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Tecno Ghana Branches And Locations In Ghana

Tecno Ghana has indeed become a prominent technology company in Ghana, gaining recognition for offering impressive smartphones in the country.

While Tecno’s smartphones initially faced competition from well-established manufacturers, the company has strategically improved its offerings, particularly with recent releases like the Camon and Spark series.

Through these new smartphone lines, Tecno has demonstrated an understanding of the Ghanaian market and has successfully carved a niche for itself.

The company’s commitment to providing quality devices, coupled with competitive features, has helped it gain traction among consumers in Ghana.

Tecno’s efforts to keep pace with industry trends and deliver products tailored to the needs of the Ghanaian market have contributed to its growing success in the technology sector.

History And Operations 

story of tecno mobile

Tecno, originally founded in Hong Kong in 2006, has become a major player in the global smartphone market after years of dedicated operation and manufacturing.

The company is now recognized as one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China. Tecno’s popular models, such as the Tecno Spark series and the Tecno Camon series, are widely sought after both globally and in Ghana.

Engaging in the manufacturing, retailing, sales, and distribution of its technological gadgets worldwide, Tecno has firmly established its presence in Ghana.

The company’s success in Ghana has led to the establishment of several branches and shops across the country.

For individuals seeking information about Tecno’s locations in Ghana, today’s article aims to provide details about Tecno branches and their specific locations throughout the country.

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This information can be valuable for those interested in exploring or purchasing Tecno products in Ghana.

Tecno Ghana Locations

Like I said earlier, Techno Ghana has several branches all over the country. 

Below are the locations where Tecno shops can be located in Ghana. I have attached the contact of each location for your convenience.

  1. Takoradi, located at Circle near the Ecobank- 020 2608399
  2. Tamale, located inside the Quality 1st building near the taxi rank- 020 2698380
  3. Kumasi, located in Adum near Topman shoe shop- 020 2698375
  4. Kumasi, adjacent to the old Melcom shop- 020 2698385
  5. Koforidua, 1st floor of Kama building, near the market- 026 6257776 or 0249 221772
  6. Circle, near Odo rice on Tiptoe Lane- 020 2698396, 024 7350549, or 050 6193407
  7. Odorkor traffic light- 020 2698378 
  8. Tecno’s head office is located at Dakuman, near Accra Trotro station- 020 2698395, 024 4580095

Tecno Sales Centers

Here are the locations of the Tecno sales centres located in Ghana. Their phone numbers have been attached.

  1. Circle Mall, located near Ebony- 020 2698281
  2. Kaneshie, located behind the police station- 027 8485140
  3. Osu shopping mall, located on the 3rd floor on Oxford Street- 024 6222980
  4. Lapaz, located near Nii Boi Town Junction- 055 5929806
  5. Kumasi, located in VIP Adum near Melcom-032 2044147
  6. The junction shopping center, located at the Nungua barrier- 0244 498936
  7. Osu, near KFC- 024 6222980
  8. Darkuman, near the Darkuman bus stop- 0244 498936
  9. Tema, located in community 1 near Afriwaa- 024 5569151


Discover the various Tecno sales centers and shops spread across the country. If you’ve been on the lookout for a Tecno center near you, this list will guide you to find the one in your vicinity. Explore the diverse locations to easily locate a Tecno sales center nearby.

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