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Importance Of The Internet To The World

Have you ever sat down quietly and thought, “How would the world have been without the existence of the internet?”

Unfortunately, we are not able to find out because the internet is here with us. But one thing is for sure, life would have been somehow hard without the internet.

Maybe we should travel back in time to the 1880s, an era where there was no internet. You can take a guess when you watch historical movies like Korean dramas.

The internet is one of the most important things to have happened to the human race in recent times. It has changed the way things are done, making such things much faster and easier to carry out. The internet has made communications even quicker and easy.

Knowing the importance of the important is the first to appreciate it, leading a person to make good use of the internet. And we would like to help our readers enjoy the Internet through this article which lays out some of the importance of the internet to our world. Below are some of the significance of the internet.

What Is The Internet? 

The internet can be described as an information and communication network technology made up of several computer devices brought together by communication channels to send and receive information by connected users.

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Now, Let Us Look At Some Of The Importance Of The Internet.


One of the areas that attest to the importance of the Internet is communication. If you have watched ‘Mary, Queen of Scots, which is set in the 1560s before, you will see that whenever Queen Elizabeth I wanted to send a message to the queen of Scotland, she had to send people who traveled for weeks by ship and horses to deliver a letter written on a piece of paper. They would then take weeks to return with a reply.

However, in today’s modern world, Queen Elizabeth II does not need to send people to deliver messages with the internet.

These people instead send the news through the internet via email. And that would take only a few seconds, compared to the weeks it took their ancestors. This has shown the introduction of the Internet has improved communication. People can also communicate with their followers through social media sites where they post their thoughts, and their followers share their opinions on it.

Business And Marketing

The internet is now the world’s most significant source of all kinds of information. Once you have access to the internet, you can sell products produced by you or someone you know to a wide audience range.

You can advertise the products through the Internet as well. Today, almost all companies in the world use the internet in one way or the other to run their business. Companies that did not take the emergence of the internet seriously later tanked.

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The advancement of the internet entered almost every area of human life. Education is one of the sites that the internet has improved.

People can now receive instructions from specialists in different nations on various educational sectors in which they may want to upgrade their skills through online education. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are also available on the internet free of charge, and people can use these to gather knowledge and information.


Through the internet, people can plan their trips to places where they may have never been before. People can book lodgings through the Internet to easily rest when they reach their destination without wasting time looking around. They can also shop on the internet and have the stuff they purchased brought to their homes. 


The internet is now one of the best places to look when one is looking for employment or looking to employ someone. Vacancies for jobs are mostly posted on the internet. Several websites are dedicated solely to the posting of jobs to hire people who qualify.


The above points have shown that the internet has been a great blessing to the human race. There are many issues that we can put here to convince you about how important the internet is, but we are not sure that the cloud would have enough storage to hold them. With that said, we hope that this article has now given you a reason to appreciate the Internet.

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So the next time you put your data on and load the Google home page, say a silent prayer of appreciation to the man who initially invented the internet, 

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