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Midea Washing Machines And Their Prices In Ghana

Day in and day out, there’s a significant advancement in the technological world to enhance our daily activities, this article is going to take you through all the latest Midea washing machines and their prices in Ghana. 

The introduction of technology has given a significant boost to our outputs. 

With counting machines, you can count tons of note currencies with the twinkle of an eye compared to the traditional method of calculating money, which could take several hours or even days to complete.

Individuals can’t perform various chores effectively without help with our heavy workload. 

For example, washing on a Saturday morning is a tedious activity that most people dread. 

Meanwhile, in this technological era, we don’t have to worry about these chores as various machinery have been made to take care of such activities. 

In this article, I will present to you some Midea high-performance washing machines that will relieve you of the burden of washing your clothes.

This article aims to provide our generous readers with every information you need to know about purchasing a washing machine at a very affordable price in Ghana from Midea. 

We will channel our focus upon a very reliable brand that I believe you have heard of one way or the other, and this brand is Midea. 

The content of this article entails a brief history of the brand Midea, a list of various washing machines by the brand with their prices in Ghana as well as detailed specifications inclusive, contact information, and the address of their head office in Ghana plus where you can purchase the listed washing machines.

And finally, some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the brand.

Brief History About Midea Group

Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer headquartered in Beijiao Town, Shunde district in Guangdong. 

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He Xiangjian founded the Midea company in the year 1968. 

The company is said to have employed approximately 135,000 people in 2018 in China and other countries. 

Midea, as a brand, is known for the production of lighting, kitchen appliances, water appliances, office appliances, laundry appliances, and others.

He Xiangjian started the company with only CN¥ 5,000 to open a workshop to produce bottle lids in Beijiao town. 

Over the years, this small workshop has overgrown into becoming the giant it is today through the leadership of He Xiangjian, who was reported to have resigned in 2012. 

Midea wins over forty ( 40) design awards annually across various reputable global design shows such as; Red Dot and other design companies.

In Ghana, Midea is a reputable brand that produces high-quality goods at meager prices for an average Ghanaian worker to get all the necessary appliances one needs in homes and offices without posing much threat to the individual’s financial status.

Midea Washing Machines In Ghana And Their Prices

Midea 11kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The Midea Midea 11kg washing machine features a unique design that treats clothes with more care than a conventional drum, it is one of the latest Midea washing machines currently available in Ghana. 

It also has small water exit holes that prevent clothes from getting trapped. 

It has a magic filter that effectively gathers the lint, fluff, and particles from your clothes so your laundry stays cleaner. 

This washing machine also features a transparent that’s convenient for checking laundry status.

Price Of Midea 11kg

Price: GHS 3,200


  • Capacity (11 Kg)
  • Full Automatic (Yes)
  • Drum Type (Diamond Interior Drum)
  • Stop & Add Function (Yes)
  • Auto Dispenser (Yes)
  • Child Lock (Yes)
  • Access Location (Top Load)
  • Speed (700 KPM)
  • Voltage (220 Volts)
  • Weight (30 Kg)
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD) (570 x 945 x 570) mm
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Midea 15kg Twin Tub Washing Machine

This sleek washer takes fabric care to another level. Its dynamic water movement and Diamond Drum design reduce pulling forces and friction on clothes. 

That means your clothes tangle less and retain their shape longer. Digital Inverter Motor technology delivers long life, near-silent operation, and optimal energy efficiency. 

Beautiful, dependable, and gentle on all fabrics, designed to be a part of your home for life.

Price Of Midea 15kg Twin Tub Washing Machine

Price: GHS 4,000


  • Capacity (15Kg)
  • Active Dualwash (Yes)
  • Child Lock (Yes)
  • Delay End (Yes)
  • Drum Type (2nd Diamond drum)
  • Magic Dispenser: Yes
  • Magic Filter: Yes
  • Motor Type (AC motor)
  • Pulsator (Wobble)
  • Smart Check (Yes)
  • Tempered Glass Window (Yes)
  • Water Level (10 levels)
  • Additional Cycle (Soak)
  • Aqua Preserve (Yes)
  • Blanket (Yes)
  • Delicates (Yes)
  • Eco Tub Clean (Yes)
  • Jeans (Yes)
  • Options List: Active dual wash (Water save, drain), Adjustable Wash, Rinse, Spin
  • Quick Wash (Yes)
  • Super Clean: (Yes)

Midea MF200W80B/T-GH Front Load Washing Machine – 8kg Silver

Midea 8KG Front Loader Washing Machine has a magic filter that effectively gathers the lint, fluff, and particles of your clothes, so your laundry stays cleaner while protecting your drainage from getting clogged up. 

