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All 4G Networks Available In Ghana, Data Packages, And Their Prices

Now let us cover 4g networks in Ghana, this article is going to cover everything you need to know about all the data networks in Ghana such as:

  • Surfline bundle prices
  • MTN Ghana data bundle prices
  • Busy Ghana bundle prices
  • Vodafone Ghana bundle prices and many more

Given that the 4G network has been established in Ghana for some time, it’s noteworthy that many smartphones in the country still primarily support 3G connectivity.

Nevertheless, the landscape is evolving with the introduction of recent smartphones that boast 4G capabilities.

Although 5G networks have been introduced as the successor to 4G, widespread integration into the Ghanaian system is expected to take some time.

As the 4G network remains the predominant high-speed internet option in Ghana, it’s essential to explore the key 4G network providers in the country.

The 4G network is renowned for its fast internet connection, and the primary 4G providers in Ghana include:

Surfline Ghana

This company is known to have been the first to serve the nation with 4G connectivity. 

Its name is mentioned when the best 4G network providers in Ghana are listed. 

However, Surfline cannot be accessed in all regions of the country, although they are still expanding. 

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Below Are The Surfline Data Plans

GHS 101.5GBFor 24hrs
GHS 203GBFor 3 days
GHS 354.5GBFor 7 days
GHS 406GBFor 30 days
GHS 10015GBFor 30 days
GHS 18530GBFor 30 days
GHS 25545GBFor 30 days
GHS 32575GBFor 45 days
GHS 410100GBFor 60 days

Surfline Unlimited Data Packages

Here are the unlimited data packages of Surfline Ghana.

GHS 360Unlimited dataFor 30 days
GHS 110Unlimited night bundleFor 30 days midnight to 6 am

Price Of Surfline Router

The Surfline router has a price tag of GHS 500. It comes with a free SD card and 15GB of data that will stay valid for 30 days.

MTN Ghana


MTN is one of the 4G providers in Ghana. They also claimed to have a faster 4G+ network available, and 

MTN has more coverage than Surfline does in Ghana.

MTN Data Packages And Prices

Below are the MTN 4G data packages and their prices

10GBGHS 50
45GBGHS 145
225GBGHS 295

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has also joined the 4G network providers and started offering it to its customers with a faster internet service speed. 

Vodafone Ghana Data Packages And Prices

Below are the various data packages available on the Vodafone 4G network.

GHS 101.5GB with 1.5GB night dataFor 1 week
GHS 204GB with 4GB night dataFor 1 month
GHS 5010GB with 10GB night dataFor 1 month

Night Bundles

Night bundles offered by Vodafone

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GHS 2.152GB
GHS 5.407.5GB

Jumbo Package

Here are the Vodafone Ghana jumbo packages

GHS 21540GBFor 3o days
GHS 322100GBFor 20 days
GHS 430200GBFor30 days

Monthly Package

GHS 10820GBFor 1 month

Weekly Package

GHS 2.1580MB
GHS 5.40600MB with 600MB night data
GHS 21.504GB

Busy Ghana

They are regarded as one of Ghana’s best 4G network providers. 

The company sells a pocket router that you can use on the go. Below are Busy Ghana prepaid packages.

Busy Ghana Data Packages And Prices

GHS 305GBFor 5 days
GHS 302GBFor 30 days
GHS 407GBFor 7 days
GHS 405GBFor 30 days
GHS 7510GBFor 30 days
GHS 15525GBFor 30 days
GHS 24050GBFor 30 days
GHS 27575GBFor 3o days
GHS 325100GBFor 6o days
GHS 425200GBFor 60 days


These established 4G network providers in Ghana have been instrumental in delivering high-speed internet services to the nation, especially as the gradual expansion of the 5G network continues.

In the comprehensive article, all the major 4G networks available in Ghana were covered, providing readers with valuable insights into each network’s bundle prices.

Key highlights of the coverage included detailed information on bundle packages from prominent providers such as Surfline, Vodafone, MTN, and more.

The anticipation remains as to whether these same companies will be at the forefront of introducing the 5G network to the country or if new players will take the lead in this technological evolution.

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Stay tuned for further developments as Ghana navigates the transition to advanced network technologies.

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