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Jumia Ghana Return Policy And How To Return A Delivered Product

Jumia Ghana is an online shopping mall in Ghana that has changed the face of shopping in the country.

Instead of getting up and driving to the supermarket to buy what you need, all you have to do is to get a smartphone with an internet connection and order what you need right in the comfort of your home.

However, there could be a situation whereby the product that was delivered to you is not what exactly what you ordered for.

And since you probably cannot use a product you didn’t order, the only logical thing to do will be to return it.

That is why Jumia Ghana has a return policy that allows customers to return a product for various accepted reasons.

 In this article, we will be showing you some ways through which you can return a product that has been delivered to you from Jumia.

You will have to open a package as soon as you receive it so that you will know if the package is exactly what you ordered for or if they are not.

Opening them quickly will also help you to initiate the return process if they are not what you ordered since there is a deadline on the number of days in which an item will be accepted back.

So Here Are the Ways Through Which You Can Return an Item To Jumia Ghana

You will first have to inform Jumia customer care that you wish to return a product. You can call Jumia customer care on 030 274 0630.

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You could also send the man email if you cannot make a phone for some reason. You could send Jumia customer care an email at [email protected]

You will then have to fill a form that came with the product which is meant for returning the product in case it was not what you ordered.

You will need to fill in with your order number as well as the reason behind the return of the product. Do not forget to fill in all the important details.

You can also inform Jumia that you want to return a product by logging into your Jumia account and then going to ‘orders’ and clicking on ‘return product’.

This will inform Jumia that you wish to return the product you just took delivery of. 

Now, repackage the product and then send it to the drop-off point or where you went to pick it up when it was delivered.

Make sure to add the return form that you just filled to the package. The product must be repackaged in the same box that it came in and the product must be repackaged the same way it came.

There should be harm or scratches on the product. Everything that came with the product must be intact in it before it can be returned.

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Even if there was any gift included, you will have to include it in the returning product. All other accessories must also be included.  

You will then have two options as to how you will be able to return the product to Jumia.

The first option is the Jumia team picking the product up from you themselves after they call you and make arrangement for it.

The second option is you dropping the product at any Jumia pickup point that will be agreed upon between you and the agent you will speak with concerning the return of the product.

The good side is that you will not have to pay any charges for returning the product.

Conditions For Product Return

You can only return the product within 7 days after it had been delivered to you.

There must not be any signs that the product has been used. It must be returned with all the things that it came with. Absolutely everything, you can’t keep the gifts either.

So this article was about how one can return a product to Jumia without any difficulties. Remember, you have to return the product within 7 days after receiving it. On some occasions, your only option may be to choose a different product to swap with the one you are returning.

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We hope this article was really helpful. You can read more about Jumia pay and more about Melcom Ghana

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