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Video Marketing Ideas: What Videos to Post at Every Step of the Funnel

Video marketing is no longer about merely using a video for promotional purposes. The sphere of video marketing is expanding.

Today, specific videos are used for achieving particular goals. For example, if one wants to increase brand awareness, a strictly brand video should be used. In comparison, an announcement video is perfect for launching the latest products or services.

With the changing dynamics of video marketing, marketers must frame their video marketing strategies as per the funnel.

What is the Sales Funnel?

A model of a customer’s journey from coming across a problem to actually making a purchase is referred to as the sales funnel.

Marketers can learn a lot about customers by studying the sales funnel. An ideal sales funnel is divided into three stages-generate, convert, and customer.

Note: A sales funnel can differ vastly from company to company.

The following is the structure of a basic sales funnel-

Stage 1- Awareness Stage

At this stage, prospective customers come searching for solutions to their problems. They discover different brands online that could offer them the required solutions. 

A brand is discovered when a customer comes across an advertisement, etc. 

The customers visit websites and social media channels of all the relevant brands to their problem. In this phase, they are doing the research and are not making a purchase yet. 

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A brand’s goal at this stage should be to be up-front and informative to attract customers. Professional explainer videos created by an online video maker should be used to provide the prospective customer with information. 

Brands can make prospective customers travel down the sales funnel by creating an impact.

Type of Videos to Use at This Stage

Marketers are aiming for a wider audience at this stage; view count is the key metric. The goal at this stage is to be memorable.

Exciting and informative videos work wonders at this stage. Videos incorporated with humor, thrill, or relevant information tend to become more viral. 

For example, prospective customers are attracted if a real estate brand offers them an experience of actually living inside the property. With an online video maker, the extra noise and brightness can be cut out.

At this stage, businesses should also create videos that resonate with the audience’s emotions. Marketers can use an online video maker to add subtle music to videos. 

Video Types:

  • Entertaining Advertisements.
  • Videos on Trending Topics.
  • 360-degree Videos.
  • Aerial Videos.
  • Brand Values Videos.

Pro Tips:

  • Aligning a video with trending topics helps maximize reach. 
  • Adding informative or attractive videos to websites aids in attracting prospective buyers.
  • SEO strategy must be kept in mind. 

Stage 2- Consideration Stage 

At this stage, the leads show interest in some brands by visiting their profiles several times, by subscribing to their channels, etc.

The leads are still not making a purchase but have shown more interest in a few brands. A business needs to nurture these leads to pull them to the third stage of the sales funnel.

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A good online video maker can be used to give a polished look to brand videos. The quality of informative videos can be enhanced by adding animations and statistics. 

An online video maker is equipped with excellent themes, a brilliant color palette, and remarkable animations. 

Types of Videos to Use at This Stage

The goal at this stage is to help customers by providing the right information; time spent is the key metric. 

Adding helpful videos to the landing page, social media profile, and other business channels will pull customers. 

Informative explainer videos should be made, providing the details of products and services. These videos should be created so that it is easy for beginners to understand. 

Graphs, data, and pictures can be added to explainer videos to enhance their quality. An online video maker can be used to draw tables and add pictures to explainer videos.

Video Types:

  • Explainer Videos.
  • About Us Videos.
  • Testimonials.
  • Webinars.
  • Podcasts.

Pro Tips:

  • The length of explainer videos is generally larger.
  • An online video maker can be used to improve the quality of explainer videos.
  • Explainer videos have the potential to satisfy a customer’s curiosity.
  • Trust is built with informative videos, as a business is educating customers using them.
  • These videos can win the audience’s heart; they are happy to learn for free.

Stage 3- Decision Stage

At this stage, a lead is ready to make a purchase. The goal of a brand should be to get the leads to purchase from their brand instead of buying from a competitor.

Marketers should push the customers into buying by showing why they are better than their competitors.

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Types of Videos to Use at This Stage

The goal at this stage is to convert leads; sign-up is the key metric.

Compelling videos created using an online video maker can convert leads into buyers. Video is a powerful tool to showcase what a brand has got. 

The unique qualities of products and services should be shown while telling the audience why one’s brand is more trustworthy than others in the market. A little push with an effective video can convert leads. 

Prospects must feel confident about making the purchase from a brand. This is the apt stage to go out of the way to make them feel special. 

Video Types:

  • Product Videos.
  • Testimonials.
  • Personalized Videos.

Pro Tips:

  • Videos with a powerful speaker are super compelling.
  • The last-minute queries can be addressed at this stage.
  • Videos with popular influencers can work wonders at this stage to gain trust.


A video is a powerful tool to allure customers. Top brands are using specific videos to gravitate customers to their landing pages.

With elevated competition, the marketers are bound to change the old video marketing strategies. Today, an understanding of the sales funnel has become fundamental to creating effective videos. 

The journey of a prospective customer from realizing a problem to finally getting a solution matters a great deal in choosing a video type.

Although the sales funnel may vary from brand to brand, a basic sales funnel comprising three stages is of great help. Using specific videos at different stages of the funnel can do wonders for a business.

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