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The Best Telecom Networks In Ghana? Find Out Our Top Picks

When considering the top telecom services in Ghana, names like MTN, Vodafone, and Airteltigo often take the spotlight.

Each of these telecom networks possesses distinct advantages, making it challenging to single out one as the absolute best.

Acknowledging that none of these networks is flawless in service delivery, it becomes essential to focus on the specific areas where each excels over its competitors.

Rather than searching for the overall best telecom network, the key lies in identifying the one that dominates in the areas relevant to your usage preferences.

In this article, we’ll spotlight MTN, Vodafone, and Airteltigo—the foremost telecom companies in Ghana—to outline their respective strengths.

By understanding their unique advantages, readers can make informed decisions based on their specific needs.

The prevalence of dual SIM capabilities in smartphones underscores the importance of having choices, allowing users to leverage the strengths of different networks simultaneously. Let’s delve into the details.

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MTN Ghana

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MTN often faces criticism from users regarding issues such as poor call quality and swift depletion of data bundles and airtime.

While other networks, like Airteltigo, offer more longevity for certain usage patterns, MTN has maintained one of the largest customer bases in Ghana primarily due to its pioneering mobile money service.

Being the first to introduce mobile money in Ghana, MTN’s service has become the most widely used in the country.

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Many individuals maintain an MTN SIM specifically for mobile money transactions. Despite the introduction of similar services by other networks, MTN’s mobile money remains a frontrunner.

The MTN mobile money service stands out for its speed, flexibility in loan services, and widespread accessibility throughout Ghana.

If your priority is a telecom network with robust mobile money services, MTN Ghana would be a suitable choice.



Although MTN Ghana beats Vodafone Ghana in terms of the mobile money service, Vodafone gets one back with their data bundles.

This is because data is very important to smartphone users. Without data, you will not be able to browse and download from the internet.

Vodafone has by far the cheapest data bundle prices among the telecom networks in Ghana.

With the ‘made4me’ plan, you can get 5 GB of data for just GHS 5.50. This is by far the cheapest in Ghana at the moment. 

Here are the prices of some of their data bundles which are the cheapest in all of the telecom companies.

  • 300MB for GHS 2 for daily use
  • 400MB for GHS 2.15 for daily use
  • 1.5GB for GHS 3.25 for daily use

So if you are looking for the best network in terms of data bundle prices, then Vodafone Ghana is the telecom network you are looking for.

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In the realm of calls and SMS services, AirtelTigo emerges as the preferred telecom company.

Renowned for offering some of the best call packages, the company provides subscribers with attractive call bundles, including options for international calls.

Whether for personal or business communication, AirtelTigo stands out for its comprehensive and competitive call services.

A notable feature is the absence of expiry dates on call bundles, allowing users the flexibility to utilize them at their convenience.

AirtelTigo offers these bundles at appealing prices, ranging from GHS 2 to GHS 15, and includes accompanying data bundle packages.

Additionally, AirtelTigo boasts one of the top browsing networks in Ghana. While occasional slowdowns may occur due to weather conditions, the overall browsing experience is highly regarded, making AirtelTigo an excellent choice for both calls and SMS charges in the country.


This article highlights that each telecom company in Ghana excels in specific areas, attracting users who value services in those particular domains.

As such, determining the “best” network becomes subjective, and the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities.

Rather than seeking the overall best network, it is advisable to select the one that aligns with your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a tailored and satisfactory telecom experience. 

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