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Everything You Need To Know About Hisense Ghana: Location, TVs, Fridges Contact, And Many More

Have you wanted to know everything about one of the most popular home appliance brands in Ghana? 

Well, I’m here today to clear all your doubts by bringing you every bit of information about the tech brand Hisense. 

taking note of the current hisense air conditioner prices in ghana

Hisense is one of the unique names to mention in producing quality home appliances. Before we proceed to the Hisense brand, fridges, televisions, and all their products, let’s have a bit of history about Hisense.

What is Hisense?

Hisense is a Chinese-based-tech company specializing in home appliances such as TVs, blenders, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, etc., and unforgettably smartphones. 

Hisense was established in 1992 September. Therefore, established 27 years ago in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, also serves as its headquarters. 

The company was initially known as Qingdao No. 2 Radio Factory in 1969 and restructured into Hisense company by radio engineer Zhou Houjian in 1992.

Hisense Group has more than 80,000 employees worldwide and 14 industrial parks, some of which are located in Qingdao, Shunde, Huzhou, Czech Republic, South Africa, and Mexico. 

Televisions are the main products of Hisense; their first TV model CJD18 was produced in 1978, and it has been the most prominent TV manufacturer in China by market share since 2004. 

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In 2013, Hisense invented a type of transparent 3D television. In 2020, it introduced the world’s first true 8K 10 bit HDR screen TV based on an AI-powered HDR algorithm and an image quality engine claiming 6.5T supercomputing power.

Hisense had been in operation in Ghana since 2011 while having its headquarters based in Accra

Hisense is one of the prominent brands in its field, and they have gained quite a vast number of the general Ghanaian market cap.

Hisense Products List

Hisense GhanaTelevisions And Its Price In Ghana

brand new hisense fridge price in ghana
hisense tvs

The Hisense brand manufactures pretty many TVs. Some of these TVs are listed below with both features and prices.

Hisense 32″ LED TV

This is an ultra-slim television. It has an in-built satellite to watch all Multi TV, Go TV, and some DSTV channels for free. It has a metallic design with an accurate color display.

Price: GHS 1,854
  • Energy savings
  • Tripple xd engine
  • Virtual sound
  • Full HD
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • VGA

Hisense 40″ LED TV

This LED TV also has a sleek, slim, metal design. It also has a built-in satellite to watch all Multi TV, Go TV, and DSTV channels. This Tv has over 100+ built-in games.

Price: GHS 4,500
  • In-built volt control
  • Energy savings
  • Tripple xd engine
  • virtual sound
  • True colour display
  • Full HD
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • VGA

Hisense 55″ Smart Digital Satellite 4K TV

This type of TV is popularly known as “Android TV” in Ghana. It has an in-built AI system allowing the user to browse the internet, stream on YouTube, Netflix, 

Hotstar and other streaming platforms with WIFI or Ethernet connectivity. It has a sleek and ultra-slim design.

Price: GHS 4,00
  • Audio equalizer DTS Studio Sound
  • 3 HDMI port | 2 USB port | AV port
  • Digital Satellite TV Reception
  • Any View Stream | Wake Up Features
  • In-built WiFi | LAN Ethernet
  • Remote Now Control
  • Wall Bracket
  • Five years warranty

Hisense Refrigerators And Its Prices In Ghana

hisense single doors
hisense refrigerator

Below is a list of some Hisense refrigerators and their prices.

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Hisense 205L Refrigerator

A double door top-mounted fridge with a net capacity of 205L, a manual defrost system and glass shelves.

Price: GHS 3,600
  • Colours (Silver, Red, Black, White)
  • Double door top mounted.
  • 205L Net Capacity
  • Manual Defrost
  • Key Lock
  • R600a Gas
  • Glass Shelves
  • Five years warranty.

Hisense 382L Display Fridge – Single Door

This type of fridge has a transparent glass door making its content visible to outsiders. It is ideal for pubs, restaurants, hotels, and eateries.

Price: GHS 4,300
  • Energy Efficient
  • Five adjustable shelves
  • Forced air ventilation for anti-condensation
  • Defrost water self-evaporating
  • Recessed handle
  • Lock and Key
  • R600a gas
  • Five years warranty

Hisense 660L Deep Freezer (Silver)

This deep freezer has a net capacity of 660L with a fast freezing ability. I recommend this high-performance fridge to cold stores.

