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Ways To Report Vodafone Cash Fraud Cases In Ghana

If you are reading this, I believe you have once received a call from a fraudster who wanted to trick you into stealing your money from your Vodafone cash account and you have definitely searched for how to report Vodafone momo fraud in Ghana or how to report a fraud number to Vodafone. 

And if you have never received such a call before, I believe you have heard of so many mobile money fraud cases in Ghana, at the end of this article, you are going to know how to report Vodafone cash fraud cases in Ghana.

This article will cover all the easiest ways to report cases in other to always keep your account safe and make it hard for fraudsters to steal your money

Mobile money has come to stay, and it has become one of the most used forms of transactions in Ghana.

With the invention of mobile money, it is now easy to pay your school fees, bills, and almost anything which involves money.

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As we are talking about the importance and benefit of the mobile money service, fraudsters, on the other hand, are finding new ways and ideas to drain people’s accounts.

Vodafone is growing at a faster pace ever since it introduced the free charge on withdrawals.

Because of that, fraudsters always target Vodafone, mobile money users, because they are the telco that Ghanaians have started to use more after MTN.

We published an article taking you through tricks used by fraudsters to steal mobile money from people; it is an eye-opening article that you might want to check out and be on alert.

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In this article, I will take you through 6 easy ways to report any fraud cases to Vodafone Cash.

Here Are The 6 Easy Ways To Report Vodafone Cash Fraud Cases In Ghana

Since the ‘Sister nie oo’ fraudsters are not resting, you should also get to know how to report these mobile money fraudsters. 

Doing this keeps your account safe and helps these telcos cramp down on the fraud cases that have been growing.

Call Customer Care at 100 / 0505555111

Vodafone customer care is 100 or 0505555111. Anytime you feel like a fraudster is after your money, all you have to do is call their customer call line, which is 100 and speak to a customer representative.

Here Is How To Report Mobile Money Fraud To Vodafone Customer Care 

  • Dial 100
  • Choose your preferred language 
  • Press 5 to speak to a customer care representative
  • Now report the case to the customer representative, and tell them what happened.

The customer care representative will ask for the following information:

  • Your number 
  • The fraudsters number
  • The amount that fraudsters got from your mobile money account (this is if he was successful In the Fraud)
  • The time the incident happened
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Send Email To [email protected]

You can also report fraud issues to Vodafone cash fraud working mail. 

Anytime you suspect a mobile money fraud, all you have to do is send a mail to this Vodafone Mobile Money anti-fraud working mail, someone will take over your case and work on it, and if they need to call you, they will contact you for further investigation. 

One thing to note is that anytime you are reporting a mobile money fraud to that number, it is advisable to give them every detail you have to make investigations easier and faster. 

Don’t forget to add your number so that they can contact you.

Send SMS To 655 (Mobile) 755 (Fixed)

If you ever want to report a mobile money fraud right away using a short code, then you need to use 655 (Mobile) 755 (Fixed).

655 is a shortcode for reporting all mobile money-related fraud issues; this is a unique shortcode that Vodafone Ghana created to combat mobile money fraud. All you have to do is send your details to that number.

Any Vodafone Mobile money anti-fraud team available will take over your case and start working on it.

Visit Any Vodafone Center To Report The Fraud Incident

Vodafone Ghana has offices all around the country. When you suspect any fraud case, you can visit the nearest Vodafone Ghana office near you to report the incident.

When going, make sure to take your phone with you as you will be asked to provide the number of the fraudster, the type of Fraud he tried on you, your number, and the time he started to approach you.

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Report Fraud Case Using The VodafoneWhatsApp Number

As hackers are constantly finding new ways to steal people’s money, Vodafone is also stepping up its game, and now you can report any suspected number to Vodafone right after the call. To do this,

How Report Fraud Cases Using The Vodafone CashWhatsApp Number

  • Message the vodafone cash reporting number 0501000300
  • Brief them about how the incident happened and make sure to include all the information they may need such as your full name, location and many more.
  • Now wait for a customer representative to take over your case and solve your issue for you

Report The Fraud Incident To Vodafone Cash On Social Media

Anytime you suspect fraud or you want to report a fraud case, all you have to do is head over to Twitter or any social media and search for @Askvodafonegh then report the incident to that account, Vodafone will respond and work on your issue for you.

Report Fraud Case To Ghana Police 

When it comes to combating Fraud in Ghana, Ghana police are well known for this, so if you suspect any fraud issue on your mobile money account, you can report the case to any police station near you, and they will look into it.


Mobile money will continue to grow big as many people keep on using it each day. As it grows and becomes more prominent, hackers will always find new ways to steal people’s money from their mobile money accounts.

In this article, we went through how to report any Vodafone Cash fraud issues and how to go about each one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodafone fraud report code?

Vodafone fraud report code is 1515, you can also report fraud to Vodafone by sending SMS to 655 or calling their helpline on 100/ 0505555111.

How to avoid getting scammed by Vodafone momo fraudsters?

There are many ways to keep your Vodafone mobile money account secure and some of the ways are using a hard-to-guess pin, not telling anybody your momo pin, and making sure you don’t approve any pop-up requests.

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