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How To Replace A Missing Ghana Card

The Ghana card, introduced in 2019, stands as a prominent national identification card for permanent citizens of the country.

While the initial registration phase has concluded, the card continues to serve as a crucial means of validating identity at various checkpoints, borders, and airports across Ghana.

For individuals who may have missed the opportunity to obtain the Ghana card during the mass registration exercise in 2019, there is still a pathway to secure this essential identification.

A comprehensive guide on how to register for the Ghana card online is available, offering an alternative avenue for those who couldn’t participate in the initial registration.

This article, however, specifically addresses the needs of individuals who have lost their Ghana cards and are seeking a replacement.

If you find yourself in this situation, read on to discover a straightforward process for replacing your Ghana card with minimal hassle.

The steps outlined here aim to guide you through the replacement procedure, ensuring that you can regain your identification card efficiently.

How To Replace A Missing Ghana Card

Many individuals are unaware that they can replace their Ghana cards when lost, leading many to forget about them and move on. However, I’ll guide you through the process of replacing a missing Ghana card with the following steps:

  1. File a Police Report: Begin by filing a police report about the missing Ghana card. This report is crucial to obtain the necessary documentation to present to the National Identification Authority (NIA). Filing the report doesn’t necessarily imply that the Ghana card has been stolen.
  2. Submit Police Documents to the NIA: Once you have the police documents, send them to the NIA office. You can locate the office in Shiashi around Legon in Accra or in other regions. If you’re not near Accra, be prepared to cover transportation expenses to reach the nearest NIA office.
  3. Complete Forms and Make Payment: Upon submission, the NIA will provide you with a form. You’ll need to pay 20 cedis for the replacement card after filling out this form. The police report will authenticate your claims.
  4. Undergo Commission of Oath: After completing the NIA’s forms, undergo the commission of oath process. This step typically takes place near the NIA office.
  5. Submit Stamped Forms to the NIA: Once the commission of oath is complete, submit the stamped forms back to the NIA. They will inform you to return for your Ghana card approximately one week after processing the documents.
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Following these steps will guide you through the process of replacing your missing Ghana card, ensuring a smooth and efficient procedure.


The replacement process for the Ghana card is relatively straightforward. However, a potential challenge lies in locating the National Identification Authority (NIA) office, especially for individuals residing outside of Accra or regions with readily accessible NIA offices.

Recognizing the significance of the Ghana card and the inconvenience associated with long commutes, it becomes imperative for our valued readers to prioritize the safekeeping of their Ghana cards.

To mitigate the need for extensive travel and to streamline the replacement process, I strongly encourage all our cherished readers to adopt prudent measures for the safe storage of their Ghana cards.

By ensuring that your card is kept securely, you not only minimize the risk of loss but also spare yourself the inconvenience of navigating to distant NIA locations in the event of misplacement.

In essence, safeguarding your Ghana card in a secure storage facility is a proactive measure that not only protects a valuable identification asset but also contributes to a hassle-free experience should the need for replacement ever arise.

Let’s collectively prioritize the security of our identification cards for a more convenient and efficient process.

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