Safari have a feature that allows the user to read articles on webpages without distraction.

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The quality, known as ‘reading mode,’ blocks out all ads, videos, clutter, and other unnecessary stuff to read the article in peace.

Other browsers also have a share button that allows users to share things they may want to share.

Opera even has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Brave browser is a browser that also has a cryptocurrency wallet.

Microsoft took the reading mode feature a step ahead by allowing the user to listen as a voice reads the text for him instead of reading the whole thing himself.

Users can also customize the home pages of some browsers in a way they see fit.

The Firefox browser also has a feature that instantly saves a web page to a pocket.

Some browsers such as Edge, FirefoxFirefox, and Opera also now can take screenshots of web pages. 


So whenever you think about getting a new computer internet browser for whatever you will be doing, you should make sure that you choose the most secure browser by going through the features mentioned above.

Suppose you want to have an excellent browsing experience. At least, it must be at the most important ones.

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