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What Makes Google Chrome A Great Browser?

Google Chrome is a browser that has made a name for itself recently in the world of technology and internet browsing.

Most often, when you tell people that you are having a problem with your browser or you want a good browser, the answer you are likely to hear is “use Chrome.”

There are numerous times when I have told people that my browser seems to be slow, and the next thing I hear is they told me to use Chrome.

Whether I need the browser on a computer or phone, I am meant to use Chrome.

So what makes Google Chrome such a great browser to the extent that almost everyone keeps recommending it when you ask them to tell you their preferred browser?

Let us try and find out.

Google Chrome is a browser that was created by Google Inc.

People are generally told to use the Chrome browser if they have a slow internet connection or if they need a new and better browser for what they do.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Google Chrome Is Regarded As The Best Browser To Use Today


Chrome is regarded by many to be one of the fastest browsers available at the moment.

Everyone loves things that load quickly, and that makes Chrome one of the go-to browsers for people who love speed.

Chrome consumes minimal RAM due to how simple its user interface is.

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It does not load plugins and extensions immediately when a page is loaded, contributing to its speed.

Chrome makes use of the latest Javascript engine every time. It also uses a DNS pre-fetching function that allows various websites and pages to load much faster, and it gets this done through Google servers.


Google Chrome does not wait for the user to update it before it does.

It usually updates itself as soon as Google releases a new update.

Due to this, many people do not even know the version of Chrome they are using.

You can, however, find out by clicking on the key icon in the upper right corner.


Whenever Google releases a new update, It comes with an updated version of the malware and phishing databases.

This alerts users whenever they visit a page that has been listed. Chrome does not play with its security at all.


Users can customize the homepage of Chrome as they see fit.

Users can customize both the thumbnails of sites that they visit and most of the icons of applications that have been installed.


Users can also save the web pages they visit by using the yellow star in the top right corner.

The webpages can then be stored in the bookmark bar or another structure that the user has designed. The bookmark can also be hidden by the user.


With Chrome on windows, the browser offers a lot of various extensions, which is one of its most significant advantages.

These extensions are installed in the browser by the user and are used for multiple purposes.

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Three of these are already established by the browser: google search engine, Gmail, and YouTube.  

Data synchronization

Users can also synchronize their other Google services with the Chrome browser by logging into all of them simultaneously.

It also saves your bookmarks, themes, and preferences and makes them available on any device you happen to use in the Chrome browser. 

Incognito browsing

You can also browse on Chrome without being tracked. When you browse incognito, chrome will not save any data from web pages that you will visit.

This means that no cookies will be saved while you browse. You activate the incognito browsing by: 

  1. Going to the configuration menu
  2. Then go to advanced options
  3. Then tick ‘send a ‘do not track request


These are some of the reasons why Google Chrome is regarded as the best web browsing software globally.

All the points listed above make the browser an ideal one to use for a smooth browsing experience.

If you are thinking of getting a new browser for whatever you do, we will implore you to try Google Chrome and make sure to thank us later. 

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