Price: GHS 7,500
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fast Freeze
  • Mechanical Temperature Control with Adjustable Thermostat
  • Water Disposal Device
  • Cut Off Power Function
  • Over-temperature Alarm Function
  • Power Indicator Function
  • Lock and Key
  • R600a Gas
  • Grip handle and Double Door Lid
  • Five years warranty

Why Recommend Hisense Products?

taking note of the current hisense fridge prices in ghana, at adum showroom emmarnitechs

Long Term Warranty

Hisense has a warranty of up to 5 years upon purchase. Their long-term warranty guarantees free repairs and change of damaged products within that period. So it’s risk-free to purchase a Hisense product now.


Hisense products are relatively affordable in contrast with other brands. Their products are also of high standards, making them equal to other top brands. 

Hisense is a step ahead due to how cheap their products are, giving them a headstart in purchasing Hisense appliances.

Customer Support

One advantage Hisense has over other companies is how they treat their customers. In a business, customers are the most crucial figure that promotes growth in a business. 

Through purchases, the company can generate income. Hisense prioritizes the concerns of its customers over everything and provides necessary assistance to those who need it.

Hisense Contact Information

Contact Number: 030 255 0000

Email address: [email protected]

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Location Of All Hisense Showrooms In Ghana

  • Accra Mall,
  • Achimota Mall,
  • Baatsona Spintex Rd,
  • East Legon,
  • Junction Mall,
  • Kissieman,
  • Broadcasting,
  • Kasoa,
  • Kumasi Mall,
  • Kumasi Adum,
  • Lapaz,
  • North Industrial Area,
  • Sunyani,
  • Takoradi,
  • Tamale,
  • Tarkwa,
  • Tema,
  • West Hill Mall,
  • Hohoe,
  • Mankessim,
  • Obuasi

Head over to any Hisense Showroom today and grab an appliance for yourself.

Below is a table containing similarities and differences between one of the latest TVs from Hisense and Samsung

DisplaySamsung 50” Class 7 LED4K Hisense 50” LED 4K UHD
Refresh Rate60 Hz Refresh Rate60 Hz Refresh Rate
Picture QualityHDR 10+ PictureHDR Picture
LightningStandard LED BacklightingStandard LED Backlighting
Price in GhanaGHS 2,300GHS 2,000

When you look at the table above, you will realize that both TVs from Hisense and Samsung have the same features but are different.

In this case the, difference between the Hisense Ghana TV prices and Samsung TV is the GHS 300 price difference which is quite a significant amount of money.


This article contained a brief history of the emergence of Hisense, some of their product list and prices, why one must choose Hisense products, FAQs, contact information, and, all locations of all Hisense Showrooms in Ghana. 

I hope after reading my readers can act beneficial information from this masterpiece, especially the Hisense Ghana tv prices in Ghana because a lot of people have been searching for this article and we made sure to cover everything in this article.

If you are looking for a fridge to buy and you want to compare Hisense fridges and other brands’ fridges, then you can check out the Midea fridges article on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Hisense give discounts?

    Yes, Hisense does give discounts during its numerous promotion sales. One can enjoy up to 20% discount on products during these promotions, such as Christmas Flash Sales and Black Friday Sales.

  2. Can you pay in installments?

    For the time being, Hisense does not accept payment of goods in installments. Still, we look forward to such a policy being implemented to give the Ghanaian populace a chance of owning a Hisense product by paying in bits. However, the high rate of discounts helps minimize their least.

  3. Is Hisense a good brand?

    Yes, Hisense is a good brand considering their achievements so far. It takes quite a lot of work to be on an equal scale with high-ranking brands in its field like Samsung, LG, Nasco, TCL, and others. Hisense products are estimated to have a functioning period of close to 15 years which is quite a long period for appliances to last.

  4. Are Hisense TVs better than Samsung TVs?

    According to various statistics that have been conducted, Hisense TVs and Samsung TVs are of the same quality and have similar features. Hisense has dramatically advanced to compete with a brand like Samsung. Hisense TVs are relatively cheap compared to Samsung TVs, although they are similar. The affordability of Hisense TVs had made them advantageous over Samsung TVs.

  5. Who is the owner of Hisense in Ghana?

    Mr. Dina De-graft Quaye is the managing director of Hisense Ghana Limited.

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