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How To Easily Unlock Your Blocked MTN Mobile Money Account

Mistakenly got your mobile money account blocked and looking for how to reset MTN momo pin when blocked? Don’t panic.

After this article, you are going to know how to unlock your mobile money account.

I know you have been to Google and searched for how to unlock my mobile money account or how to reactivate my MTN momo account and it has landed you here.

You are at the right place, this is what the article is going to cover, together we will also cover what it means when you see ‘sender account is not active’ and also how to know if your MTN momo is registered.

Knowing how to reset your MTN momo pin when blocked should be easy after this article. If your account is not blocked, you might also want to go through it so that when it happens to you or your loved ones, you will be able to help them out.

We will all agree that the mobile money system has made sending and receiving money easy.

With the help of mobile money, one can now send and receive money without having to join any queue.

Whiles the mobile money mode of payments is helping Ghanaians. There are people out there that call themselves fraudsters whose main job is to use tricks to steal people’s hard-earned money from their accounts.

You can read this article taking you through how to protect your mobile money account from fraudsters.

Telcos thought of that, and because of that, they introduced measures to protect subscriber’s mobile money accounts.

One measure is to block a mobile money subscriber when they type the wrong PIN Code more than three times.

This measure is to protect mobile money accounts in case someone tries to withdraw your money.

If you once forgot your password and got your account blocked, or maybe someone tried stealing your money from your mobile money account but typed wronged passwords, and that led to your account getting blocked.

This article is definitely for you as I will take you through how to unblock your mobile money account.

But before diving in on how to unblock your account, we must first go through things to avoid doing for your account to get blocked.

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Here Are The Things You Should Avoid Doing In Other Not To Get Your Mobile Money Account Blocked

Don’t Always Give Your Phone To People You Don’t Trust

This is the first thing you should be thinking of when protecting your mobile money account; your PIN is what is used to confirm a transaction.

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So if someone around you gets access to your phone and tries dialing the wrong passwords, your account is going to be blocked.

Use A Pin You Can Always Remember

You don’t need to be always told; many people tend to use a PIN that they will find difficult to remember.

We should note that a PIN is what is used to confirm a mobile money transaction, so anytime you are using a new PIN for your mobile money account.

Try and use a PIN that you can easily remember to avoid your mobile money account getting blocked.

So now that we have gone through the things that lead to our MTN mobile money account getting blocked, let’s dive into how to unlock your MTN mobile money account if it gets blocked.

In Case You Forget Your PIN, Don’t Try It For More Than Three Times.

At a point in time, we all forget things, although a PIN that gives you access to your money shouldn’t be something that you should forget; hey, we are humans, and everything can happen.

So if you find yourself not remembering your mobile money PIN, the best thing to do is to try resetting it.

But before you can reset your MTN mobile money PIN, you will first have to register a different number as your mobile money PIN recovery number.

This number can be your other number or someone you are close with and trust.

How To Add MTN Mobile Money PIN Recovery Number

  1. On your Simcard dial *170#
  2. Select 6: My Wallet
  3. Choose 5: Change & Reset PIN
  4. Choose 2: Reset PIN
  5. Select 1: Add Recovery Contact
  6. Now type in your other number. Make sure you have access to that number. Either it’s your other number, or you can get access to it anytime you want
  7. Enter your PIN to confirm
  8. MTN will send a one time password (OTP) to your other number, get the code and confirm to use that number as your recovery number finally
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How To Reset Your MTN Mobile Money PIN

  1. Dial the mobile money shortcode *170#
  2. Choose 5: Change & Reset PIN
  3. Choose 2: Reset PIN
  4. Select Self Reset PIN
  5. Select 1: Add Recovery Contact
  6. Select 4: Reset Pin. You will then receive a temporary password on your recovery phone number.
  7. Type in the password you received
  8. Now set a new PIN code for your mobile money account.

Now that we have gone through how to reset your MTN mobile money PIN let’s dive into the main reason we are here: what if your account is blocked?

How do you unblock your account?

