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How To Replace A Missing Ghana Card

The Ghana card is one of the national identification cards introduced in 2019. Registration for the card is, however, over and done with. 

It is a card for residents of Ghana who are permanent citizens of the country. You can also use the Ghana card to validate the holder’s identity at borders, airports, and checkpoints. 

You can check out how to register for the Ghana card through the internet if you could not get your Ghana card during the mass registration exercise conducted in 2019. 

This article is for those who may have lost their cards and seek to regain another in its place. 

If you have lost your Ghana card, you will need to replace it. Read on to know how to replace the Ghana card without much hassle. 

How To Replace A Missing Ghana Card

Not many people know that they can replace their Ghana cards when they lose them. 

Due to this, many people who have lost their Ghana cards have forgotten about them and moved on. 

I will show you how you can replace the missing Ghana card. The following steps will guide you to get a replacement for the Ghana card you have misplaced.

  1. First of all, you will have to file a police report about the missing Ghana card. The main reason you file the report is to get the document to present to the NIA. Filing the report does not mean that the Ghana card has been stolen.
  2. After you are done with that, you will then send the police documents given to you by the police to the NIA. The office can be located in Shiashi around Legon in Accra (or any region you find yourself in). You will submit the forms to them there. If you do not live in or around Accra, well, pack some fare money and get on your way.
  3. The NIA will then give you a form. You will need to make payment of 20 cedis for the card after being given the form. The police report will help to state the authenticity of your claims.
  4. You will then go through the commission of oath after you have filled up the forms that will be given to you by the NIA. The commission of oath is located right beside the office of the NIA personnel. 
  5. After that, you will then submit the forms that have been stamped with the commission of oath to the NIA. They will tell you to return the Ghana card a week after the documents have been processed. Your Ghana will be ready to collect by then. 
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As you can see, the process is quite simple. The only part you may find challenging is the NIA location if you do not live in or around Accra or any NIA office around your region. Well, we all know that it is not just any card. To avoid this long commute, I urge all our cherished readers to keep their Ghana cards safe and sound in secure storage. 

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