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How To Get Ghana Card For SIM Card Re-registration

For individuals situated in Ghana who have yet to obtain their Ghana card or complete the registration process, now is the opportune moment to do so. Acquiring a Ghana card is essential for facilitating SIM card re-registration.

Before proceeding, you can ascertain the number of SIM cards linked to your Ghana card by checking here.

Ghana Card can be described as an identification card issued by the National Identification Authority(NIA) for citizens, non-citizens, and foreign nationals legal and permanent residents. It is used as proof of identity and citizenship and residence of the person who holds it.

In 2003 the NIA was established within the office of the President, with the mission of providing national ID cards and overseeing the National Identification System. Act 2006(Act 707) provides the NIA with the legal basis to function.

National Identity Register 2008 was adopted to authorize the collection of personal data and biometrics to ensure the security of personal privacy and information.

The Ghana Card is the only issue for those who are 15 and over. Soon, there will be a center for people 0-14 years old too.

This article will explain how to get a Ghana card for SIM card re-registration, which is scheduled to start on October 1 in 2021. The process will last for only six months and is expected to end on March 31, 2022.

How To Get A Ghana Card

Suppose you’ve not registered for the Ghana Card. In this scenario, you’ll have to go to the Ghana Revenue Authority offices for your card. You may also go to the closest National Identification Authority(NIA) district offices to obtain the quick Ghana card.

The applicant must visit the mentioned offices with an original birth certificate, a current passport, or a valid document proving gained citizenship. You can also bring other ID cards and documents like TAX, Voter Card, Driver’s License, NHIS, Passport, SSNIT to facilitate harmonization.

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One is expected equipped with an electronic address, which includes the residence address, name, and address.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Ghana Card?

Register for a Ghana card is entirely free to each Ghanaian in the initial instance. To get institutions or families registered, you’ll be required to pay any amount.

Two options are available, including institution and premium. Institutions with more than fifty employees must pay 100GHS for each employee to register if they can invite NIA on their property. The premium package will charge GHS 250.

In addition, renewals and replacements of stolen or lost cards will attract a fee.

How To Re-register Your SIM Card Using The Ghana Card

You can also activate your SIM card by using a Ghana card. This is accomplished by linking SIM cards to a Ghana card via USSD. 

If you don’t have a Ghana Card, get it. It is possible to lose your number when it’s not validly registered.

A person can sign up for a total number of 10 SIMs.

Cards from all networks and foreigners will use a maximum of 3 SIM cards across all networks.

All SIM Cards registered to the Business are linked to the Shareholder or Director of the Business.

If the Business SIM Card is discovered to be involved in a fraudulent act, the Director or Shareholder is liable.

Foreigners who visit Ghana can purchase the SIM Card with their passports or Travel Card; however, they can utilize their SIM Card for 30 days after it is deactivated.

Foreigners planning to use a SIM Card for more than 30 days must get a non-citizen Ghana Card.

ADVICE: Do not use your card to register anyone else, if authorities find any fraud issues in connection with a simcard registered under your name, you will be held responsible.

Here are the steps needed to connect a SIM Card via USSD.

steps to register your simcard using ussd
  1. Dial *404#
  2. Enter Ghana Card PIN (Exclude the hyphen)
  3. Confirm Ghana Card PIN
  4. Enter Surname
  5. Enter First Name
  6. Date Of Birth (DDMMYY)
  7. Select Sex
  8. Confirm Details
  9. Submit the details after the confirmation. You’ll receive a confirmation message that includes a unique code in case of success.
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You’ll need to go to your service provider to finish stage two before beginning with your SIM.

Why You Should Re-register Your SIM Card

It can help eliminate or minimize fraudulent and criminal activity in the system. The use of the Ghana Card to perform SIM card re-registering will aid authorities in determining the exact amount of active SIMs registered on the networks. 

It also allows mobile network operators to assess the entire population of a specific sector of their clients and assist in developing products and services suited to the various groups they serve.

Re-registering a SIM Card will minimize or eliminate mobile money fraud and help increase financial inclusion across weaker sectors.

What Are The Uses of Ghana Cards?

For Job Search

It is believed that the Ghana Card boosts the chance of being hired as it is filled with personal information that can help employers identify the right person dealing with them or the legitimate person who holds the certificate to prove their qualifications.

For Registration Of Business

Ghana Card holders’ PINs are associated with their Business to identify them as the legitimate owners of their company. The Registrar General’s Department obliges business owners to disclose their PIN on Ghana cards when they register their Business.

For Banking

It acts as a confirmation document for opening accounts with banks, making withdrawals, and receiving money transfers at the banks. The possession of a Ghana Card makes it easier for one to obtain loans from banks with a recognized institution, or not.

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Shipping And Clearing Of Goods

The Goods of Ghana Card holders are connected directly to the PIN to stop theft and fraud in clearing or shipping goods at Ghana’s ships and ports.

To Acquire A Driver’s License

With the assistance of a Ghana card, you can obtain a driver’s license in no effort. The PIN is the required information Driver, and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) will demand as soon as the Ghana Card is issued to the applicant. There will be a time when a person may not renew or register for a driver’s license without a Ghana card.

For Health Purpose

PIN and biometrics information is compared with the current data from the National identification system in the Ghana Card holder’s NHIS registration.

Obtaining A Passport

Ghana cardholders will be qualified to apply for passports without hassle. Ghanaians are not eligible to obtain a passport without a Ghana card.

The personal identification number of Ghanaians is noted on the passport and their private information compared to Ghana’s national identity system.

Travelling Purpose

Ghana card is a way to prove identity at checkpoints for police, airports, borders, and reservations for tickets. In Case you travel and want to withdraw MTN mobile money and you don’t have your ID card with you, there are ways to go about it to withdraw the money, click here to know how to go about it.

SIM Card Registration

Ghana Card will now become the only valid security document to verify mobile connections. The Ghana Card will now be the only card used for all transactions made on mobile phones for all networks in the nation.

For Hiring Purpose

Ghana Card The Ghana Card contains a person’s digital image and biometric information, which can be used to verify their identity, in addition to their private residential details.


As a Ghanaian one, it is crucial to obtain a Ghana Card to make life simpler. If you have any questions, drop us a line regarding getting a Ghana card for SIM card re-registration, and we’ll be happy to help you.

One thing you should note is that, with the Ghana card registrations, every Ghanaian is expected to register, even the richest men and women, richest musicians or celebrities in Ghana together with the ordinary Ghanaians will also have to re-register their Simcard or else they are going to lose their sim cards.

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