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Nasco Fridges Prices In Ghana

You have loaded your fridge with some goodies at home and all of a sudden, ECG starts playing with the light current.

You panic because you know that you have not installed any gadget to protect your fridge from the light and the salad you have loaded into the fridge will go bad if you put the fridge off.

The light stops playing and you relax, only to hear a funny sound a few minutes later. It turns out that your fridge is now toasted.

It has succumbed to the power of the fluctuating light current. You now need a new fridge. Well, that is exactly why you are reading this article in the first place.

You want to make sure that you get your hands on a quality fridge this time around.

The fridges from Nasco are one of the most sought-after fridges in Ghana at the moment. These fridges are one of the best for people who run a cold storage business. 

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the fridges from Nasco as well as their prices.

Nasco is arguably one of the best electronic brands operating in Ghana. There are a lot of people who know about the Nasco brand due to the quality they sell to their clients when it comes to electronic appliances.

The company has a wide range of appliances that they sell to the public. These appliances include television sets, fridges, blenders, and many other electronic appliances.

The fridges that are sold by Nasco are energy-saving fridges that perform efficiently as well.

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They also come in elegant and beautiful designs, not just a boring fridge that has to sit there and keep your stuff cold.

Due to this, many Ghanaians in the country go in for a fridge whenever they need one. They do not just go and buy the first fridge that they see in a shop. Not just fridges, but any appliance that comes from Nasco.

This is how well the company has been able to sell its brand to the public. 

Due to this, it is always good to equip yourself in terms of the prices of Nasco fridges so that you can always know how much dough you are supposed to carry when you decide to go and get yourself one.

If you are planning to get yourself a Nasco fridge very soon, this article will help you set your budget well so that you will be able to shop in peace.

Nasco Fridge Features

Their fridges come with several great features such as being cheaper than most of the competition on the market and being energy efficient as well. How many times do you hear that someone just bought a fried that is cheap and energy-efficient as well? I reckon barely.

Types Of Nasco Fridges

Nasco fridges also come in several types. We have the 

  1. Side by side fridge
  2. Top freezer fridge
  3. Bottom freezer fridge
  4. Double door 
  5. Tabletop fridge

Nasco Fridge Prices In Ghana

Let us now take a look at the various prices of the fridges so that you can be on your way to shopping. Below are the prices of some of the fridges from Nasco.

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Nasco 600 LTR side by side fridgeGHS 3,899,00
Nasco 600 LTR side by side premium fridgeGHS 4,299,00
Nasco 528 LTR side by side fridgeGHS 4,799,00
Nasco 198 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 1,399,00
Nasco 99 LTR double door fridgeGHS 949,00
Nasco 135 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 1,299,00
Nasco 90 LTR double door fridgeGHS 829,00
Nasco 140 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 949,00
Nasco 200 LTR top mount fridgeGHS 1,199,00
Nasco 70 LTR table top fridgeGHS 649,00
Nasco 98 LTR table top fridgeGHS 699,00


As you can see from the list above, Nasco fridges are one of the cheapest in the country if you look at the kind of features and quality that they come with.

So now that you know about the Nasco fridges and their prices in Ghana, it is now time to get up, get in your car, and go do some electrical shopping. I

advise you to go along with a pickup truck to transport the fridge back home. You can also check out Hisense fridge prices and Midea fridge prices and then decide on which one you want to buy.

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