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Nasco Fridges Prices In Ghana

It’s crucial to make informed decisions when investing in appliances like fridges, especially considering the specific conditions and fluctuations in power supply.

Nasco has indeed gained a reputable standing in Ghana for providing quality electronic appliances, and their fridges are highly sought after.

When considering purchasing a Nasco fridge, it’s important to acknowledge not only the brand’s reputation but also the range of features and designs they offer.

Nasco is known for its energy-efficient appliances, a crucial factor in regions with occasional power fluctuations.

The elegant and attractive designs of Nasco fridges add to their appeal, making them not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The article rightly emphasizes the importance of being well-informed about the prices of Nasco fridges, aiding potential buyers in setting realistic budgets.

Nasco Fridge Features

The refrigerators we offer boast numerous commendable features, distinguishing them as cost-effective alternatives compared to many competitors in the market.

Additionally, they exhibit remarkable energy efficiency. It’s not often one encounters a refrigerator that is both economical and energy-conscious in a single purchase. This rarity sets our products apart in the market.

Types Of Nasco Fridges

Nasco fridges also come in several types. We have the 

  1. Side-by-side fridge
  2. Top freezer fridge
  3. Bottom freezer fridge
  4. Double door 
  5. Tabletop fridge
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Nasco Fridge Prices In Ghana

Let us now take a look at the various prices of the fridges so that you can be on your way to shopping. Below are the prices of some of the fridges from Nasco.

Nasco 600 LTR side-by-side premium fridgeGHS 3,899,00
Nasco 528 LTR side-by-side fridgeGHS 4,299,00
Nasco 528 LTR side by side fridgeGHS 4,799,00
Nasco 198 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 1,399,00
Nasco 99 LTR double door fridgeGHS 949,00
Nasco 135 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 1,299,00
Nasco 90 LTR double door fridgeGHS 829,00
Nasco 140 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 949,00
Nasco 200 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 1,199,00
Nasco 70 LTR table top fridgeGHS 649,00
Nasco 98 LTR table top fridgeGHS 699,00


As you can see from the list above, Nasco fridges are one of the cheapest in the country if you look at the kind of features and quality that they come with.

So now that you know about the Nasco fridges and their prices in Ghana, it is time to get up, get in your car, and go do some electrical shopping.

I advise you to go along with a pickup truck to transport the fridge back home. You can also check out Hisense fridge prices and Midea fridge prices and then decide on which one you want to buy.

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