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All You Need To Know About Kaymu Shopping

Technology has made a lot of things possible and easy for us in the world today. A lot of things that could take hours some years ago now take less than a minute to finish.

Technology has also made shopping very easy now for people. There is a lot of online shopping around where people can place an order for an item and have the item delivered to them in their areas without much problem.

One of the online shopping malls in the country that has been serving people with top-notch quality products is Kaymu Ghana.

Kaymu is an online shopping mall that was launched in 2012, although a lot of people may not have heard about it.

The online shopping mall has a variety of goods that people can choose from when shopping and this has made it of the leading online shopping malls in the country.

The online mall also allows other sellers to sell their goods on the site.


To start shopping with Kaymu, you will have to visit their website which is Once you log onto the website, you will be able to search for anything that you want to purchase.

You can also filter your search so that the item you are looking for will appear much faster. You can also search and find what you are looking for easily by searching with the search box.

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You could also look through a particular section of the things that you want and choose among them.

Once you find what you are looking for, just click on the ‘buy now’ button. You then fill in the necessary information for the item.

You will then select your mode of payment and delivery. You could also choose to pick the product up at a physical location.

Clicking on the best deals of the ‘day’ will show you a whole range of products that are having huge discounts on them that you could purchase and save some money.

There are also flash sales where you can get good discounts on some highly expensive products. 

Downloading the Kaymu app is also a great and easier way to shop with the online shopping mall.

You can get the Kaymu app on the google play store and enjoy your shopping experience.

Products and goods on Kaymu are cheap compared to other online shopping malls in the country.

Buying on Kaymu is also very fast and convenient as you do not have to answer any unnecessary things while choosing an item to buy. 

Paying for an item is also very easy as you can for an item quickly by using Tigo cash.

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Jobs Vacancies

Whenever a company grows and expands, a lot of job vacancies become available since the company will need more manpower to keep growing and that is the same with Kaymu Ghana.

The company sometimes posts job ads from time to time and employs people who qualify for the various posts that will be listed.

However, interested people should apply for jobs in Ghana only as the company sometimes hires people outside the country as well.

You will need to keep watching out for any vacancies that may come up soon if you want to work with an online shopping company.

Kaymu Shopping Contact

In case you want to talk to the customer care agent of this Kaymu, you can contact them on the following number at any time of the day to make any sort of inquiries you want.

  • +233 57 080 3528

Kaymu Shopping Location

Since Kaymu is an online shopping mall, there is no physical place where you can shop. However, you can find their physical collection points where people go to pick up their deliveries.

One such place can be located in Accra at the Blohum road very near the Perez Chapel.

This is one of the best online shopping malls in the country right now so if you have been trying to a feel of an online shopping experience, then we recommend that you start with Kaymu. You can also read more about Jimia pay.

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