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The Best Telecom Networks In Ghana? Find Out Our Top Picks

When we talk about the best telecom services in Ghana, the names you will probably hear are MTN, Vodafone, and Airteltigo.

However, it seems like all of these telecom networks have areas that give them an advantage over their competitors.

Choosing the best telecom network will be a hard thing to do since none of these are perfect in the delivery of their services.

As we stated above, each network has an area where it dominates over the others. So instead of looking for the best telecom network to use, you should rather be looking for the one that dominates in the area where you love to use the use. 

The three telecom companies mentioned above are the leading ones in Ghana so we will be using them in this article to highlight what they are good at so you the reader can choose.

This is probably the reason why smartphones now come with the ability to use two chips at the same time. Let us get down to business.

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MTN Ghana

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When it comes to MTN, they get bashed a lot by their users over their poor call quality and how fast they siphon data bundles as well as airtime.

Indeed, you can use a 100MB data bundle on Airteltigo for just chatting on WhatsApp for two days but you cannot possibly do that on MTN.

It is bound to get finished by the end of the first day. However, the main reason why MTN still has one of the biggest customer bases in Ghana is because of their mobile money service.

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It was the first in Ghana and as a result, it is the most used service in Ghana. Almost everyone in Ghana has an MTN SIM just for mobile money purposes.

Although other networks have launched their own, the MTN mobile money service is still miles ahead of them.    

The MTN mobile money service is one of the fastest loan services with flexible terms and the service can be accessed almost everywhere in Ghana. So if you are looking for a telecom network due to mobile money services, go with MTN Ghana. 



Although MTN Ghana beats Vodafone Ghana in terms of the mobile money service, Vodafone gets one back with their data bundles.

This is because data is very important to smartphone users. Without data, you will not be able to browse and download from the internet.

Vodafone has by far the cheapest data bundle prices among the telecom networks in Ghana.

With the ‘made4me’ plan, you can get 5 GB of data for just GHS 5.50. This is by far the cheapest in Ghana at the moment. 

Here are the prices of some of their data bundles which are the cheapest in all of the telecom companies.

  • 300MB for GHS 2 for daily use
  • 400MB for GHS 2.15 for daily use
  • 1.5GB for GHS 3.25 for daily use

So if you are looking for the best network in terms of data bundle prices, then Vodafone Ghana is the telecom network you are looking for.



When it comes to the calls and SMS section, AirtelTigo is your preferred telecom company. The company has one of the best call offers for its subscribers.

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The network even has call bundles that allow people to call their loved ones abroad. Whether you need the best call services for your business dealings or SMS, then AirtelTigo is the network for you.

The call bundles also do not have an expiry date, which means that you can use the call bundles anytime you want.

The company also offers these at incredible prices of GHS 2, GHS 10, and GHS 15 which come with data bundle packages.

Apart from this AirtelTigo also has one of the best browsing networks in Ghana. The browsing experience can be slow once in a while due to weather situations but overall, it is one of the best calls and SMS charges in the country.


As you can see from this article, each telecom company has a section where it excels and the people stick with them because they get service from there.

So there is no way you can choose the best network in Ghana to use. You choose the one which has all your preferred tools and go for that.   


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