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Surfline Communications Vs Busy Ghana, Which Is The Best

As of now, the 4G LTE landscape in Ghana is primarily dominated by two key players: Surfline Communications and Busy Ghana.

While a third provider, Blu Telecoms, exists, it falls short in comparison, particularly in terms of coverage area.

In this comprehensive comparison between Surfline and Busy Ghana, various crucial aspects will be analyzed, providing potential users with valuable insights into their offerings.

The primary focus will include an examination of coverage, Wi-Fi devices, pricing structures, available data bundles, service quality, and overall value.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of each provider’s offerings to facilitate an informed decision for individuals seeking reliable and efficient 4G LTE services in Ghana.


It appears that both Surfline and Busy have a comparable coverage footprint in the capital city of Accra, with only occasional dark spots noted in certain locations.

On paper, this suggests a relatively even match in terms of coverage between the two providers within the urban landscape of Accra.

However, potential users need to note that real-world experiences may vary, and factors such as network congestion, building structures, and local terrain can influence the actual coverage and service quality.

Additionally, the presence of dark spots, even if infrequent, may impact the overall user experience in specific areas.

To make a well-informed decision, prospective customers should consider conducting further research, exploring user reviews, and possibly even testing the services in their intended usage locations to ensure that the provider they choose aligns with their specific needs and expectations.


Surfline currently has four devices available and these are a modem, router, wingle, and three MI-fi devices.

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Busy on the other hand has only two devices available and these are Mifi and router.

The modem sold by Surfline can be used by only one person and it costs GHC99 and free data of 1GB.

The Mifi sold by Busy can be used by 14 people and also just the same GHC99 and comes with 500MB.

Surfline’s Mifi and Wingle can connect up to 14 people and cost GHC199 with 1GB of free data. There are two other Surfline Mifi devices GHC209 and GHC289 respectively.

There is another that is sold by Busy that can connect up to 14 people and costs GHC139 with free data of 5GB.

The router sold by both Surfline and Busy sells for GHC399. However, you will get only 1GB of free data from Surfline while Busy gives you a much larger 10GB.

Data Bundles

The bundles sold by Busy are all valid for 30 days, except for the 50GB bundle, which stays valid for 60 days.

Busy’s data bundles come in the form of free data for Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp as well as a free night.

The bundles sold by Surfline on the other hand like the 20GB data lasts for 60 days while the 50GB data lasts for 90 days. And they come depending on the data package chosen as free data.

Data Prices

Busy sells bundles that can be bought for GHC3 for 100MB and GHC7 for 250MB. Surfline does not sell any such bundles.

If you want 500MB of data, you will have to pay GHC12 for Busy’s own and GHC9.9 for Surfline’s own.

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For 1GB of data, you will pay GHC17 and GHC19 for Busy and GHC25 for Surfline.

Busy sells 2GB of data for GHC35. Surfline does not sell any such data.

For 5GB at Busy, it will cost you GHC65 while Surfline sells the same amount for GHC75.

Busy sells 10GB for GHC120. You will need to pay Surfline GHC125 or GHC129 for the same amount.

You can also purchase 20GB of data from Surfline for GHC205 or GHC239. Buys sells 25GB of data for GHC225.

There is 50GB data at Busy for GHC400 while you can have the same amount at Surfline for GHC445 or GHC 499.

Quality Of Service

Based on the information provided, it seems that both Surfline and Busy exhibit similar patterns in terms of service quality.

The observation that both providers may experience occasional service disruptions suggests that there may not be a significant difference in the reliability of their networks.

The acknowledgment that both services work well when operational indicates that, when functioning correctly, they meet the user’s expectations.

The noted occurrences of service interruptions could be attributed to various factors, including network maintenance, technical issues, or environmental factors.

It’s not uncommon for internet service providers to face occasional challenges in maintaining uninterrupted service.

The comment on both companies gradually improving in terms of optimization suggests that they are actively working to enhance and optimize their services.

This commitment to improvement is positive, indicating responsiveness to user feedback and an ongoing effort to deliver a better user experience.


The comprehensive comparison provided offers valuable insights for readers to make informed decisions based on their individual preferences, needs, and budget considerations.

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The distinctions in device offerings, data bundles, pricing structures, and additional perks such as freebies and data rollover are crucial factors for users to weigh according to their priorities.

Readers seeking affordability and generous free data may find Busy to be a compelling option, while those valuing additional data and certain usage benefits might lean towards Surfline.

The consideration of specific features like free night data, WhatsApp, and the duration of data bundles is pivotal in aligning the service with individual usage patterns.

Surfline’s provision for data rollover within a specified timeframe after expiration adds a layer of flexibility for users who prioritize maximizing their data benefits over time.

Ultimately, the choice between Surfline and Busy will depend on the unique requirements and preferences of each user.

By carefully evaluating the offerings, prices, and features presented by both providers, readers can make a well-informed decision tailored to their specific needs in the realm of 4G connectivity.

Please note not to take our review of both companies at face value but use it as a basis to draw your conclusions after you have personally tried each of them.

In conclusion, based on the user’s experience, it seems that there is no significant disparity in the quality of service between Surfline and Busy.

Users are encouraged to consider factors such as personal preferences, pricing, and specific data needs when making a decision, as the overall service quality appears to be comparable between the two providers.

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