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African Made Cars You May Have Never Heard Of

Have you ever wondered if there are African made cars? Well, there is, and I believe you have heard of at least one depending on your location.

This article is going to cover African made cars such as:

  • Kantanka Cars (Ghana)
  • Kiira Motors Corporation (Uganda)
  • Laraki (Morocco)
  • Mobius Motors (Kenya)
  • Innoson Motors (Nigeria)
  • Birkin Cars (South Africa) Birkin sportscar

In the realms of automotive innovation, Africa is making remarkable strides beyond the well-known Kantanka in Ghana and Innoson Motors in Nigeria.

This article delves into the world of African-made cars, unveiling the diverse landscape of manufacturers emerging across the continent.

For centuries, Africa has been a major global importer of various commodities, ranging from food to clothing.

In the automotive arena, this trend has manifested with over 80% of cars on the continent being imported, often as second-hand vehicles.

The influx of these cars is accompanied by hefty import taxes, driving up their prices to levels surpassing even brand-new cars sold abroad.

Breaking free from the reliance on imported vehicles, African innovators are challenging the status quo by venturing into homegrown car manufacturing.

No longer satisfied with hand-me-down vehicles from abroad, visionary minds on the continent are reshaping the narrative.

Nigeria, in particular, has coined a term for foreign vehicles discarded in their country, reflecting a desire for self-sufficiency in transportation.

A wave of homegrown vehicle manufacturing companies has risen, showcasing the technological prowess and ingenuity of African minds in crafting automobiles.

This article spotlights several startup vehicle companies that defy the misconception that Africans cannot produce high-caliber equipment.

These automotive pioneers are at the forefront, shaping Africa’s unique mode of transportation and challenging the traditional norms of the automotive industry on the continent.

Join us on a journey into the fascinating world of African-made cars, where innovation knows no bounds.

Innoson Motors (Nigeria)

In 1987, a visionary 25-year-old entrepreneur in Nigeria laid the foundation for what would become the first automotive manufacturing company in Africa.

This groundbreaking company initially embarked on the production of motorcycles, effectively dethroning the dominance of foreign-used motorcycles in the region.

From its humble beginnings, the company has evolved into a formidable force in the automotive industry, successfully transitioning to the production of a diverse range of vehicles.

Its impact extends beyond individual consumers, with the Nigerian government counting among its esteemed clientele.

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The company’s product lineup is as diverse as its success story, featuring an array of vehicles that cater to various needs.

From sleek sedans to robust pickups and reliable buses, this African automotive trailblazer has carved a niche for itself in the market.

Among its notable models are the Innoson G20, a symbol of sophistication and performance, the Innoson IVM Granite, embodying strength and durability, and the Innoson 5000, representing a pinnacle of automotive engineering.

This success story not only marks the triumph of a young entrepreneur’s vision but also signifies a transformative chapter in Africa’s automotive landscape.

The company’s journey from motorcycle production to a comprehensive vehicle lineup serves as an inspiring testament to the ingenuity and capability of African minds in shaping the continent’s automotive future.

Kantanka Automobiles (Katanka)

Kantanka, a renowned name in Ghana, is not limited to car manufacturing but extends its innovative reach across various products.

This multifaceted company, under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka, has diversified its portfolio to include an array of inventions, ranging from TVs to fridges and even helicopters.

In the realm of automotive innovation, Kantanka has left an indelible mark with the creation of distinct vehicles. Among the notable models produced by the company are the Kantanka Odeneho, Onantefo, and Omama.

The Kantanka Odeneho stands out as an electric vehicle, operating on the power of 12 rechargeable batteries.

This reflects the company’s commitment to embracing environmentally friendly and sustainable technology in the automotive sector.

Founded in 1994, Kantanka has evolved into a symbol of indigenous technological prowess in Ghana. Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka’s visionary leadership has steered the company towards not only creating unique vehicles but also contributing to various sectors with an innovative spirit that knows no bounds.

As Kantanka continues to make strides in diverse fields, it stands as a testament to Ghana’s capability to produce cutting-edge inventions and vehicles that showcase the richness of African innovation.

The legacy of Kantanka is not just confined to automobiles but extends to a legacy of groundbreaking creations that have become synonymous with innovation in Ghana.

Wallyscar (Tunisia)

Established in 2006, this Tunisian brand has made a significant mark in the automotive landscape, particularly in the realm of 4×4 vehicles tailored for the African market.

