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What The Law In Ghana Says About Cybercrimes

In the realm of computers and technology, both positive and negative aspects coexist. While advancements have brought about numerous benefits, there is also a darker side to consider.

Recognizing this, many countries have implemented laws to address cybercrime and punish those engaging in illegal activities on the internet.

Cybercrime and hacking are not confined to specific regions; they are global issues, prevalent wherever the internet reaches.

Ghana, like many other countries, grapples with cybercrime. Despite this, awareness of the legal framework surrounding cybercrime in Ghana is not widespread.

This article aims to shed light on the laws in Ghana about cybercrime, as the country contends with a significant level of cybercriminal activities.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime involves the use of computers and the internet to carry out illicit activities. It encompasses various actions, including unauthorized access and causing harm to computer systems.

The motives behind cybercrime often include financial gain or the theft of valuable information. Cybercriminals may employ tactics like cyber fraud to deceive individuals and unlawfully obtain their money.

In essence, cybercrime spans a range of activities aimed at exploiting digital systems and networks for illicit purposes.

Causes Of Cybercrime In Ghana

The motivation behind cybercrime in Ghana is primarily financial, with individuals seeking substantial monetary gains quickly.

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Targets often include affluent individuals, wealthy companies, casinos, banks, and other large enterprises.

Cyber fraud, a common form of cybercrime, involves deception to defraud and extort money from a broad range of potential victims, with a preference for targeting older individuals, particularly those of European descent.

Tracking and apprehending cybercriminals prove challenging due to their activities being conducted on personal computers from the privacy of their homes.

Additionally, these individuals utilize sophisticated software to conceal their identities and locations, making it difficult for authorities to trace their actions on the internet.

Computer Vulnerability

The vulnerability of computers stems from the extensive amount of data stored on them, and negligence can create opportunities for hackers to infiltrate computer systems.

Due to the impossibility of constant vigilance, hackers exploit lapses in security measures to gain unauthorized access.

Additionally, the concentration of valuable data on the hard drive provides an attractive target for hackers who seek to steal sensitive information for various malicious purposes.

Types Of Cybercrimes 

There are several categories of cybercrime in Ghana. Among them are:

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a significant issue in the realm of cybercrime, involving the unauthorized use of another person’s name, credit card, or personal information to perpetrate fraudulent activities.

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This form of cybercrime poses a considerable threat to individuals and organizations alike, highlighting the critical need for robust measures to combat identity theft.

Illegal Online Sale

Cybercriminals engaging in the illicit sale of items like weapons, drugs, and, in rare instances, human organs and parts on the black market constitute a serious criminal activity.

This not only poses a threat to public safety but also underscores the need for stringent measures to combat such illegal transactions in the digital realm.

Fraudulent Calls

One prevalent cybercrime in the country involves fraudsters posing as callers who claim to have mistakenly sent money to your mobile money account.

They then request that you send the money back to them. Unfortunately, unsuspecting individuals may fall victim to this scheme and inadvertently send their own money to the fraudster.

In some cases, fraudsters may also exploit phone conversations to access your account and steal funds.

It is crucial to be vigilant and take precautions to protect your mobile money account from such fraudulent activities.

Laws Concerning Cybercrime In Ghana

The IT Act, specifically section 66D, outlines penalties for individuals engaged in cheating by personation using computer resources.

The act stipulates that anyone found cheating another person through personation via communication devices or computer resources may face imprisonment for up to three years.

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To address the rising cases of cybercrime, a security center has been established to regulate internet usage activities.

As the internet plays a crucial role in society, this cybersecurity center aims to combat cybercrime and apprehend cybercriminals.

The government has also launched initiatives such as the National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy, Safer Digital Ghana, and the National Communications Authority to combat cybercrime effectively.


As evident from the article, engaging in cybercrime is subject to legal repercussions in Ghana.

Individuals involved in such activities may face imprisonment if apprehended by the authorities, as cybercrime is recognized as a significant threat to society.

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