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10 Best Games for Fantasy eSports Betting

eSports are video games that include fighting games, first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), or multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA). 

These are all the fantasy eSports games approved by the fantasy league. So, if you are eager to know about fantasy eSports, innocent fantasy sports, especially eSports betting games, you should read this comprehensive guide on fantasy eSports betting. 

The following is a selection of games that currently have or had a professional scene.

So here we are going to discuss the ten best games for fantasy eSports betting. Without further ado, let’s get started and look at these fantastic games for fantasy eSports betting. 

You might find an esports game to apply betting tips on that you haven’t before and end up winning big.

10 Best Games for Fantasy eSports Betting

we all have our best eSports games and below are the top 10 most rated games that you need to try them out.

Street Fighter

street fighter

Street Fighter is one fantastic fantasy eSports game where you can enjoy the oldest and the longest-running professional gaming scenes. Sports fantasy betting starts from this game, and the grand finals match that occurs in the street is regarded as the Streetfighter.

Professional Street Fighter players include Daigo Umehara, who had two matches in a 2011 Kotaku list of “The 10 Best Moments in Pro-Gaming History.”

Super Smash Bros

super smash bros

The discussion about fantasy sports is quite incomplete without Super Smash Bros, in which the player, as well as the gamer, can enjoy high-profile tournaments. 

The notable tournaments feature match games, including Apex and Evolution Championship series. One of the exciting things about it is that Smash Ultimate became the largest Smash Tournament ever with 3534 entrants.

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Marvel vs. Capcom

marvel vs capcom

This is a fighting game series that is a wonderful addition to fantasy eSports. It is abbreviated as MVC and developed by Capcom in which all the Capcom games and marvel comic book characters are included. 

Esports fantasy betting surrounded this game, and the series was played at the Pollution Championship series from 2000 until 2017.



Among all the fantasy eSports games, Tekkenis considered the most technical one. This game is highly praised for its balance, strong basics, and depth. Moreover, its other designing features are also highly compelling to players. 

The simple 3D design is one example of great features that make it stand apart from other various championships. This game progressed so rapidly and quickly that it replaced other games in the same genre.

Killer Instinct

killer instinct

Rare created this fantastic series, and Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft are currently managing and maintaining it. The Killer Instinct World Cup is the circuit of this game, and the best player is Jonathan Swift Deleon, who currently holds the Killer Instinct World Cup title.

In January 2017, Ultra Arcade enforced a ban on taunting and tea bagging in major Killer Instinct tournaments, which sparked controversy among the fighting game community. Some stated that it is considered impossible to enforce due to certain players’ playstyles.



This game is a series of multiplayer 1v1 and free-for-all deathmatch games developed by id Software.

It is notable for establishing the arena-style deathmatch format and was partially responsible for the first online FPS community through DWANGO, an online gaming service officially endorsed and somewhat worked on by id Software.

People also played Doom deathmatch online through other BBS services. The first esports tournaments were played with the online DWANGO service. The participants included players from the US and the UK, and they came to Microsoft headquarters to prove their level of competition.

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Id software developed and released the original version of this game in 1996. It is a highly competitive game that won various competitions for the series, and the events of this game occurred in North America. However, its offline tournament also occurred in 1997, in which Dennis Fong won.

Quake Champions was opened for the Closed Beta Test on April 6, 2017. It was after that released as Early Access within Steam’s early access program on August 22. Many exciting competitions of this e-sport were also arranged, and the prize money was stunningly huge.

Counter-Strike series

counter strike

Another fantasy eSports game that you can enjoy is fantasy eSports; it is one of the top esports of traditional eSports betting. The Counter-Strike series consists of team-based first-person shooters that began as a Half-Life mod bought by Valve and released from beta in 2000. Gamers played the most recent version of this genre in August 2012.

Counter-Strike is consistently at competitions such as DreamHack and World Cyber Games as the 1.6 version released in 2003, despite newer versions having been released by Valve over the years

Call of Duty series

call of duty

All of us are aware of the Call of Duty series. It is something that people of all ages enjoy. It is a First-person shooter that originated for the first time in North America. If you want to play it, you must have access to PlayStation consoles.

It has been featured in MLG tournaments since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was introduced in 2008. The best part about the Call of Duty series is that here the players can win cash prizes.

Various duty contests proved that it deserves to be on the top of esports fantasy games. It also got similar comments from esports fantasy leagues. This game occupies a prominent position among the most popular games of the 21st century.

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League Of Legends

league of legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online arena battle video game that has occupied a significant position in electronic sports. Its prize pool is generally also excellent, and it has won many public tournaments.

LoL participated in all the major games and won various real money prizes. The devs added loL to the Intel Extreme Masters line-up for the 2011 Electronic Sports League season. Riot announced a prize pool of US$5 million to be paid out over Season 2, allocated to tournaments featuring League of Legends; this is truly impressive for traditional sports betting records as well as modern esports betting markets.

Fantasy rocket league also appreciated the popularity of this game and considered it a fantasy League of Legends (fantasy lol). You will quickly become a fan of this game if you attend the Legend tournaments.

More About Fantasy eSports Betting

The term fantasy esports betting is a bit confusing for some people. But the fact is it is a simple way of betting on online games and gamers. Various players are selected based on selection criteria, and they earn points based on their performances.

The overall performance of all the players of one team determines the collective score of a fantasy team.

In simple words, the fantasy team becomes the winner if it earns more points overall than the other team. Bettors then get to cash on any bets they made regarding the outcome.

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Now traditional fantasy sports are not highly in demand. Instead, fantasy esports are occupying their position. These top 10 best fantasy esports are examples of fantasy games in which high competition is observed among fantasy teams.

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