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Think There Is Spied On Your Phone? Here Is How To Block Spyware

Owning one of the latest smartphones comes with many advantages. These smartphones are not just used for calling and texting only.

These phones are now used for various things like video calling, office work, and a lot more. This explains why the majority of business owners are always seen with the latest gadget in town.

However, aside from the numerous advantages that come with these top-of-line smartphones, there are some disadvantages as well.

We all know by now that computers can be hacked, and you would agree with me that a smartphone is a form of a computer device.

Once your computer device has been hacked, the hacker can then do whatever it is that they came to do, or whatever it is that the hacking ware was programmed to do.

One of these disadvantages is the fact that your smartphone can be used to spy on you by hackers.

Yes, that is right. Your smartphone can be used to spy on you. This is because smartphones are prone to malicious and illegal software access perpetrated by hackers.

Recent research has also found that spyware ranked higher on the list of smartphone security threats than other malware out there.

But there is no cause for alarm because it is fairly easy to detect if spyware has been making use of your smartphone.

There are various ways through which you can detect and then block any spyware that is making use of your phone.

You do not really need to have any sort of technical skills before you can carry these out. It is quite easy to do.

Signs There Is Spyware On Your Smartphone

There are many ways that you can use to detect if spyware has hacked your smartphone. Below are some of the ways through which you can detect to see if spyware is on your smartphone. 

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Poor Performance 

We all know that these high-end smartphones are designed to perform faster than their middle-budget counterparts.

These phones are fast and carry out tasks quickly. So if you happen to see that your smartphone has started performing poorly, then there is a good chance that it has been hacked by spyware.

You should monitor your phone to see if there has been an issue of increased stalling as well as the hanging of problems.

Regular Pop-Ups

There is a good chance that your smartphone has been hacked if you are always seeing pop-up ads all the time while using it.

Most of these pop-up ads will normally contain adult content as well as links that can lead you to malicious websites.

Battery Heating Up Or Draining Quickly

If you notice that the battery of your phone seems to heat up most of the time and that the battery now seems to drain faster than before, then there is a good chance that your smartphone has been hacked. This can even lead to permanent damage to the battery

Data Use

If you notice also that your data is being used excessively, this could mean that there is another app on your phone that is using the data.

How To Protect Your Phone Against Spyware

There are many options that you can take to protect your smartphone from spyware. The tools listed below can be used to achieve just that.


This is software that is used for encrypting internet traffic and helps to disguise your presence while you are online.

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This way, all malicious software will find it hard to know whether you are online or not. It is actually one of the best-used tools for blocking spyware


Antivirus are tools used for preventing and removing malware from computer systems. The software can evaluate the files on your device and monitor them for any suspicious activities. You should use antivirus software that is from a reputable brand.

Two-Factor Authentication

This is a security technique that people use to protect their login credentials to a device. This is one of the best ways to prevent someone from spying on your device since most spyware can only be possible if the hacker gains access to your phone. 


The above tools should be able to help you keep your smartphone safe from hackers and spyware.

Always make sure to keep an idea on the earlier mentioned ways used to detect spyware so that you can quickly deal with such events should they occur. 

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