Founded by the dynamic duo of brothers, Omar and Zeid Guiga, the company was conceived with a clear mission: to manufacture and offer affordable vehicles to the diverse African continent.

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Specializing in the production of rugged 4×4 vehicles, this Tunisian brand has successfully catered to the unique needs and terrains of the African market.

The commitment to affordability aligns with the vision of providing reliable transportation solutions to a wide spectrum of consumers across the continent.

Looking towards the future, the company has ambitious plans to delve into the realm of electric vehicles (EV).

This strategic move not only reflects a commitment to innovation but also positions the brand at the forefront of the automotive industry’s shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.

As this Tunisian brand continues to carve its path in the automotive world, it stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Guiga brothers and their dedication to making a positive impact on the mobility landscape in Africa.

With an eye on affordability and a vision for sustainable solutions, this brand represents a compelling force in the evolution of African-made vehicles.

Mobius Motors (Kenya)

Founded in 2011 by Kenyan entrepreneur Joel Jackson, this Kenyan automaker has emerged as a noteworthy player in the automotive industry.

The company made its debut in 2015 with the unveiling of its first vehicle, the Mobius II, followed by subsequent models in 2019.

Adhering to the ethos of ‘Designed for Africa, Built in Africa,’ this automaker has positioned itself as a champion of indigenous automotive manufacturing.

The company’s commitment to this vision is evident in its pricing strategy, with the brand-new SUV boasting a price tag of $10,000.

This affordability is a strategic move to make quality vehicles accessible to a broader segment of the population, challenging the conventional notion that such features come at a high cost.

In keeping with its promise, the company also introduced low-budget cars to the public towards the end of 2017.

This move underscores its dedication to providing a range of vehicles that cater to various consumer needs, aligning with the diverse automotive preferences across the Kenyan market.

As this Kenyan automaker continues to make strides, it not only contributes to the growth of the local automotive industry but also stands as a beacon of innovation and affordability.

Joel Jackson’s vision has materialized into a tangible force in the automotive landscape, reflecting a commitment to designing and building vehicles that resonate with the needs of the African market.

Kiira Motors (Uganda)

In the realm of electric vehicles (EVs) in Africa, a notable endeavor comes from the students of Makerere University in Uganda who designed and built the Kiira EV.

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This innovative electric vehicle project received support from the government, marking a collaborative effort between academia and state backing.

Following the successful creation of the Kiira EV, the students took a significant step by establishing the Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC).

This transition was facilitated after they participated in a vehicle design program organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), showcasing the global recognition of their efforts.

Ownership of the Kiira Motors Corporation was subsequently transferred to the Ugandan government and Makerere University in 2014, signifying a commitment to advancing local innovation and sustainable transportation solutions.

To support the company’s growth, 100 acres of land were allocated, laying the foundation for the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Kiira Motors Corporation has progressed beyond the initial EV prototype, completing the designs of three concept cars—a pioneering achievement in the African automotive landscape.

These concept cars represent a leap forward in sustainable transportation, showcasing Africa’s capability to innovate and contribute to the global shift towards electric mobility.

As the development of EVs gains momentum, the Kiira Motors Corporation stands as a beacon of ingenuity, embodying the potential for eco-friendly transportation solutions crafted within the continent.


The automotive landscape in Africa is undergoing a transformative shift as more companies are now manufacturing cars on the continent.

This paradigm change is influencing consumer behavior, with Africans increasingly opting for locally produced vehicles rather than importing them from different continents.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, exploring the most popular African-made cars and delving into the stories behind the companies that bring these vehicles to life.

From Ghana to Nigeria, Tunisia, and Kenya, a wave of indigenous automotive manufacturers is reshaping the way Africans view and interact with cars.

In the pursuit of an African-made vehicle, it’s crucial to navigate the legal requirements, starting with obtaining a driver’s license.

The accompanying article provides valuable insights into the various types of driver’s licenses in Ghana, offering clarity on the specific licenses needed for different purposes.

As the momentum of African-made cars continues to grow, the integration of local manufacturing not only bolsters the continent’s economy but also fosters a sense of pride and self-sufficiency.

Join us on this journey through the evolving automotive landscape, where Africa is not just a consumer but a creator of vehicles that capture the spirit and essence of the continent.

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