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Midea Fridges And Their Prices In Ghana

Midea Electronics is a well-known brand in Ghana because of the quality products they produce for its customers. 

Midea is well known for producing home appliances such as rice cookers, microwaves, blenders, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and many more.

This article will talk about a brief history of how Midea Electronics came to be what it is now, and more importantly, their fridges and their prices here in Ghana. 

We will also cover where to purchase Midea refrigerators, contact them, and some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Midea. 

Now sit back and enjoy this educative article with the hopes of providing as much information as I can.

Brief History About Midea Electronics

Midea began as a bottle lid production firm founded by He Xiangjian in Beijiao in the Shunde District in China. 

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Over the years, this bottle lid manufacturing company has grown leaps and bounds into the electronics production giant we all know today as Midea. 

The company has employed approximately 135,000 people in and outside China and has over 60 branches across the world. 

It is also said to be the largest producer of robotics and appliances worldwide.

Midea has conquered a large part of the Ghanaian appliances market. 

Midea products are of high quality, affordable, and energy-saving. As we all know, Ghana is a country with low financial status which sometimes makes it difficult for average inhabitants to purchase electronic appliances. 

Due to the affordable prices of Midea appliances, many average citizens can have all the electrical appliances they need without posing much strain on their financial status.

List Of Midea Refrigerators With Their Various Specifications, Prices In Ghana, And Where To Buy Them.

Midea 7.0 Cu.Ft.(190LTR) Convertible Chest Freezer

The Midea 7.0 Cu.FT (190LTR) Convertible Chest Freezer is perfect for long-term frozen food storage.

Midea Chest Freezers feature easy-to-clean interiors along with mechanical temperature control. 

You can convert the freezer to a refrigerator and back again. LED lighting makes it easy to find what you are looking for. 

Removable wire baskets put frequently accessed items within easy reach. 

The freezer’s unique nature helps keep food frozen for up to 36 hours in a power outage.

Price Of Midea 7.0 Cu.Ft.(190LTR) Convertible Chest Freezer

Price: GHS 2,300


  • Door Handle Design (Pocket)
  • Door Type (Single Door)
  • Colour (White)
  • Convertible Temperature Control
  • Defrost Type (Manual)
  • LED Interior Light (Yes)
  • Control Type (Mechanical)
  • Energy Efficiency (3 Star)
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1 Year


W*D*H (cm)

(22.1 x 32.0 x 33.5 )

Midea Table Top 121 LTR Fridge

This Midea Tabletop fridge has a stylish, sleek design perfect for modern homes. 

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh with this Midea 121 LTR tabletop fridge that has made quite a name with its high performance.

Price Of Midea Table Top 121 LTR Fridge

Price: GHS 849


 Net Capacity 

(100 Litres)

  • Sleek Design
  • Single Grip Handle Door
  • Operating Mode
  • Quiet (Yes)
  • Interior Light (Yes)
  • Mechanical Temperature Control
  • 2 LTR Bottle Rack
  • Egg Tray (Yes)


520×590×1265 (mm)

Midea HD-400WEN 320 Litre Frost Free Bottom Freezer Double Door Refrigerator

This 3 Star efficiency class refrigerator has a net capacity of 320 liters. It has a multi-air flow design making the air conditioning in the fridge more uniform.

This fridge can be used to refrigerate fruits, veggies, medicine, beverages, and many others effectively with their all-around cooling feature.

Price Of Midea HD-400WEN 320 Litre Frost Free Bottom Freezer Double Door Refrigerator

Price: GHS 3,340


Net Capacity

320 Litres

  • Door Type (Double Door)
  • Reversible Door
  • Child Lock (Yes)
  • Door Locks And Alarms (Yes)
  • Interior Light (Yes)
  • LED Displays (Yes)
Operating Mode
  • Temperature Controls (Yes)
  • Quiet (Yes)
  • Shelves (3)
  • Drawers (5)
  • Water Dispenser (No)

Net Dimension (WxHxD)

(59 X 188 X 61) cm

Midea 299 LTRS Fridge-Bottom Freezer

 Midea 299 LTR Bottom Freezer Fridge is another masterpiece with a very affordable price. 

It has an in-built power stabilizer which offers adequate protection against fluctuating current and low voltage.

Price Of Midea 299 LTRS Fridge-Bottom Freezer

Price: GHS 1,500


Net Capacity

299 Litres

  • Colour (Silver)
  • Door Type (Double Door)
  • Reversible Doors
  • Recessed easy handles
  • Demountable Door Sealing
  • Energy Saving
  • Mechanical Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Key Lock
  • In-built Power Stabilizer
  • Interior LED Light (Yes)
  • Quite (Yes)
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  • Shelves (Yess, Glass)
  • Dual fruit and vegetable drawer

Net Dimension (WxHxD)

(55 x 55 x 143) cm


1 Year

Midea 333 LTRS Top Freezer Fridge

The Midea 333 LTRs Too Freezer Fridge is an ideal appliance in various modern homes. 

It is infused with a cool pack technology and an in-built power stabilizer. This fridge can offer adequate protection against fluctuating current and low voltage. 

This fridge is perfect for use in Ghana due to its ability to resist threats posed on electrical appliances used in Ghanaian homes due to the famous “Dumsor” in Ghana.

Price Of Midea 333 LTRS Top Freezer Fridge

Price: GHS 1,800


Net Capacity

330 Litres

  • Colour (Silver)
  • Door Type (Double Door)
  • Recessed Easy Handle
  • Demountable Door Sealing
  • Energy Saving
  • In-built power stabilizer
  • Key Lock
  • Interior Light (Yes)
  • Quiet (Yes)
  • Humidity Control (Yes)
  • Power Input (135V – 290V) 50Hz
  • Shelves (Yes)
  • Egg Tray (Yes)
  • 2L Handy-storage

Net Dimension (WxHxD)

(545 X 610 X 1657) mm


1 Year

All these refrigerators listed above are high quality and relatively affordable compared to other brands like Samsung, Pearl, LG, and many others. 

You can now visit any electrical appliances retail shop and grab a Midea Refrigerator. 

Alternatively, you can visit any online stores I am about to list below.

List Of Online Stores You Can Buy Midea Refrigerators.

  • http://jiji.com.gh
  • http://www.kab-fam.com/
  • http://compughana.com
  • http://cedishop.com
  • http://goodluckafrica.com
  • http://electrolandgh.com

Midea Ghana Contact Info And Address


Ring Road Central, Adjacent Izwe Ghana.

Service Time

Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Call: +(233) 302 211 318

Facebook: @Mideagh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Midea The Same As Carrier?

Midea and Carrier are joint ventures, and either company has the right to manufacture and sell each other’s products.

Who Is The Owner Of Midea?

Midea Group is a company owned by He Xiangjian, who hails from China.

Is Midea Better Than LG?

This question is very technical, and in my position now, I cannot pinpoint which one is better than the other between these two brands.

Does Midea manufacture Toshiba products?

Yes, Midea manufactures electronics that have the Toshiba trade name.


Midea fridges and their prices in Ghana

The content of this article includes the following; a brief history of Midea Group and how the brand came into the limelight.

Midea has a list of refrigerators with their specifications and prices in Ghana and a list of online stores where you can purchase the said products.

We also covered the contact information of Midea headquarters in Ghana and answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Thanks to our readers for the time spent reading this article aimed at providing as much information as I could.

You can also check out Hisense fridge prices and then decide on the one to buy if you are not sure about the brand to choose.

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