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A Brief History About The Emergence Of Electric Cars

This article is going to cover the emergence of electric vehicles and a brief history of electric vehicles.

A lot of people have the thought notion that electric cars started gaining attention a few years. However, electric cars have been in production for decades now. These automotive vehicles are now raising their heads.

The vehicular land speed record was even held by an electric car before all the people. Electric-powered cars are normally preferred by people due to the low cost and high speeds that they come with.

These also come with better ranges per charge than what we’re used to seeing many years ago. Indeed, the advancement of technology has given the makers of these electric cars the ability to impress all people with what they are capable of. 

It is known that electric cars are now picking up all over the world. their sales have been rising although they are nothing compared to these sales of an internal combustion engine vehicle.

However, we are sure that a time will come when the whole world would be dominated by electric cars. Even taxis and ridesharing services will be operating with cars that are advanced enough and can do things on their own. This could even eliminate the need for a driver. This is very possible as autonomous driving technology keeps getting upgraded over time.     


Electric-powered cars have been around longer than you thought. There are electric cars that were made in the early 1800s and the late 1900s. General Motors built some electric vehicles in the late 1900s that were known as the EV1.

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There are even some electric cars that were actually in development even before the internal combustion engine was discovered.

Electric car presence can be felt as far back as 1830, way before the internal combustion engine that we know today.

As to how the internal combustion engine bypassed the electric car developments of the time, well, that is possibly a story for another day.

There were some carriages built during that time that were said to be electric in the sense that, they were not pulled by horses or oxen. These carriages were made by a Scottish man known as Robert Anderson.

However, the cells of Robert’s carriages were not yet rechargeable. Another prototype electric motor was later built by another Scottish man known as Robert Davidson, in 1837. A bigger version of this creation was then shown in 1841.

This bigger version could go 1.5 miles at a top speed of 4mph after which it would then need new batteries. The performance of this electric car was said to have alarmed the railway workers greatly because they saw it as a threat to their jobs.

After all, the trains were powered by steam engines. This caused one of them to destroy the electric car that had been Robert Davidson. 

By 1859, batteries that were capable of being charged started emerging. This is made the idea of having electricity more viable for the people now. Electric-powered trams were invented by an inventor known as Thomas Parker.

These were built and deployed in England. By the year 1890, another Scottish man had applied for a patent for an electric carriage that he had built a few years before. The electric carriage was made public in the city square in 1889, according to a register from Des Moines city.

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This electric carriage had a total output of 4hp and a top speed of 20mph from 24 battery cells. The batteries needed to be recharged every 50 miles. This carriage was quite a sensation at the time and it was shown at1893 Chicago world’s fair. The commercially viable electric car was known as the Electrobat.

The Electrobat employs the use of pneumatic tires and lighter construction materials. Later on, a rear steer carriage was able to use two 1.1kw motors to move at a top speed of 20mph for 25 miles.


This was just marking the beginning and paving the way for the electric cars that we see today. All that was needed for the advancement of the electric car was the advancement of technology. With the steady advancement of technology today, electric is just going to keep shocking their gasoline counterparts before they gradually take over them.               


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