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List Of Available MTN Mobile Money Loans In Ghana That You Can Apply For

A few years ago, the only place that you access a loan was from a bank. And these banks were never going t give you a loan without some form of collateral.

This meant that only prominent people or those with high-paying jobs or properties could apply for a loan.

If you were not in the above category, you simply had to beg a family member who was rich for the money that you were in the need of.

If you got denied, then you just sleep the sorrow.

The advancement of the internet has now made it easier for people to access loans without having to put down any collateral at all.

Telecom companies have also joined the financial industry by launching services that allowed their subscribers to take loans from them and then pay them back at a later date.

Most of these services were launched in collaboration with loan lending companies that are operating in the country.

There are also apps that you can acquire loans from by entering your details. These apps are used by loan lending companies to get to people.

In this article, we have listed some of the MTN mobile loan lending platforms available in the country in case you do not know of any of them.

MTN Qwikloan

The most common of all the mobile loan lending services in Ghana is the MTN mobile money loan known as MTN Qwikloan.

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This is arguably the first loan lending service launched in the country by a telecom company.

The services give instant short term loans to MTN subscribers after they apply and the loans are repaid after a month.

The loan service is affiliated with AFB Ghana to provide loans to people who apply. 

How To Apply For MTN Qwikloan

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose option 5
  3. Choose option 3
  4. Choose option 1 for loan
  5. Select option 1
  6. Choose option 1 again
  7. Enter your momo pin now

The loan will then be sent to your momo account and you can withdraw it from any momo vendor in the country. The loan will have to be paid after 30d days.

MTN Ahomka Loan

This is a loan service that is only available to some select MTN subscribers who need financial assistance.

Applicants can receive the loan they apply for within 1 minute after filling out the necessary details that they need to fill. 

How To Apply For MTN Ahomka Loan

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Choose option 5
  3. Choose option 3
  4. Choose option 3 for the Ahomka loan
  5. Choose option 1
  6. Enter your momo pin
  7. Select option 1
  8. Choose the amount of loan you prefer
  9. Selection option 1 to confirm the repayment plan

The loan will then be sent to your mobile wallet

MTN Xpressloan

This is another loan service by MTN Ghana for their users in the country. Just like the other loan services, you can apply for a loan a get it within a few minutes.

You will not have to grant any collateral for the loan just like the other loan services. The loan gets sent to your mobile money wallet so that you can go and cash it at any momo vendor near you. 

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How To Apply For The MTN Xpressloan

  1. Dial the usual *170#
  2. Choose option 5
  3. Choose option 3
  4. Choose option 2 for xpressloan
  5. Now choose option 1
  6. Enter your momo pin
  7. Choose option 1
  8. Select a preferred loan amount
  9. Select option 1 to confirm your repayment plan

After the loan has been processed, the money will then be sent to your mobile money account for you to cash.


All these are loan services that are available on the MTN Ghana network and are available to MTN Ghana subscribers.

As you can see, the application mode for all of them is almost the same. At least, the initial stages are the same.

Always make sure to pay your loans on time so that you can get loans when you need them. You can also check out collateral free loans services in Ghana.

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