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Fifa 21 Vs. PES 21, Which One Should You Choose?

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to have a football game and then you decide to ask yourself between Fifa 21 Vs. PES 21 which one should you choose?

Soccer video games are one of the most played video games in the world. A person with a video game console or plays video games on a computer will have a football game among his list of matches.

With the help of video games, gamers can play Uefa champions league, Ea games, Europa League, and premier league all alone or together with their friend.

Some people even have only the soccer game and nothing else. 

When we talk about sports games, most fans will immediately think of either the Fifa franchise or PES since they are the only ones that people know. Leading to a massive debate between the two games as fanatics of PES believe that it is better than Fifa, whiles those of Fifa think it is the opposite.

So in today’s article, we will be pitting the newest version of both games franchises against each other to see the best football game out there together with its features.

The latest versions are Fifa 21 and the PES 21. PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer, and Konami makes them.

And the Fifa soccer franchise is made by EA Sports. So now, so who is ahead of who? Let us get down to business.


The newest edition of Fifa came with a new ‘agile dribbling’ mode that was put together through the research and movement capture of some of the best dribblers in the world.

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This feature allows you to maintain ball control as well as execute new dribbling actions in some situations.

Developers also improved the positioning of the players in this game. Attackers are now made to pay more attention to the offside lines due to the attention to detail.

The game also came with a much-needed improvement on its natural collision system, something that it lacked in the previous match—passing and blocking and the shooting, was also improved in the new game. 

The developers chose to make subtle changes on the PES side as the game was released as a ‘season update.’

The most notable improvements in the new PES game are the dribbling, shot precision, mastery, and style of play for each player.


Both new games have not made much progress in their graphics when compared to their predecessors.

However, the latest Fifa game pictures seem to have been more enhanced than that of its rival.

It has better lighting and real player aspects. The visuals, though, are still lacking than that of PES.

The athletes in the Fifa still look like drawings instead of human beings. This has been one of the heaviest criticisms of the Fifa game.   

The graphics in PES 2021 look almost the same as that of its predecessor. However, there has been an update in the looks of some of the world’s best-known players.

PES has more realism than Fifa, so if you prefer that, then this is what you should be playing.

Game Modes

Fifa 21 did not come with any new game modes as its predecessor did. However, some great features have been added to the career mode and other modes such as Ultimate mode and Volta football.

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Some of the added features include interactive match simulations that allow players to leave or enter a match. Career mode also got new rhythms and training calendars as well as transfer options.  

PES, on the other hand, had virtually no additions to the game modes. However, three additional coaches, Frank Lampard, Ryan Giggs, and Pep Guardiola, were added to the Master League mode.

Players can use any of them to lead a team on the pitch during a match. You might also want to check out the top 10 Best Games for Fantasy eSports Betting.


Fifa still holds the ball when it comes to licensing. The game boasts more than 30 football leagues with 17 thousand players and 700 teams with official representation. The game also has quality championship leagues.

PES, however, holds the license for the Brazilian league’s A and B, with 39 teams out of the overall 40 being officially represented.

However, Sao Paulo and Palmeiras are not represented in PES 2021. They also lost the license for Italian giants Inter Milan and AC Milan while keeping that Juventus, Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Manchester United, and Arsenal.

Game Consoles

Fifa 21 is available for many video game consoles while getting updates for the new PS5, Xbox series X, and the Xbox series S.

This allows people who purchase the game for the PS4 Xbox One console to have access to a version of the game on the new consoles. 

PES 2021, however, is available for only the PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. According to Konami, they were working on an innovative version for the new-gen consoles.

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A standard Fifa 21 has a price tag of GHS 344.34.

The champions edition sells at GHS 459.12.

The Ultimate edition sells at GHS 573. 94

PES, on the other hand, is cheaper than its rival. 

A standard PES sells at GHS 172.14

However, it costs GHS 200.84 on steam together with the unique club editions.


The new Fifa and PES games are certainly something you should try out if you are an avid gamer or a soccer lover.

In this article, we went through Fifa 21 Vs. PES 21 , the game features, and the ones that football fans should buy.


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