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Jumia Ghana: Branches, Contact, Products, Work Opportunites, And More

Jumia Ghana is one of the leading names in Ghana in terms of online shopping. Jumia Ghana is an online shopping mall that was established in 2014 and has since grown its way to becoming one of the leading shopping places in the country.

Online shopping has almost everything that one may be looking to purchase. From home electronics, dresses, furniture, and other things, you are sure to find them at Jumia online shopping mall.

Jumia also normally offers its buyers great discounts on most of its products on the website.

The online shopping mall has made it very fun to shop online with them. One can order whatever they may require and have it delivered to them without a problem.

Due to the popularity of the online shopping mall, Jumia can now be found in countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, and many other African countries.

In this article, we will be laying out all you need to know about Jumia online shopping before you start your online shopping adventure with them.

The head office of Jumia Ghana can be found in Accra, along the Boundary road in the Evita building.

The Evita building can be located opposite the American house. The head office of Jumia operates from Mondays to Fridays and their official working time is from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Jumia is an online store and so there is no physical store. All one has to do is log onto their website and browse through the numerous product that is on sale.

The purchased items will then be delivered to you no matter where you are in the country.

Tracking Order On Jumia

Once you order a product on Jumia, you may want to keep track of its delivery to you. You will receive an order confirmation email.

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There will be a link in the email sent to you labeled ‘track your order’ this allows you to keep track of your order to know the time it will be delivered.

You can also track your order through the product order number.


Jumia Ghana does not have a physical store since it is an online shopping mall. However, their various pickup points across the country that people go to pick up their products after it has been delivered.

People can also get jobs at Jumia Ghana since its growth over the years has made it necessary to add more manpower to its operations.

People can also list their products on Jumia to sell to buyers and earn income. Anyone who wants to sell on Jumia will have to register by creating an account with them.

Registering As A Seller On Jumia

The registration is free to undertake. However, you will be charged a commission for each delivery you make as well as a shipping fee contribution.

Once a person places an order for your product, you will have to have the product ready for delivery within 24 hours.

It will be delivered either via the VDO stations or express service. You will then receive payment for the purchase into either your MoMo or bank account.

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Cancellation Of Orders

Maybe you have ordered something like matching necklaces for you and your girlfriend to wear.

However, you just found out that she has been cheating on you the whole time and since no sensible man would purchase matching necklaces to wear with such a woman, your most logical thought will be to cancel the order right away.

With Jumia, you will be able to cancel the order without much hassle. First of all, you will need to make ready all the important details concerning the order you place.

After that, you will then call the Jumia line where you will be able to talk with a Jumia agent who will then assist you to cancel the order.

The details needed will normally include your invoice number, the destination the package was intended for, and your verification details.

Even if the package has left the warehouse on its way to you, the agent will still be able to do something about it.

You can also cancel an order by way of email. You can also carry out the cancellation of an order through the Jumia Ghana Facebook page.

You can also cancel the order by filling out a form on the Jumia Ghana website and then waiting for them to respond to you.

However, this may not be fast enough for you and so the best option will be to call them and speak to an agent to cancel the order.

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Jumia Ghana Return Policy

Like most companies where people buy from, Jumia Ghana also has a return policy on their products.

One can return a product purchased from Jumia Ghana by either filling out a form or calling their hotline for assistance.

You will then have to schedule a pickup once the return of the product has been approved by Jumia.

You will need to return the product with its original packaging else it will be refused. You will then get a return slip as evidence that you have returned the product you purchased.

You will receive a refund of your money through either a bank transfer or a voucher.

Jumia Contact Information

You can call Jumia Ghana from Mondays through to Fridays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and speak to an agent with all your inquiries. You can contact Jumia Ghana on,

Online shopping has now become one of the biggest ways to purchase goods and services. Jumia Ghana is one of the leading online shopping malls in the country at moment and they are changing the way through which the online shopping industry is going. We hope that this article was very helpful to you all.  

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