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All About The MTN Turbo Net Including Price, Where To Buy, And More

The MTN Turbo Net stands as a recent addition to MTN Ghana‘s offerings, introduced to cater to the connectivity needs of its customers in the country.

Launched by the telecommunications company, this device serves as a solution for providing faster and more cost-effective access to 4G Internet within the confines of users’ homes.

Positioned as an alternative to the pre-existing MTN fiber broadband service, the MTN Turbo Net addresses the evolving demands of users who seek efficient and high-speed internet connectivity.

Its introduction to the market occurred in 2019 after a period of being available for purchase, marking its establishment as a reliable choice for those in pursuit of enhanced internet access.

What Is The Turbo-Net Device? 

The MTN turbo-net device is a plug-and-play high-speed device that was made by Huawei for MTN Ghana.

The device had been available to customers for some time before MTN Ghana finally decided to launch it.    

Price Of The MTN Turbo-Net Device

The device can be purchased from the MTN service center for GHS 500. After you purchase the device, you will be given a free 4G MTN SIM that comes with 5GB of free data it that will last for 6 months.

Where To Purchase The MTN Turbo-Net Device

Procuring the MTN Turbo Net is a convenient process, with multiple avenues available for customers.

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The device can be obtained either from any MTN office in proximity or through the Hubtel online store, where discounts are often offered.

Upon acquiring the Turbo Net device, a crucial step for users is to register the accompanying SIM card before it becomes operational with the router.

Customers purchasing the device directly from an MTN service shop will typically have the SIM registration seamlessly handled during the transaction.

However, for those who opt to purchase the MTN Turbo Net from the Hubtel online store, the responsibility of registering the SIM falls upon the user.

This can be accomplished by providing the necessary details required for SIM registration when the device is delivered.

This additional step ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitates a smooth activation process for the MTN Turbo Net.

Why The MTN Turbo-Net Is Good

  • It comes with a free 4G SIM that has 5GB of data after registration
  • Another 5GB bonus after you have recharged for the next 5 months 
  • Best data plans by far in its class
  • High-speed and reliable internet connection
  • Antenna available to enhance internet connection
  • The router can be self-serviced
  • Has a voice-enabled feature

How To Set The Device Up

The MTN Turbo Net device boasts a user-friendly setup, operating as a plug-and-play device. The straightforward installation process involves inserting the SIM card into the device correctly and then connecting it to a power source.

Once the device is powered and has sufficient data bundles, the Wi-Fi SSD (Service Set Identifier) becomes visible.

This allows seamless connectivity, enabling users to detect and connect to the Turbo Net’s Wi-Fi network using their smartphones, laptops, or gaming consoles.

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This user-centric approach ensures that the MTN Turbo Net is accessible and operational with minimal effort, providing an efficient and convenient internet connectivity solution.

How To Bundle On MTN Turbo-Net

The best way to bundle on the device will be to link it to your phone number. This can be done when you are newly buying the device from the MTN customer service center.

You can link it to more than one phone number, however, we advise that you link it to only one since all the phone numbers that will be linked will be able to get access to it, whether you are using them or not. 

Follow the steps below to top up your device once you have linked it to a phone number.

  1. Dial *170# to get to MTN mobile money
  2. Select option number 3
  3. Select option 3
  4. Input your turbo net device number when you are asked to do that
  5. Select the data package you would like
  6. Confirm the data purchase
  7. You will then get a text message confirming the purchase

How To Check The Balance

  1. Dial *5057#
  2. Select option3
  3. Select your account from the list that comes up
  4. You will be shown the balance of your data bundle as well as the remaining airtime

MTN Turbo Net Data Prices

Data packagePrice
10GBGHS 50
45GBGHS 145
225GBGHS 295

Data purchased onto the turbo net device does not expire so users do not have to worry or rush in using it.


The MTN Turbo Net device, having been available on the market for a considerable duration, is an option worth considering.

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While there have been reports online regarding perceived slowdowns with the device, it’s essential to consider various factors that may contribute to such experiences.

One potential factor influencing device performance could be the geographical location or specific surroundings where the device is utilized.

Factors such as network congestion, signal strength, or interference can impact the overall speed and reliability of internet connectivity.

Additionally, it’s advisable for users to ensure that their device firmware is up to date and that they are within the coverage area for optimal performance.

Considering these aspects, users may find that the MTN Turbo Net device offers satisfactory performance, and any reported issues could be context-dependent.

As with any technology, individual experiences can vary, and users are encouraged to assess their specific conditions to determine the suitability of the device for their connectivity needs.

You can check out this guide covering everything you need to know about the My MTN app.

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