And it’s easy to clean.

Price Of Midea MF200W80B

Price: GHS 3,200


  • Capacity (8 Kg)
  • Full Automatic (Yes)
  • Motor Type (Inverter)
  • Panel Display (LED)
  • Energy Efficient (Yes)
  • Body Color (silver)
  • Bubble Technology (No)
  • Drum Type (Diamond Drum)
  • Stop & Add (Yes)
  • Interior Drum Light (No)
  • Auto Dispenser (Yes)
  • Child Lock (Yes)
  • Digital Inverter Motor (No)
  • Tempered Glass Window (Yes)
  • Active Wear (No)
  • Air Refresh: (Yes)
  • Air Bedding Care (No)
  • Air Sanitize: Yes
  • Baby Care (Yes)
  • Wool (Yes)
  • Jeans (Yes)
  • Blanket (Yes)
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD) (680 X 875 X 660) mm

Midea 8kg Front Load Inverter Washing Machine MF100W80B/T-GH

The streamlined, modern design is complemented by brilliant ice LED display that adds an extra touch of style. 

With its inbuilt washer and dryer, you can wash your clothes to sparkle without drying. 

Direct drive motors enhance performance but without noise. The Inverter DD found in this machine has fewer moving parts, lowering vibrations caused during its operation.

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Price Of Midea 8kg Front Load Inverter Washing Machine

Price: GHS 3,900


  • Capacity (8Kg)
  • Colour (Silver)
  • Panel Display (LED)
  • Motor Type (Inverter)
  • Auto Dispenser (Yes)
  • Child Lock (Yes)
  • Tempered Glass Window (Yes)
  • Air Refresh (Yes)
  • Baby Care, Wool, Jeans, Blanket (Yes)
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD) (597 x 850 x 597) mm

The Midea washing machine products listed above are high quality and sold at affordable prices. 

It’s an ideal electronic appliance I recommend for every household in Ghana to relieve the burden of washing, especially during weekends when we are supposed to rest or hang out with some friends. 

Getting washing machines from one of the best brands on the Midea market can save us lots of stress and time.

Where You Can Buy Midea Washing Machines

There are many official Midea retail shops across the length and width of Ghana.

Meanwhile, you can order from the following online stores and get your product delivered to your doorstep within a short period after placing an order. 

Below are the various online stores you can order multiple Midea Washing Machines and other Midea appliances from.


Contact Information And Address Of Midea Ghana Head-office


Call: +233 (0)303 31




Service Time

Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Midea A Chinese Brand?

Yes, Midea is owned and operated in China to produce various electronics.

Are Midea Products Worth Buying?

 Midea products are highly recommended if you want to invest in a high-quality and durable electrical appliance unit without breaking the bank.

How Long Has Midea Been In Business?

Midea started operation back in 1968 and has since grown to become a leading electronics appliance manufacturer globally.


This article entails everything you need to know about Midea’s brand, notably Midea Washing Machines and their prices in Ghana. 

It includes product catalogs of Midea Washing Machines, their detailed specifications, and their prices here in Ghana. 

The article also highlighted some online stores you can purchase these products from and the official address and contact info of Midea Ghana with some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Midea inclusive.

For more electronics, you can also check out Midea fridges and their prices in Ghana also, on our website we have a category that talks about Prices in Ghana, in this category, you will find prices of brands like Kabfam phones and TV prices in Ghana, Hisense fridges prices in Ghana and many more. 

I hope the content of this article will be pretty beneficial to whoever reads it.

Were you looking for a product that I didn’t mention in this article or that you cant find on our website? Let me know in the comment section below.

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