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Kabfam Ghana TV Prices, Specs And More

Kabfam Ghana is a well-known electronic appliance sales company specializing in quality and affordable home appliances such as TVs, blenders, rice cookers, air conditioners, washing machines, fridges, chest freezers, phones home theatres, and many more. 

Kabfam Ghana is a very renowned company known across the whole nation due to the quality and affordability of its products. 

Kabfam has been known for its credibility and practical customer support, which has contributed immensely to its higher reputation than other companies.

This article is meant to inform the general public of some of the cheapest and high-quality TVs from top brands such as Samsung, Nasco, Midea, and many others. 

These televisions are very affordable, with prices starting from GHS 449. With time this price may change due to some undetermined factors.

As you all know, the new trend of TVs now is Smart TVs, commonly known as Android TVs. Let me give you an insight into the new trending Smart TVs.

Types Of TVs Available At All Kabfam Showrooms


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a type of TV that uses LED as its lighting source. 

LED TVs are LCD flat-screen TVs that LED lights as a source of its backlight. LED TV is referred to as LED Back-Lit LCD TV, but manufacturers changed its name to an LED TV to create the illusion of a new type of Tv. 

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There are two types of LED TVs. They are; Back-Lit LED TV and Edge-Lighting LED TV.

Back-Lit LED Tv

Back-Lit LED TV is a type of LED TV with a series of LEDs behind an LCD screen that produces light for the TV screen to display content.

Edge Lighting LED Tv

This type of LED TV has LED lights along the perimeter of an LCD screen. The light they emit is spread out across the back of the panel by a series of light guides.


OLED stands for ‘Organic Light-Emitting Diode’ and is a type of display tech that involves a carbon-based film being placed between two conductors that pass a current through and cause the film to emit light. 

OLED TVs are more advanced than LED TVs, therefore, making them more expensive than regular LED TVs. Generally, OLED TVs are super thin, light, and offer better contrast and colour.

Difference Between OLED And LED TVs

LED TVs use LED to light LCD screens.OLED TVs are self-illuminating.
LED TVs use backlights and this makes them very bright.OLED TVs emit light on their own which slightly lowers their brightness level.
LED TVs are relatively cheap.OLED TVs are expensive.
LED TVs have high picture quality.OLED TVs have ultra-high picture quality.

Smart TV

A smart TV, also known as Android TV, is an LED TV integrated with the internet, granting users the privilege to stream videos, music, and movies, and surf the internet with the help of internet connectivity (Wi-Fi).

Why Choose A Smart TV?

  • They provide more essential functionalities such as browsing through social media, streaming on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others compared to standard LED TVs, which do nothing but act as a display unit.
  • They require little to zero controlling as most have built-in voice recognition systems that allow the user to issue commands by voicing them out rather than using controllers.
  • They have no fixed channels in contrast to Satellite TVs that display fixed channels based on broadcasting cooperations. This makes usage of Smart TVs more diverse.
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In the list below, you will find several Smart TVs and other TVs available at various Kabfam Showrooms across the Country and their online store.

Now let’s dive into the list of TVs with their prices and descriptions.

Kabfam Tv Prices In Ghana

Nasco19 Inches LED TVGHS 449.00
Nasco32 Inches LED TVGHS 799.00
Nasco40 Inches LED TVGHS 1,499.00
Samsung32 Inches Curved Satellite TVGHS1,379.00
Samsung40 Inches Satellite TVGHS 1,679.00
Samsung40 Inches Smart TVGHS 1,899.00
Samsung43 Inches LED Satellite TVGHS 2,279.00
Samsung48 Inches Smart Curved TVGHS 2,785
Samsung49 Inches Smart Curved TVGHS 3,490
Samsung55 Inches UHD /14k Smart TVGHS 4,779.00
Samsung70 Inches UHD/4k Smart TVGHS 8,979.00

Where To Buy Kabfam TVs?

Kabfam has numerous showrooms spread across the length and width of the country. No matter where you are in Ghana, you can head over to any of their showrooms nearest to you and grab a television set now.

List of Kabfam Showrooms In Ghana

  • Accra Central – Behind UTC (Ground Floor of Menaba House)
  • Darkuman Junction-Off the Kaneshie-Odorkor Highway, near MTN
  • Legon-Opposite UPSA
  • Kasoa-Brigade
  • Takoradi-Near Bank of Ghana.
  • Nungua-Linaks House (Opp. Brigade Washing Bay)
  • Oyarefa-Ghana UPSA.
  • Achimota Old Station, Traffic Light
  • Tema Comm. 4, Ground Floor of the Barcadis Building
  • Kumasi Krofrom, Opposite Krofrom Magazine (Mechanic Workshop), Airport Roundabout – Krofrom Road.

Head over to any of these showrooms and grab a Television Set today. However, you can sit at the comfort of your home and place an order on their online store (Kabfam). 

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Payment can be made through Mobile Money (MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Cash, and Vodafone Cash).

Delivery of goods is done within 24 hours of purchase.

Kabfam Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kabfam give discounts?

Yes, Kabfam does give discounts on their products very often. During festive seasons Kabfam runs promotions. During these periods, most Kabfam products are very cheap. Take advantage of these promotion seasons to purchase your desired products from any Kabfam Showroom or retail shops near you.

Who is the founder of Kabfam?

Mr. Charles Antwi Boaheng is the founder and CEO of Kabfam Ghana limited. Charles worked as a business development consultant before establishing Kabfam Ghana for several years. 

Kabfam was established in 2013, and since then, it has been a wide range distributor of Samsung, Nasco, Midea, and Samsung products in Ghana.


Kabfam Ghana has always been the best choice for quality home appliances and affordability. This article has given vital information about new TVs available at all Kabfam Showrooms and their prices. You can also check out Hisense fridges and their prices.

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