Before you can unblock your MTN mobile money account, you must need some details that you can use to verify your account, and these things are

  • A valid national ID card (be it voter’s ID card, national insurance card, Ghana card, driver’s license). also, if you can get the one you used when registering your mobile money account for them will help speed things up for you
  • Your full name and date of birth
  • The last transaction you made and your mobile money account
  • Your mobile money account balance
  • The most recent calls you made

How To Unblock Your MTN Mobile Money Account

Now follow these steps to reactivate your mtn momo account

  1. So on your blocked MTN Simcard, dial the MTN call centre number 100
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. Select 5 to speak to a customer care representative
  4. When you get connected, make sure to explain to them what happened that lead to your account getting blocked (please be honest so that they can assist you well)
  5. The customer representative will ask you some questions and then ask for your details, give them all to them. If they can confirm everything, MTN will unblock your mobile money account, and you will receive a message instructing you to reset your MTN mobile money PIN.

But what If It Doesn’t Work?

If you tried the above steps and it did not work, you will have to visit the nearest MTN office to unblock your account.

Don’t forget to go there with all the information they will need to confirm that the account belongs to you.

Mistakenly sent money to the wrong number? click here to read a step by step guide taking you through how to reverse MTN mobile money transactions.

What Does This Error Mean “This mobile number is not able to receive Mobile Money transfers”?

When you receive this error, it means the number you want to send the money to has not registered their MTN mobile money account.

To be able to send money to someone, the receiver must have a registered mobile money account, what you have to do is to tell the person to get his or he account registered.

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Sometimes the mistake might be coming from you, you must also check if you have typed the correct number. Dialing a wrong number can also lead to seeing this type of error.

Wrapping It Up

Telcos always try to protect people’s mobile money accounts; sometimes, subscribers’ accounts get blocked to save them from losing their hard-earned money.

You might want to check read 5 easy ways to withdraw MTN mobile money if you don’t have your ID card with you.

If you mistakenly typed your PIN wrongly more than three times, your account will be blocked, and what you need to do next is to prove the account is for you, and then MTN will unblock your mobile money account for you.

In this article, we went through how to unblock your MTN mobile money account. Also, we dived into how to reset your MTN mobile money account PIN and add a recovery number and answered all questions about unblocking and resetting your MTN mobile money PIN such as how to reactivate my MTN momo account and how to unlock MTN momo pin.

Do you suspect someone trying to steal funds from your mobile money account? Here are also the best 6 ways to report MTN mobile money fraud cases in Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To Ways To Unblock Your Mobile Money Account

  1. What leads to people’s mobile money accounts getting blocked?

    Typing the wrong PIN more than three times can lead to getting your mobile money account getting blocked.

  2. Will I lose my money when my mobile money account gets blocked?

    No, your account getting blocked only means it has been put on hold. Your money will be safe and untouched. What you have to do is to prove to MTN that it was not a fraudster that was trying to steal your money.

    Doing this is by giving them information about your mobile money account. MTN will unlock your mobile money account when they confirm everything, and you can then continue to send and receive money.

  3. Why do I need a recovery number when resetting my mobile money pin?

    Doing this is extra security to help you recover your mobile money PIN fast.

  4. What If I can’t find the ID Card I used to register my MTN mobile money?

    You can still use your other ID cards, but the chance of getting your mobile money account unblocked within minutes is high when you have the same ID card use used to register a mobile money account.

  5. Do I need to buy a new MTN sim card when my old account gets blocked?

    No, you don’t need to buy a new Simcard. All you have to do is to contact MTN so that they unblock your account for you.

  6. What are the details MTN needs from me in other to unblock my mobile money account for me?

    Your national ID card
    Your full name and date of birth
    The last transaction you made
    The balance on your mobile money account before it got blocked
    Details of the last call you made

  7. How to know if my MTN momo is registered?

    To know if your MTN momo is registered, all you have to do is send a blank message to 400. Within some seconds, you will receive a message from MTN containing your MTN mobile money details. If your account is not registered, you will get that notification.

    Please note that checking your MTN mobile money registration details does not cost therefore sending blank message to 400 is free.

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