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How To Transfer Data On MTN To Another MTN

The advent of smartphones followed the emergence of the internet since people needed smartphones to harness the internet in a portable manner.

And just like a car needs fuel to operate, using the internet also needs airtime or bundle to work.

Internet users get their bundle or airtime from their mobile network subscribers through a subscription plan that normally runs for some days or even months.

However, in Africa, we are always on the lookout for mobile data bundle deals to make the most out of the internet.

And for people who may have thought about being able to transfer mobile data from their phones to that of a friend, there are possibly some ways through which people can do that.

Although MTN does not have any code that allows users to transfer data bundles from one phone to another, you can still purchase airtime as a data bundle to other MTN subscribers straight. 

We will be looking at how one can go about this topic when transferring MTN data.

How To Transfer Data Bundle To Another MTN User 

  1. Dial *138# for the MTN menu
  2. Choose the bundle package/data plan that you want to purchase by selecting the relevant number.
  3. Select option 2/Buy For Others
  4. Input the number of the person that you want to send the data bundle to
  5. Input the phone number again to get it verified. Doing this is to make sure that you gave the correct number in the first instance
  6. Select the amount that corresponds to the value of the data bundle that you seek to purchase
  7. You will then receive a message to verify the transaction
  8. Select option 1 confirm it
  9. Choose the payment method, whether you will be paying for the transaction with airtime or you will be doing so with money from your mobile money account.
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You then receive another message letting you know that the recipient has been sent the data bundle.

This method is very efficient when you want to send a data bundle to a friend or loved one. However, most people end up sending money instead so that they will be able to purchase the data bundle package they prefer since every person has their preferences.

This method also normally gives a bonus when the transaction has been completed.

If you do not have airtime to purchase a bundle for someone directly and the money is on your mobile money account, you have to follow these steps to bundle.

How To Buy Data From Your MTN Mobile Money Account To Another MTN Subscriber

  1. On your phone, dial *170#
  2. Select 3/ Airtime and Bundles
  3. Type in 2/Internet Bundles
  4. Choose your preferred data plan
  5. Select 2/Buy for Other
  6. Enter the receiver’s Phone Number and repeat it again
  7. Now go through and choose your preferred bundle that you want to buy for that number
  8. Select 1 to Buy 


Through the ways mentioned above, you can share the MTN data bundle with your friends and relatives, and they will receive the data on their device easily without stress.

Note that there is no code for this kind of transaction done. If anyone tells you that they can do that for you, please know that they could be fraudsters.

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Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To MTN Data Gifting

  1. Can I transfer my MTN bonus to another MTN user?

    Currently, MTN has not made it possible for people to send their bonus to other MTN users.

  2. Is It Possible to send my bundle directly to another MTN user?

    It used to be possible to send your remaining MTN bundle to another user, but MTN has stopped that feature, and now you can only bundle for someone with your airtime.

  3. Is it possible to send airtime from MTN to another network?

    You can send airtime to another network by using the mobile money feature. What you have to do is type the recipient's number and follow the steps.



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