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Prices Of Kabfam TVs, Phones, And Air Conditioners In Ghana

If you’ve been searching for a convenient destination to acquire a variety of electrical appliances at affordable prices, your quest ends here.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Kabfam, covering a range of products including appliances, TVs, air conditioners, and phones.

Additionally, we’ll delve into the product prices at Kabfam, offering you all the essential information you need to know about this one-stop shop for electrical appliances.

Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of Kabfam’s offerings and pricing details.

What Is Kabfam Ghana Limited

Kabfam Ghana Limited stands out as an exceptional destination for purchasing all your electrical appliances.

This renowned electrical appliance retailer in Ghana specializes in offering a diverse range of products, including television sets, air conditioners, audio systems, deep freezers, gas cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, and dishwashers.

At Kabfam, you can expect not only high-quality appliances but also competitive prices, making it the go-to place for your electronic needs.

The company is dedicated to providing its esteemed clients with top-notch technological and electrical appliances, paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you’re seeking a reliable source for your electrical appliances, Kabfam Ghana Limited is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

Kabfam TV Prices In Ghana

Kabfam has some of the best original television sets that one can get in the country. 

Let us take a look at the updated prices of some of the television sets that Kabfam sells 

  • Samsung 55” UHD/4K Smart TV- GHS 3,990,00
  • Samsung 40” Smart TV- GHS 1,899,00
  • Nasco 43” Led Smart Satelite TV- GHS 1,599,00
  • Samsung 49” LED Satellite TV – GHS 2,599
  • Samsung 40” LED Satellite TV – GHS 1,799
  • Samsung 32” LED Satellite TV – GHS 1,299
  • Samsung 43” LED Satellite TV – GHS 2,279
  • Samsung 48” TV – GHS 3,299
  • Samsung 49” TV – GHS 3,470
  • Nasco 32” LED TV – GHS 1,200
  • Nasco 19” LED TV – GHS 700
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We also have a detailed article covering Kabfam TV, in this article, we went through everything you need to know when it comes to the types of TVs, where to buy, and what to look for when you decide to buy a TV at Kabfam.

Kabfam Fridge Prices In Ghana

Kabfam also has in stock a range of quality refrigerators. Here are the prices of Kabfam fridges.

  • Midea 324 Ltr Chest Freezer – GHS 2,999
  • Midea 186Ltr Chest Freezer – GHS 2,299
  • NASCO Fridge NASD2-18 – GHS 2,179.00
  • Nasco 120L DOUBLE DOOR FRIDGE – GHS 1,679
  • Nasco 110L Double Door Table Top Fridge – GHS 1,679
  • Nasco Chest Freezer NAS-350 – GHS 3,099
  • Nasco Fridge DF1-11SK – GHS 1,199
  • Galaxy Table Top Fridge – GHS 979
  • Midea Table Top Fridge MDRD133FGG31 – GHS 1,399
  • Nasco 660 Ltr Inverter Side By Side Fridge – GHS 7,499
  • Nasco 900L Chest Freezer – GHS 7,999
  • Nasco Fridge NASD2-20 – GHS 2,499
  • Nasco 300 Ltr Bottom Freezer Fridge – GHS 3,899
  • Nasco 260 Ltr Bottom Freezer Fridge NASD2-26 – GHS 3,179
  • Samsung 260 Ltr Duracool Fridge RT26 – GHS 3,499
  • Samsung 280 Ltr Duracool Inverter Fridge – GHS 3,899
  • Midea 197Ltr Frost Free Bottom Freezer Fridge – GHS 2,799

Kabfam Air Conditioners Price In Ghana

Everyone loves to relax when they are home and get away from all the rigors of the workplace. 

Air conditioning is one way to keep you relaxed, and Kabfam has some of the best quality ones available that you can purchase at reasonable prices.

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  • Midea Air Conditioner 12CR – GHS 2,799
  • Midea Air Conditioner 18CR-MIDEA – GHS 4,499
  • Midea Air Conditioner 18CR-MIDEA – GHS 4,499
  • Midea Air Conditioner 24CR-MIDEA GHS 6,499
  • Midea 1.5hp R410 Air Conditioner – GHS 4,899
  • Midea 1.5hp R410 Air Conditioner – GHS 2,999
  • Midea 2.0hp R410 Air Conditioner – GHS 4,899
  • Midea 2.5hp R410 Air Conditioner – GHS 6,799
  • Midea Air Cooler AC100-18B – GHS 1,279
  • Midea Air Cooler AC120-15F – GHS 1,479
  • Nasco Air Cooler AC-5001R/LG035E – GHS 799
  • Nasco Air Conditioner 18CR MIRROR – GHS 3,999
  • Nasco Air Conditioner 24CR MIRROR – GHS 5,999

Prices Of Mobile Phones At Kabfam

kabfam phones prices in Ghana

One of the technological things that people cannot live without the most is the mobile phone, and Kabfam deals in them. 

There are several models of smartphones that you can purchase from any Kabfam branch near you. 

You can get quality smartphones from some of the big-name manufacturers from Kabfam at really reasonable prices. 

Let us look at some of the updated prices of Samsung phones that you can purchase at Kabfam. 

  • Samsung galaxy S20+ – GHS 5,699,0
  • Samsung galaxyS20 – GHS 5,199,0
  • Samsung galaxy A71 – GHS 2,499,00 
  • Samsung galaxy A2 Core 16GB – GHS 479,00
  • Infinix Hot 8 Lite X650 – GHS 589,00

You can check out this article to know more about Kabfam phone prices, in that article, we made sure to cover in-depth each phone that is available at Kabfam

Kabfam Ghana Branches

There are several branches of Kabfam in Ghana to ensure that customers can get their electrical and technological gadgets without much hassle. So if you are looking to get something from Kabfam, there are some company branches in the country.

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You can get Kabfam products at:

  1. In Kumasi, it can be located in Krofrom opposite the Krofrom magazine workshops
  2. In Takoradi, you can find it near the Bank of Ghana. 
  3. Kasoa Brigade
  4. Accra Central behind UTC
  5. Achimota Old Station, traffic light
  6. In Legon, opposite the UPSA
  7. Can be found in Nungua Links House opposite the brigade washing bay
  8. It can also be located at Oyarefa Ghana UPSA
  9. Tema Community 4, on the ground floor of Barcadis building


You can make payments when you purchase through the Kabfam website via mobile money.

Kabfam Ghana Contact Address

In case you would like to contact Kabfam personally to make some inquiries about some of the services that they provide, here is their phone number and contact address, as well as their social media*

  • Phone- 050 000 0106 / 0500 000105
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Facebook-
  • Twitter @kabfamgh
  • Website-


This article makes a compelling case for Kabfam as the premier destination for high-quality electrical and technological gadgets.

The coverage extends to Kabfam fridge prices in Ghana, providing valuable insights for those in search of reliable information.

Additionally, the article explores the latest air conditioner prices, emphasizing Kabfam’s tendency to offer promotions and discounts on various products, including phones, air conditioners, fridges, and more.

In acknowledgment of Kabfam’s commitment to affordability, the latest phone prices in Ghana are also highlighted.

The company’s reputation for introducing new phones at competitive prices is emphasized, solidifying its position as a provider of the most affordable electronic appliances in the market.

For those seeking quality products at reasonable prices, Kabfam emerges as the go-to destination.

This also shows that Kabfam comes with some competitive and affordable prices. You can also check out Hisense fridge prices in Ghana. Hisense is known to be Kabfam’s competitor when it comes to Electronics.

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