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Ride-Sharing Companies In Ghana You Didn’t Know Were Operating (Uber Alternatives)

In recent times, the landscape of transportation in Ghana has witnessed a notable shift, with the emergence of several ride-sharing services akin to globally recognized platforms such as Uber and Bolt.

The prevalence of ride-sharing has gained substantial traction, as individuals increasingly opt for the convenience of summoning a vehicle to their location rather than the traditional method of flagging down a taxi or relying on Trotros.

While the likes of Uber and Bolt have established themselves as prominent players, there exists a realm of lesser-known ride-sharing companies operating within the country, flying under the radar of mainstream attention.

This article aims to shed light on these obscure yet noteworthy contributors to the ride-sharing industry in Ghana.

Below, we delve into a comprehensive list of these relatively undiscovered alternatives to Uber, providing readers with insights into the diverse array of options available in the Ghanaian transportation sector.

Here Are The Ride-Sharing Companies In Ghana



In the realm of lesser-known ride-sharing services in Ghana, Dropyn emerges as a noteworthy contender, providing passengers with a distinctive and comfortable mode of travel across the nation’s cities.

At the core of Dropyn’s mission is the establishment of trust with its clientele, manifested through a commitment to delivering unparalleled service.

The company goes beyond the conventional transportation of passengers, extending its offerings to encompass diverse aspects of logistics, including food delivery and the efficient movement of goods from one location to another.

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Notably, Dropyn distinguishes itself by frequently providing complimentary and discounted rides to its patrons, underscoring its dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience.

To embark on this seamless journey, individuals can conveniently download the Dropyn app from their respective app stores, facilitating hassle-free access to the array of services the company has to offer.

Coco Ride GH 

coco ride gh

One of the notable ride-sharing companies in Ghana distinguishes itself by offering enhanced flexibility to its customers compared to other providers in the country.

Clients have the unique ability to select both their preferred vehicle and driver, a feature that sets this company apart from its competitors in the Ghanaian ride-sharing market.


black ride

BlackRide, a prominent ride-sharing platform, serves as a facilitator for customers to efficiently address their travel requirements within cities.

The company has established a commendable reputation for upholding professionalism across all facets of its services, extending to the conduct of its drivers who transport customers between locations.

Primarily centered in the city of Takoradi, BlackRide operates seamlessly through its user-friendly app.

Notably, the company offers a distinctive promotional initiative known as “Black Friday” every week, affording customers the opportunity to avail of significant discounts on their rides.



Uru, an innovative online app, extends its services to a diverse array of sectors including food delivery, logistics, shopping, laundry, and various other offerings tailored to its clients’ needs.

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Moreover, the company operates a ride-hailing service through its dedicated app. This allows customers to seamlessly secure rides from Uru’s drivers located in close proximity, establishing Uru as a trailblazer in the realm of online taxi apps.



Enshika, a prominent online booking transport service in Ghana, has expanded its footprint to include several other African countries.

Positioned as a viable alternative to Uber, the company aspires to cater to the transportation needs of Ghanaians and the broader African community.



Ghroupdrive, a distinguished ride-sharing company, specializes in offering minibusses and other vehicles tailored to accommodate small groups of individuals traveling to a shared destination.

Notably, the company also provides the option of an Urvan vehicle, commonly referred to as ‘Trotro’ in Ghana, further expanding its service offerings to meet the diverse needs of its customers.


swift wheels

Swift-Wheels stands out as a leading ride-sharing company in Ghana, providing users with the convenience of cost-effective rides within urban areas of the country.

The platform is designed to offer a seamless and efficient transportation experience for its users.


raba rides

Rabarides distinguishes itself by providing a diverse range of transportation services to its clients, setting it apart from other ride-sharing companies in the country.

The company operates in a unique manner, creating a distinct atmosphere around both its services and customers, thereby establishing a distinctive presence in the industry.

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These are some lesser-known ride-sharing companies actively operating in Ghana, with a notable presence in the capital city of Accra.

Each of these companies offers dedicated apps that customers can download to access their services. For those seeking a change in their ride experiences, exploring these alternatives can provide a unique and diverse set of options.

If you’ve been in search of alternatives to Uber in Ghana, this article comprehensively covers the various ride-sharing companies competing with Uber, offering a range of choices for riders seeking a distinctive experience.

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