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Ride-Sharing Companies In Ghana You Didn’t Know Were Operating (Uber Alternatives)

Have you ever wonder if there is an Uber alternative in Ghana? The answer is yes. There are many ride-sharing companies in Ghana that work just like Uber and Bolt.

Ride-sharing has now become very common in Ghana. Most people now prefer to call a car to come and pick them up instead of standing by the roadside and hailing a taxi or Trotro.

People are already familiar with ride-sharing companies like Bolt and Uber. However, other ride-sharing companies are operating in the country that most people have not heard of.

In this article, I will bring to your attention the obscure players of the ride-sharing industry in Ghana. Below is a list of the least known ride-sharing companies in Ghana, which are Uber alternatives.

Here Are The Ride-Sharing Companies In Ghana



Dropyn is also one of the least known ride-sharing companies operating in Ghana. The company offers its customers one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to travel around the country’s cities.

The company’s priority is to gain the trust of its customers by providing them with the best service available.

Besides taking passengers, the company also has services that cater to other parts of transport, such as delivering food and moving goods from one place to another.

Dropyn also typically gives free as well as discounted rides to their customers. Users can download the Dropyn app from their play store and start hailing rides. 

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Coco Ride GH 

coco ride gh

This one of the ride-sharing companies in Ghana gives its customers more freedom than the other ride-sharing companies in Ghana.

Clients can choose the vehicle they want as well as the driver they want. All these have been able to set the company apart from the other ride-sharing companies operating in Ghana.


black ride

BlackRide is a ride-sharing platform that helps customers to manage their travel needs through the cities better.

The company has a reputation for making all their services professional, all the way to the drivers that ferry customers from one location to another.

The company mainly operates in the city of Takoradi through its app. BlackRide also operates a black Friday every Friday where customers can enjoy great discounts on all their rides.



Uru is an online app that caters to the transportation of food delivery, logistics, shopping, laundry, and many other services that the company offers to its clients.

The company also operates through its ride-hailing app, where customers can get rides from the company’s drivers who are in the customer’s vicinity, they are also the first online Taxi app.



Enshika is an online booking transport service operating in Ghana. The company also has a presence in other African countries. Enshika aims to be the Uber alternative in Ghana and Africa as a whole.



Ghroupdrive is a ride-sharing company that provides minibusses to its customers or any other vehicle that can accommodate a small number of people traveling together to the same destination.

The company can even provide an Urvan vehicle which is commonly known as ‘Trotro” in Ghana.

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swift wheels

Swift-Wheels is a ride-sharing company in Ghana that allows its users to enjoy convenient and cost-effective rides in urban areas in the country.


raba rides

Rabarides offers various transportation services to their clients in the country that is different from what other ride-sharing companies do.

The company operates differently from the other companies, thereby creating a unique aura around them and their services and customers.


These are some of the obscure ride-sharing companies that are actively operating in Ghana. You can find the presence of most of these companies in the capital city of Accra.

They also have apps that customers can download to make use of their services. It is worth getting a change in your ride experiences by taking a ride with them for a much different experience.

So now, if you have been looking for Uber alternative, then this article covers all the ride-sharing companies that have been competing with Uber in Ghana.

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