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How You Can Apply For The Ghana Card Online Now

The Ghana card, a pivotal national identification issued by the Ghana National Identification Authority in 2019, holds significant importance for every citizen.

Despite the widespread registration exercise conducted, there remain individuals who, for various reasons, did not acquire their Ghana cards.

This could be due to the inability to register, non-delivery of cards, or misplacement.

To address this, individuals who find themselves without a Ghana card have viable options for obtaining this essential identification.

One approach is to visit the NIA office at Shiashi in Accra or any nearby NIA office for registration. Another convenient avenue is to register online, offering a practical solution for those unable to visit a physical office.

It’s crucial to note that certain requirements must be met for both in-person and online registration. These prerequisites played a role in hindering some individuals during the initial registration phase.

Whether you are a Ghanaian by naturalization, birth, or registration, and you currently reside within the country, obtaining a Ghana card is imperative.

The Ghana card serves as a key document for citizens, emphasizing the necessity for all eligible individuals to undergo the registration process.

By exploring the available avenues, citizens can ensure they possess this vital identification, fostering a sense of inclusion and compliance with national identification standards.

Documents Required To Register For The Ghana Card

Below are the documents you will need when registering for the Ghana card.

  1. Your name and date of birth, as well as residential address and digital address code
  2. Your parents, partner, and information of your next of kin
  3. Information about your parents, including their names, their address, dates, and places of birth
  4. Biometrics will include your fingerprint, iris, and a photograph. This data will be taken at the registration center.
  5. You will also submit primary verification documents like a birth certificate, a valid password, and a certificate of acquired citizenship or naturalization certificate. That is if you are not a citizen by birth.
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After you have gathered all of these documents, you can then register for the Ghana card. 

If you cannot go to the NIA office in Accra or wherever you find yourself, you can register through their online portal. 

In this article, we will be showing you how you can register for the Ghana card online. You can now register for the Ghana card right from the comfort of your home. 

Follow The Steps Below To Get Your Online Ghana Card Registration Done

  1. Visit the official site of the NIA through this link
  2. After the site loads, click on ‘start new registration’ you will be taken to the page where you will register.
  3. You will see an automatic registration ID generated on that page. Please write it down because you will be using it later.
  4. Input a password you like in the password box and then confirm it.
  5. Now, click on ‘Start registration.’
  6. There will be a form that you will have to fill out.
  7. Enter the name you want to use and click on ‘yes.’
  8. You will then meet questions dealing with your nationality. Answer them all accordingly
  9. Now you will prove your proof of nationality. This will be either your birth cert or a national passport.
  10. You will then be asked to choose your means of identification. Choose between NHIS card, driver’s license, SSNIT card, TIN, or national ID.
  11. Now click on ‘Save and continue.’
  12. The next page will require you to fill in your marital status, hair color, gender, and education. Click on ‘save and continue’ after you are done answering them.
  13. Input accurate details of your date of birth, hometown, work, and place of birth
  14. You will then be taken to the declaration. Accept the statement by clicking on ‘yes.’
  15. After all, is done, you will be sent an email that will confirm your Ghana card application. You will have an option to download the email contents. It would help if you did this.
  16. You can then visit any NIA office in your area and collect your Ghana card with a printed form of the application sent to your email.
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In case you go to the NIA office, they may ask you to download and fill out a form and then submit it to the head office of the NIA or at [email protected]

You can locate that format


Good news for those who missed the initial Ghana card registration! The process has been streamlined, and now you can easily apply for your Ghana card online.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to register for your Ghana card within the country.

Crucially, the registration process is free of charge, and it’s important to emphasize that there is no need to make any payments to any individuals or entities during this process.

Seize the opportunity to register while it remains free, as there is a possibility that fees may be introduced in the future.

By following the outlined steps for online registration, you can ensure that you acquire your Ghana card efficiently and without incurring any costs.

Stay informed, take advantage of the current free registration period, and secure your Ghana card for both present and future needs.

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