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List Of Available MTN Mobile Money Loans In Ghana That You Can Apply For

The evolution of loan accessibility, particularly with the advent of the internet, has indeed transformed the financial landscape.

Traditionally, obtaining a loan was largely restricted to banks, and collateral was often a prerequisite, limiting access to a select group of individuals.

However, the Internet has paved the way for more inclusive and accessible lending options.

Telecom companies have played a significant role in this shift by introducing services that allow their subscribers to obtain loans without the need for collateral. Many of these services operate in collaboration with loan lending companies, expanding the reach of financial services to a broader audience.

In addition to telecom services, there are also mobile apps that facilitate loan acquisition by collecting user details. These apps serve as platforms through which loan lending companies can reach potential borrowers.

In your article, you’ve highlighted the impact of these changes and the emergence of MTN mobile loan lending platforms in Ghana.

This reflects the ongoing trend of leveraging technology and partnerships to make financial services, including loans, more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

MTN Qwikloan

One of the prevalent mobile loan lending services in Ghana is MTN Qwikloan, offered through the MTN mobile money platform.

This service holds the distinction as arguably the pioneering loan lending service introduced in the country by a telecommunications company.

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MTN Qwikloan facilitates the prompt provision of short-term loans to MTN subscribers upon application, with the repayment period typically spanning one month.

This service signifies a noteworthy collaboration, being affiliated with AFB Ghana, a financial institution engaged in providing loans to eligible individuals who submit applications.

The introduction of MTN Qwikloan marks a milestone in the financial services landscape, demonstrating the telecom industry’s foray into innovative loan offerings and contributing to enhanced financial accessibility for individuals in Ghana.

How To Apply For MTN Qwikloan

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose option 5
  3. Choose option 3
  4. Choose option 1 for a loan
  5. Select option 1
  6. Choose option 1 again
  7. Enter your momo pin now

The loan will then be sent to your Momo account and you can withdraw it from any Momo vendor in the country. The loan will have to be paid after 30d days.

MTN Ahomka Loan

This exclusive loan service is reserved for a select group of MTN subscribers seeking financial assistance.

Eligible applicants can experience the expeditious disbursement of their requested loans within a mere 1-minute timeframe after completing the requisite details during the application process.

How To Apply For MTN Ahomka Loan

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose option 5
  3. Choose option 3
  4. Choose option 3 for the Ahomka loan
  5. Choose option 1
  6. Enter your momo pin
  7. Select option 1
  8. Choose the amount of loan you prefer
  9. Selection option 1 to confirm the repayment plan
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The loan will then be sent to your mobile wallet

MTN Xpressloan

MTN Ghana offers yet another loan service for its users in the country. Similar to other loan services, this option allows users to apply for a loan and receive approval within a few minutes.

Notably, no collateral is required for this loan, aligning with the user-friendly approach of MTN’s loan services.

Upon approval, the loan amount is conveniently sent to the user’s mobile money wallet, providing them the flexibility to cash it at any nearby mobile money vendor.

How To Apply For The MTN Xpressloan

  1. Dial the usual *170#
  2. Choose option 5
  3. Choose option 3
  4. Choose option 2 for express loan
  5. Now choose option 1
  6. Enter your momo pin
  7. Choose option 1
  8. Select a preferred loan amount
  9. Select option 1 to confirm your repayment plan

After the loan has been processed, the money will then be sent to your mobile money account for you to cash.


These aforementioned loan services are accessible on the MTN Ghana network, and exclusively offered to MTN Ghana subscribers.

Notably, the application process for these services shares a commonality, particularly in the initial stages.

It is crucial to emphasize the importance of timely loan repayments to maintain a positive credit history and ensure continued eligibility for future loans.

Responsible repayment practices contribute to a favorable financial profile, enhancing the likelihood of obtaining loans when needed. You can also check out collateral free loans services in Ghana.

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