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Linking Your NIA Number To Your SSNIT, Here Is How To Go About It

As you already know, there has been an emergence of NIA numbers and SSNIT numbers. The new NIA cards are the Ghana cards and it is set to replace the identification numbers that are already been used by the SSNIT.

The merging of both numbers is a result of regulation 7 (1) of the National Identity Register Regulations.

Also, the new subscribers of the National Pension scheme would be required to have Ghana cards before they would be allowed to join the scheme.

Because of this, their relevant people are already merging their numbers. There are several ways through which you can get the merger done. These ways are,

  • By visiting an SSNIT office
  • By using a short code which has been provided for that which is *711#
  • Or by using the SSNIT website 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider doing the merger if you are not thinking seriously about it.

  • Using the Ghana card for all your transactions
  • Getting easy identification of nominated dependants
  • Saving money to avoid paying SSNIT card
  • A regal requirement

Requirements For Linking SSNIT Number To Ghana Card Number 

You will need the following before you will be able to merge both numbers.

  • Your NIA number
  • Your SSNIT number
  • Your mobile phone number
  • An email account that s active

You will need your Ghana card to find your NIA number. After obtaining the card, look at it and you will see a ‘Personal ID number’ section.

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There, you will find an alphanumeric number that starts like this GNXXXXXXXX. The number is your NIA number and it is the same as the Ghana card number.

That is the number that will be required when you are merging with the SSNIT number.

How To Merge The NNumbers With Your Phone

To carry out the merger, follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Dial *711*9# on your phone dialer
  2. Choose option 1
  3. Input your SSNIT number
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Input the personal ID number that you saw on the Ghana card
  6. Choose option 1 to finish the merger
  7. Wait for a confirmation message to be sent to you

Do The Merger Online

  1. Go to the official SSNIT members website here
  2. Use your current SSNIT number and password to log in
  3.  On the top of the bar, you will find ‘merge my NIA’ there, click on it
  4. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you proceed
  5. Now input your NIA number and confirm your email address and phone number
  6. Now click on submit and wait as the merger completes


In this short article, we have seen how easily you can merge your NIA number with your SSNIT number right on your phone. It is better than visiting an SSNIT office to get it done.

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