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All About The MTN Turbo Net Including Price, Where To Buy, And More

The MTN Turbo Net is a new device that was introduced by MTN Ghana to its customers in the country.

The device was launched by the telecom company to provide its customers with faster and less expensive 4G internet access in their homes.

The device was released as an alternative to the MTN fiber broadband which was already in existence.

The device was released in 2019 after it had been on the market selling for some time already.

What Is The Turbo-Net Device? 

The MTN turbo-net device is a plug-and-play high-speed device that was made by Huawei for MTN Ghana.

The device had been available to customers for some time before MTN Ghana finally decided to launch it.    

Price Of The MTN Turbo-Net Device

The device can be purchased from the MTN service center for GHS 500. After you purchase the device, you will be given a free 4G MTN SIM that comes with 5GB of free data on it that will last for 6 months.

Where To Purchase The MTN Turbo-Net Device

You can purchase your MTN Turbo-net from any MTN office near you, you can also purchase the MTN turbo-net device from the Hubtel online store where discounts are normally given.

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After purchasing the device, you will have to register the SIM that comes with it before it will be able to work with the router.

This can be done when you buy the device straight from the MTN service shop. However, you will have to get that done if you buy it from the Hubtel online store when it is delivered to you by providing the necessary details that will be needed to register the SIM.

Why The MTN Turbo-Net Is Good

  • It comes with a free 4G SIM that has 5GB of data after registration
  • Another 5GB bonus after you have recharged for the next 5 months 
  • Best data plans by far in its class
  • High-speed and reliable internet connection
  • Antenna available to enhance internet connection
  • The router can be self-serviced
  • Has a voice-enabled feature

How To Set The Device Up

The device is a plug-and-play device so all that one will have to do will be to insert the SIM card in it the correct way and then plug in a power source.

With enough bundles on the device, the wifi SSD will be visible on your phone, laptop, or your console.

How To Bundle On MTN Turbo-Net

The best way to bundle on the device will be to link it to your phone number. This can be done when you are newly buying the device from the MTN customer service center.

You can link it to more than one phone number, however, we advise that you link it to only one since all the phone numbers that will be linked will be able to get access to it, whether you are using them or not. 

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Follow the steps below to top up your device once you have linked it to a phone number.

  1. Dial *170# to get to MTN mobile money
  2. Select option number 3
  3. Select option 3
  4. Input your turbo net device number when you are asked to do that
  5. Select the data package you would like
  6. Confirm the data purchase
  7. You will then get a text message confirming the purchase

How To Check The Balance

  1. Dial *5057#
  2. Select option3
  3. Select your account from the list that comes up
  4. You will be shown the balance of your data bundle as well as the remaining airtime

MTN Turbo Net Data Prices

Data packagePrice
10GBGHS 50
45GBGHS 145
225GBGHS 295

Data purchased onto the turbo net device does not expire so users do not have to worry or rush in using it.


The MTN turbo device has been on the market for a while now and I think it is time that everyone gave it a try although a few reports have been sighted online of people talking about how slow the device has become.

We think it probably has to concern the vicinity in which the device is being used. You can check out this guide covering everything you need to know about the My MTN app.

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