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Vodafone Made4me Offer, Bundle, And Various Prices

This article is going to cover Vodafone made for me offer, and other special Vodafone call and internet bundles.

Vodafone Ghana released a new promo product for their loyal customers that certainly got them glued to it.

A lot of people were complaining about the Vodafone X bundles not being enough for them. This led the telecom company to introduce the Vodafone made4me package to its customers.

Vodafone has now had options for more data and talks time through the Vodafone made4me package.

Users now had more value for their money amid the flexibility of different offers. This was even much more enjoyable due to the introduction of the Vodafone 4G LTE services.

About Vodafone made4me

The Vodafone made4me is a daily data, voice for a combination of both data and voice plans from Vodafone Ghana which presented prepaid customers of the telecom company with new and amazing data and voice offers daily. 

The offers found in the Vodafone made for me are dynamic and the packages were also presented according to the subscribers’ change on each given day.

Customers are also able to enjoy cheap data and voice plans on the Vodafone made4me package. The affordable data plans had a valid duration between a day to 4 days.

How To Activate The Vodafone Made4me Package

  1. To subscribe for the Vodafone made4me offer, you will have to dial a short code of either *5881# or *503#
  2. You will then be shown several amazing offers for you to choose from
  3. After you have chosen the offer that suits you, you will receive a message notifying you about the transaction
  4. You can now start enjoying the Vodafone made4me package that you just purchased
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Vodafone made4me data offers that come with it

Below are the Vodafone made4me packages along with their duration and prices as well as activation code.

2GB Data For 2 Days

You can purchase 2GB of data at a price of GHS 3. Dial *530# if you wish to activate this package on your smartphone.

This data will be valid for only two days. You need to have sure that you have exactly GHS 3 or more than that on your phone.

This is because the GHS 3 offer will not appear when you enter the code if your airtime balance is less than GHS 3.

However, it could also mean you do not qualify for the offer on that particular day.

5GB Data For 4 Days

You can also subscribe for a 5GB package that stays valid for 4 days. If you are interested in subscribing to this package, please dial *5881#.

You should make sure that you have the GHS 5 needed to subscribe to the offer on your phone.

Choose the offer quickly when it comes. If it does not come, then it means that you do not qualify for the offer on a particular day. you will have to try again the next day.

5GB For 1 Hour

You can also get a lot of data for a short period if you need it with the Vodafone made4me offer.

This is especially great for when you are making downloads of movies and other videos alike.

You will be able to get the 5GB, which will be valid for 1 hour, at the same price as GHS 5 by dialing *530# to access it.

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As usual, you should make sure that you have the needed amount of airtime ready before you attempt the offer.

400MB For 1 day

You can also get 400MB for use in just 1 day for GHS 1 if you are someone who does not use the internet heavily.

With the 400MB, you will be able to get through browsing for the day. You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *5881#.

You must make sure that the airtime is ready before you attempt to get the offer.


Vodafone special offer code

To subscribe to the Vodafone made for me, all you have to do is dial *530# and then choose from your special offers available to only you.

Vodafone mashup code

The shortcode for Vodafone mashup is *567# all you have to do is dial this shortcode and follow the prompts


The Vodafone made4me offer is amazing and we just laid out the various packages in this article. Go on and try it and let us know what you think. Also note that these offers are not fixed as they rotate each day, depending on how you use our Simcard.   

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